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This page is my attempt to find out more about where the HIWATTs are, and to gather more concrete information relating features to serial numbers. Classic car owners do this, why not HIWATT owners? :) Of course, this will only work with your help! Posting your HIWATT info will help increase world HIWATT knowledge for all of us.

With this theme in mind PLEASE include all the basic info you can find out about your amp -- unusual logo or cabinet types, rocker switches if so equipped, transformer type if you know it, any visible date codes from the cap cans on the chassis if original (e.g., '7511'), pot codes if you have them, etc. Please don't use my dating page to provide a date to submit here!

Your name and e-mail will be kept private, and will not be used for any purpose except questions of clarification. Thanks in advance for your consideration.


  1. NOTE: (Jan 2024) This page was not working for several months due to an issue that occured when moving to a new hosting provider - this problem has been resolved, sorry for any inconvenience.
  2. I vet entries manually before updating this list (when and as I have time), so your entry will not show up immediately after you post it.
  3. If entering multiple units, please click [Reset] between entries, so that no "leftover" data get accidentally posted. :)

Mark Huss - May 2016

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Thanks to John L. of Oz for suggesting this page.

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