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Mid-Period Hylight Amps

(S/N 5000-9999)

Last updated June 26, 2023
S/N Model Notes Loc.
5002DR103S Hylight 2-input "S", front panel has two Input jacks, Switch jack, Balance, V B T M P MV, toggles, Partridges, cut-down serial plate far right, Bulgin mainsUS
5002DR103 Hylight 4-input, Given to me by a janitor who was about to throw it away! It is in great condition!!!!US
5011DR103 Hylight 4-input The whole amp was original but I have replaced the 5 main filters whilst retaining the old ones. All caps showed 72 or 73 date and all original pots showed 73 date. There is a white piece of tape on one end of chassis with T S and the initials H J on chassis flange. Also both Partridges are original.UK
5018DR103 Hylight 4-input I purchased the amp from a friend when I lived in Canada and have since imported it to the US. Amp is in excellent stock condition and plays great. Cut down S/N plate.US
5038DR504 Hylight 4-input with cut-down Plate.DE
5046DR504 Hylight 4-input Cut down plateFR
5052DR103 Hylight 4-input factory cut-down serial number tag, factory grommet over mains holes at left rear panel, Bulgin plug intact, white output jacksUK
5054DR103 Hylight 4-inputUK
5056DR112 Hylight 6-input PA PT TG9302/H3059G, cut down serial plate.UK
5058DR112 Hylight 6-input PA Cut down serial plate. All original, still has the original Mullard tubes.DE
5063DR112 UK
5066DR504 Hylight 4-input factory cut-down serial number tag, mostly original,Partridges TG6556/3(?),*5967H, TG6507,H2964EUS
5073DR103W Hylight 4-input This is a DR103W with a wiring date of 1969, cosmetics and serial number suggest it was sold out of the factory around 1974.US
5074DR103W Hylight 4-inputUS
5075DR103W Hylight 4-inputUS
5076other Hylight 4-input DR103W circa 1974, my brother mail ordered new from Music Emporium. To date I have had 1 cap replaced, otherwise it is all original. Even have the original Mullard XF2s set aside. Research shows this to be of Townsend design. I use it for bass with a JBL design 115 Cabaret to rave reviews. Thank you Dave, RIP!!!US
5084DR103 Hylight 4-input Nov 73 pots 72 and 73 Cap dates now replaced, Cut down serial no plate, HJ initialsUK
5117DR103S Hylight 2-input S, front panel has two Input jacks,Switch jack, Balance, V B T M P MV, toggles, Partridges TG5479/H2092C TG9302/H3059E, cut-down serial plate far right, Bulgin mains, white output jacks, original caps 72.49 recap 2010, pots 73/11, Bias mod,T/S stickerSE
5121DR103 Hylight 4-input cut down serial plateDE
5122DR103 Hylight 4-input sm all serial tag, white oputout jacks, factory mains hole in left rear panel, Bulgin socket, possible master vol mod - good overall conditionDE
5125DR103 Hylight 4-input Type APFR
5132SA212 Hylight 4-inputUK
5141DR103 Hylight 4-inputIT
5153STA200 4-KT88 Hylight, all original 'slave' amp, 1972 cap/1973 pot dates, Partridge TG7239 (OT), TG9424 (MT), 'cut down' serial plateUK
5153STA212 Hylight 4-input, All original with original Fane speakers. 9.5 out ofUS
5186STA100 Hylight slave Bought new from McKay Sound Music, Newcastle. Condition - ExcellentUK
5196DR103 Hylight 4-inputUK
5208DR201 4-KT88 Hylight 6-input PAUK
5212DR103 Hylight 4-inputSL
5237SA212 Hylight 4-inputUS
5240DR405 Hylight 4-input, very cleanCH
5246DR103 Hylight 4-input Hylight 4 input, clean and un-modified,marked "e;HJ.. 020"e;, Pots and caps dated 1973UK
5249DR201 4-KT88 Hylight 4-inputUS
5253DR103 Hylight 4-input, I have owned this amp since the mid 80s and apart from changing the Bulgin plug to a kettle plug nothing has been changed.UK
5256DR103 Hylight 4-input All original parts.UK
5265DR103 Hylight 4-inputBE
5257DR103 Hylight 4-input Type APFR
5261DR103 Hylight 4-input Type AP, paper label on back of chassis No.001150,On underside of chassis on the input jack side HG, on other side, 029 on side of chassis input jack side T.S.UK
5267DR103 Hylight 4-input, latest pot date is 73/34, original cap cans dated 14/73,PT TG65479 / H3058, OT TG9302 / H3059G, all original except for tubes,VHR re-cap, and Bulgin style cord.US
5282SA212 Hylight 4-input 4 input, open transformers, 2 cast-frame 50 watt Fanes #122142. All originalUS
5286DR103 Hylight 4-input Hylight 4-input Type APFR
5301DR103 Hylight 4-inputUK
5303DR103 Hylight 4-inputFR
5338DR103 Hylight 4-inputUK
5342DR103 Hylight 4-input Transformers TG9302/H3059 TG5479/H3 Pot dates 73/37 73/34, Cap dates 73-28, 73/6. 1632 can, 'HJ' on chassis, hole behind serial plate, label on side marked TS. 1/8 thick traffolyte front panel and case logoUK
5345DR103 Hylight 4-input 1974. All original. Apparently traded in by Manfred Mann in 1983 at Inter Music, Hannover. Now in Melbourne, Australia.AU
5360DR103 Hylight 4-inputSL
5371DR504 Hylight 4-input 100 original. TG6556/2 and TG6507 Partridge Transformers. Pots date to 34th and 37th week of 1973. Caps date to mid 1973US
5391DR103 Hylight 4-input, Partridges, recapped,"early 70s" preamp, Bulgin replaced w/IEC, neon indicator,white imp/volt selectors, white output jacksUS
5422DR201 4-KT88 Hylight 4-input As new condition, owned from new. Purchased from Wolverhampton Organ Centre, West Midlands.UK
5434STA100 Hylight STA100 slave unit, purchased used in London 1973. The name 'Brinsley Swarz' is stenciled on the sides.US
5440STA100 Hylight slaveUK
5444DR201 4-KT88 Hylight 4-input, mid 1972 cap date code, all original incl. Mullard and GEC tubes, has DR103 on serial plate!US
5446DR103 Hylight 4-input 1974 Its been modded, but has been revered - left a small toggle on the front and a small red knob. Back panel missing but replaced by a homemade wooden one. Tone is to die for.US
5447DR103 Hylight 4-input 4 input, matching 4 x 12 with original Fanes. Additional fuse added before output transformer by an old amp designer for Crown Amplifiers in WI. Bias potentiometer added. Loudest amp there is.US
5464DR103 Hylight 4-input Hylight 4-input, open-frame Partridges, Bulgin plug,white output jacks, paid £140 1995. 9/10 condition, MullardsUK
5468DR103 Hylight 4-input, cap cans dated 1973DE
5500DR103 Hylight 4-input, Some sort of input gain mod was added years ago. Unreadable H Rxx... and no049 written on the chasis.US
5505DR103 Hylight 4-input I bought this amp around 1980 and I have had the channels linked to give me a high powered distortion - with my Gibson SG it sounds like an aircraft taking off, but sharp on leadUK
5516DR504 Hylight 4-input, hardwired mains (selector neutered), white impedance selector and output jacksUS
5522SA212 Hylight 4-input 50-watt 2x12 combo, PT replaced, stamped-frame Fanes (one blown), early 70s circuit, good shape cosmetically .US
5528DR103 Hylight 4-inputUK
5530DR103 Hylight 4-input Partridge Transformers, Chalk m only mark inside bottom chassis 73/37 on potentiometersNZ
5572DR103 Hylight 4-input Very clean, original tolex and transformers. Two caps changed inside. Adjustable NFB resistor added, no holes drilledUS
5592DR103 Hylight 4-inputEN
5594DR103 Hylight 4-inputUK
5606DR103 Hylight 4-input All original everything-Partridge-caps-etc. Was purchased from Robin Trower auction back in 1979. Inside has Harry Joyce initials in blue marker HJ..plus the initials KJ and .D10 On the back there is a tone-pot that internally goes to nothing. This amp is in near mint condition.US
5609DR103 Hylight 4-inputUK
5640DR504 Hylight 4-input Used in the late 70s, early 80s. In dry storage ever since. Bound to need servicing. Has 'doubled 4' mistake on serial plate.UK
5642DR504 Hylight 4-inputUK
5682DR103 Hylight 4-inputUK
5696DR103 Hylight 4-input, all original, partridges, came with cab 5392IE
5700DR103 Hylight 4-input, potentiometers stamped 73.RU
5711DR103 Hylight 4-inputIT
5717DR103 Hylight 4-inputUS
5766SA212 Hylight 4-inputUK
5767DR103 Hylight 4-input HJ in blue marker. 7374 pots/capsUS
5770SA212 Hylight 4-input Came to me in all original condition sans swapped speakers. Probably a 1974 model. HJ signed chassis and TS marking on side. PowerTrns=TG6507 OutputTrns=TG6556/2 both Partridge made. Now has Mullard EL34s and all new electrolytics. Bias adjustment installed. Beautiful voice in this amp!!FI
5772DR112 Hylight 6-input PA Masters dated 73/44, caps 73/26, 73/43, 73/45. PT TG9302 / H3795A, OT TG5879 / H3796M both unclear. End of chassis has white tape with TS written on in felt tip pen with a tick over the S.UK
5785SA212 Hylight 4-input Pressed Frame Hiwatt speakers 122231 1974. Transformers TG6556/2 and TG6507 - All original other than a recap.UK
5790SA212 Hylight 4-input Still plays hard and is in mint condition! Pics here: https://superjens.com/album/iNiCA
5792SA212 Hylight 4-input Pots 73 date. Power transformer replaced. A white piece of tape on one end of chassis with handwritten TS. The initials in blue HJ and F011 on chassis flange. 2x hiwattFane 1974 heavy duty speakersNL
5803DR103 Hylight 4-inputES
5813DR405 Hylight 4-inputUK
5823DR112 Hylight 6-input PA, partridges TG9302,H3795M OTUK
5853DR103 Hylight 4-input Hylight 4-input, Partridges TG9302/TG5479, Bulgin,white output jacks, Chassis initialed HJ in green marker front edgeUS
5858DR103 Hylight 4-inputCB
5871DR103 Hylight 4-inputUK
5872DR103 Hylight 4-input, straightforward early 1970s DR103, nothing out of the ordinary, all components date to 1974.US
5880DR103 Hylight 4-input Early 74 pots are 73. Partridge, Ts and HJ in blue marker.IR
5890SA212 Hylight 4-input, salt pepper grill, 50 watt, replaced power transformerUS
5898DR504 Hylight 4-input I have owned this DR504 since 1975US
5899DR504 Hylight 4-input Has Bulgin, but uses hard wired mains through factory hole in left rear panel, white output jacks. Both transformers not original or Partridge type, two filter caps replaced with non-original typeUS
5905DR103 Hylight 4-inputUS
5906DR103 Hylight 4-input (?)AT
5907DR103 Hylight 4-input Original partridge transformer, recapped June 2024. Modded with FX loop prior to purchase in 2016, which appears functional.US
5908DR103 Hylight 4-input, Original Partridge Transformers - PT: TG9302 H3795L OT: TG5479 H3058K, Chassis initialed HJ in blue/green marker on left corner of front edge.US
5989DR504 Hylight 4-input Four input, original partridge transformers, original Plessey electrolytes planning to recap it very soon, bulgin plug, all solderings covered with red ink. Tested and soaked sticker on the side of chassis. Retubed with Mullard Blackburn tubes.HR
5991DR504 Hylight 4-input clean, excellent, 2 replaced caps, has Bulgin plug and grommet covering factory hole at left rear panel, early 70's ckt,white o/p jacksUS
6006DR504 Hylight 4-input, PT replacedHR
6012DR201 4-KT88 Hylight 4-input Hylight 4-input, Partridge, Bulgin powerUS
6013DR201 4-KT88 Hylight 4-input Bought this one in 2005. Sadly some Freak brushed it red and then over again with black. But the Sound is ....DE
6024DR103 Hylight 4-input Factory/aftermarket slave-in/out - disconnectedSE
6031DR504 Hylight 4-input, buffered line out (or DI?) installed in empty output tube socket, now with xf2 EL34s.US
6034DR504 Hylight 4-input Bought used, not sure of condition yet. Update: The amp was professionally repaired at a local highly reputable and recommended shop in Tampa, Florida. Fresh Tubes, Expertly Biased and ready for another 50 years!US
6041DR103 Hylight 4-input - all original with Bulgin, the only thing I had to replace was the neon as it was broken. It has a fair bit of light surface rusting on the chassis, some wear and tear on the tolex and plenty of patina, but it's totally solid and still sounds terrific! I have owned this amp since 1990GB
6045DR103 Hylight 4-input, Purchased at Quigley Music in St. Louis MO in 1974 with a SE4122 cab serial# 4654 and I was told it remained with the original owner till its sale to the craigslister who flipped it to me via ebay on June 29, 2009. All original with the exception to the two replaced ECC83 JJ tubes. The chassis is marked with a blue magic marker H.J. as well as all connections on the amp and original caps. Amp and cab are in amazing condition with little to no wear or nicks in the tolex. I have updated the caps with F and Ts.US
6047DR504 Hylight 4-inputNL
6049DR504 Hylight 4-inputHR
6052DR504 Hylight 4-inputDE
6075Mixer Type A Hylight PA Eight-channel mixer in a head cab. No power amp.FR
6068SA212 Hylight 4-inputJA
6081DR103 Hylight 4-input, All originalIT
6112DR103 Hylight 4-input Absolutely mint..all original. Original Mullards still inIE
6121DR103 Hylight 4-input, purchased in Germany in 1974US
6142SA212 Hylight 4-input This one is incredibly resistant. I'v used it on stage for more than 15 years, it sounds really great with my Marshall preamp and Lag guitars. Sometimes does clacks, not in the speakers but in the cabinet. Nothing serious I hope.FR
6170DR112 Hylight 6-input PA 100W, Bulgon, open-frame partridges, serial tag rightUK
6192DR103 Hylight 4-inputCA
6203DR504 Hylight 4-inputFR
6206DR504 Hylight 4-inputUK
6211DR103 Hylight 4-input All original except Power OTDE
6238DR103 Hylight 4-inputFR
6272DR103 Hylight 4-input, bulgin replaced with IEC, Partridges, serial plate right of centerUK
6280DR112 Hylight 6-input PA, Partridge TransformersUK
6281DR103 Hylight 4-input, 1973 cap dates, recapped in 2005DE
6283DR112 Hylight 6-input PA in good working order. Cap dates 7140, Partridge trannies TG5479 and TG9307FI
6293DR103 Hylight 4-input Matching 4x12 cabinet.US
6320SE4123 Hylight 4-inputUS
6325DR103 Hylight 4-inputRO
6334DR103 Hylight 4-input date code for 2X50 cap=73 41...side mt cap= 74 07 glue mark on bottom of shield plate spells IAN. Partridge transformers ldt made in England. White elec tape to left outside of chassi has TSv written on it?US
6357DR103 Hylight 4-input All original.SI
6363DR103 Hylight 4-inputIT
6366DR103 Hylight 4-input Partridge Transformers TG9302/H3795A and TG5479/H3796D. Bought in April 2021 in Vienna, AustriaAT
6369DR103 Hylight 4-input Pots dated ; and <, Presence pot and resistor replaced, recapped. Yellow labels Patridge trafos codes TG9302-H3795A and TG5479-H3796D. Revalved recently with all JJ valves. Very good condition, great sound.IT
6391DR504 Hylight 4-input, Hylight 4-input, Partridge, 1975 date codesUS
6362DR103 Hylight 4-Input Amp in use and good condition. It works still in combination with my Gibson ES 335 TDSV.DE
6379DR103 Hylight 4-inputSE
6402DR504 Hylight 4-inputUS
6411DR103 Hylight 4-input, open-frame partridges, 1974 date codes, recapped, new power sw, bias updateUS
6415DR103 Hylight 4-input Bulgin mains conn. Pot dates 74.24. Yellow label Partridges TG 9302 TG nr missing. RecappedBE
6417DR103 Hylight 4-inputUK
6418DR103 Hylight 4-inputUS
6431DR504 Hylight 4-inputUS
6435DR103 Hylight 4-input, All original as if in a time capsule with original Mullard tubes. Powers 2 original stock 1974 SE4123 cabinets. All 3 Museum pieces purchased by original owner from Sam Ash New York in early 1975! Amp is all original with inside cabinet marked in white chalk w/ initials DF which I assume is Doug Fentiman. Two Partridge transformers with yellow stickers marked TG5479 H37968 TG9302. White piece of tape outside left side chassis w/ TS marking. Blue ink initials on bottom outside chassis SK and also the number 38 in blue. Potentiometers are dated 7423 and 7424. Green Plessey caps dated 7427. original Mullard input tubes and RCA made in Britain EL34s. This amplifier is truly magical !US
6451DR504 Hylight 4-input 4 input, purchased new in 1974 here in California. Has open transformers, original caps, etc. Original black cover w/dark blue piping. I used it on the road for many years, still near mint condition, thanks to a roadcase!US
6455DR504 Hylight 4-input Hylight 4-input. Recapped but unmodified.US
6499SA212 Hylight 4-input 50watt combo, no reverb. Original owner. Bought new in 1975 at Muscara Music in Bellevilee, NJ USA. Slave, ext. speaker jacks and rear panel voltage switch and fuse markings were made with black maker pen by hand. Grey basketweave grillcloth, Hiwatt speakers by Fane. Partridge transformersUS
6503DR103 Hylight 4-inputFI
6505DR103 Hylight 4-input Great condition. Cap job done and bias point installed.FI
6519DR103 Hylight 4-inputFI
6523DR504 Hylight 4-inputUK
6531DR112 Hylight 6-input PA, open-frame Partriges:,TG5679 OT, TG9302 PTFI
6540DR112 Hylight 6-input PA, 1974 cap/pot/test/receipt dates, Partridge TG5979 (OT), TG9302 (MT)UK
6552DR203 4-KT88 Hylight 6-input PA, original, 1974 cap dates, Partridge TG7239 (OT),TG9424 (MT)UK
6558DR103 Hylight 4-input Modified with Pete Cornish LINKED Brilliant Normal channel David Gilmours DR103 All Plessey Caps ComponentsUS
6560DR103 Hylight 4-input Condition as new, 9.5 of 10 pointsGE
6575DR103 Hylight 4-input all original, xfmrs, caps, tubes, pots, screws... even the soldering...DE
6578DR103 Hylight 4-inputDE
6580DR103 Hylight 4-input clean, all original apart from bulgin plug replaced with modern one, and of course tubes, dates to october 1974. amp of my life!IT
6581DR103 Hylight 4-inputCA
6599DR504 Hylight 4-inputUS
6606SA212 Hylight 4-input Used condition, but fully working. Polarity switch removed. Hiwatt labelled Fane Speakers 122231 made 16/74. Original Partridge. RFT made Power/Preamp tubes with Siemens label.DE
6624DR103 Hylight 4-inputDE
6644DR103 Hylight 4-inputUS
6653DR103 Hylight 4-inputUK
6666DR103 Hylight 4-inputDE
6668DR103 Hylight 4-input Bought on 7th NOV 2013GE
6675DR103 Hylight 4-inputUS
6678DR103 Hylight 4-inputUS
6683DR103 Hylight 4-input excellent condition, all original, dated 10/74,initials:DR,PT:TG9302/H3795G, OT:TG5479/H3796H. GR
6702DR504 Hylight 4-input Original owner 1975. Rocks! All original, replaced power cord. Q/C sticker reads Tested date 28/8/74, initials SWCA
6711DR504 Hylight 4-input, Partridge OT TG6507,H2097H, PT TG6556, H1427C,tested sticker 28/8/74, signed 'sw' with a larger S over the sw,3 grey, 1 blue filter cap, 2 are RS radio spares, date code 74.25 4 ins, toggles, 2 white output jacks. 4 12Axx tubes, one open chassis hole for 5th, purchased new in 75 from HoG Rochester, NY.US
6785DR103 Hylight 4-inputDE
6796DR103 Hylight 4-inputUK
6805DR103 Hylight 4-input, has small Deuper Wurzburg badge on front.US
6812DR103 Hylight 4-inputDE
6822DR504 Hylight 4-inputNO
6835DR112 Hylight 6-input PAUK
6865DR504 Hylight 4-input All originalDE
6373DR103 Hylight 4-input Type: APCA
6890DR201 4-KT88 Hylight 4-input TESTED-Label 20/9/74, Initials SM, Partridge-Transformers: Supply TG9424[H3797B], Output TG7239[H3798C], Caps 73.25, 72.42, 73.45,Pots 74/31, 74.24, mains switch changed.DE
6947SA212 Hylight 4-input Hylight 4 input combo. Recovered by owner from storage in a shed for 20 years. Replaced valves and two resistors in circuit. Working perfectly. O/P Traffo Partridge TG6556/2. Mains Traffo TG6007. Original 2x12 Fane/Hiwatt speakers. One original Mullard ECC83. All date stamps 1974. New owner, purchased in Dublin Dec 2021IR
6957DR103 Hylight 4-input All OriginalCH
6982DR103 Hylight 4-inputCA
6991DR103 Hylight 4-inputFR
6994SA212 Hylight 4-inputFR
7030SA212 Hylight 4-input, This amp was in my shop as a demo in 1976 the year I shut down and has been in storage until recently. Mint condition.UK
7043DR103 Hylight 4-input 1974 inspection label inside with no modifications. All caps, valves and transformers are factory. Once cap has leaked though.UK
7068DR103 Hylight 4-inputFR
7094DR103 Hylight 4-input, All original.US
7047DR103 Hylight 4-input, perfect condition, re-capped.IT
7101DR504 Hylight 4-input, Partridge PT TG6507,H4614K,tested sticker 31/10/74, signed 'sw' with a larger S over the sw,re-capped, toggles, Bulgin, 2 white output jacks.US
7123DR201 4-KT88 Hylight 4-inputCH
7133SA212 Hylight 4-input, both input volume knobs replacedFR
7178DR504 Hylight 4-input Four Input, Partridge Transformers h4614 and h4615,no mods all original down to circular bulgin. About to replace original 1974 capacitors as signs show its time 2012. sticker date 13/11/74US
7143DR103 Hylight 4-input Hylight, good condition, Partridge transformers (a bit rusty) incl. TG9302, Bulgin, head box VGC, original capsUS
7143DR103 Hylight 4-input Hylight, mint condition, Partridge transformers,Mullards, the box is perfect. I made a mod for a bias switching and the capacitors have been changed. Nothing more. Signed by Harry Joyce. A sticker says tested: 11/11/74FR
7151SA212 Hylight 4-input Totaly original down to the tubes! Partridge transformers Fane speakers, custom built 50W, Near Mint condition.FR
7151SA212 Hylight 4-inputFR
7164DR103 Hylight 4-inputUS
7165DR103 Hylight 4-inputCA
7181DR103 Hylight slave 100w slave amp dr 103 on serial number plate, dated 14/11/74 on sticker.SE
7184DR103 Hylight 4-input Modded amp, owned since 1976, still my main amp. I replaced a transformer and one tube socket in the late 70sCA
7199DR504 Hylight 4-input, Partridge transformers, 200 uf capacitors dated 74.32,50 uf capacitor dated 73 45, IEC connectorCA
7201DR103 Hylight 4-inputUS
7240DR103 Hylight 4-input, once owned By Jefferson Airplane(?)US
7244DR103 Hylight 4-inputCH
7248DR103 Hylight 4-input February 1974 on inspection label. Faded stencil of a band name on top. Smells like an ashtray to this day.US
7261DR103 Hylight 4-input, white inspection tag says Feb 2 1974CA
7267DR103 Hylight 4-inputUS
7269DR103 Hylight 4-inputCH
7273DR103 Hylight 4-input Bought amp from co-worker in Orillia Ontario Canada 1981 for $200.Loved it ever since!CA
7273SA212 Hylight 4-inputUS
7275DR103 Hylight 4-input Restoration: 4xEL34 JJ / all pre-amp tubes are jj and TAD . All power caps TaD and charger resistor. It's like a young Hiwatt!FR
7285DR504 Hylight 4-input, Original Partridge Trannies, Pot dates 74 Tested date 3/12/74. 3 of 4 caps and tube sockets replaced after amp blew up.US
7291DR504 Hylight 4-input sticker on side of chassis coloured green and whiteCA
7295DR504 Hylight 4-inputCA
7309DR504 Hylight 4-input, all original, Mullards, Partridges, mintFR
7337STA100 Hylight slave 100W Slave head drives my 16 ohm Marshall 412 Awesome!!!!CA
7361DR201 Hylight 4-input, Partridges, Bulgin removed, US power cord hard-wired,serial right, white output jacksUS
7363DR201 4-KT88 Hylight 4-input The Amp was used for a few months only and then archival-stored in mint condition in Switzerland for next generations.CH
7369DR201 4-KT88 Hylight 4-input, Believed to be another Noddy Holder DR201. Has NOD faintly stencilled on top of amp and has the D.I. and slave mods on two of the outputs as per your images. Imported to Australia in 2008.AU
7370DR201 4-KT88 Hylight 4-input Used 1977-1984 by lead singer guitarist Noddy Holder of UK group Slade, stencilled SLADE NOD on box top NOD on rear. DI added to rear plate slave jack slave level pot replace two of the four white speaker outs. Bought at auction in 2001 with provenance.UK
7374SA412 Hylight 4-input, I've had the amp since new. It has never seen the inside of a club, always at home. It has a high output stage,using the two lower front jacks Brilliant and Normal. love the amp.CA
7314DR112 Hylight 6-input PA, PT changed to partridge K1122C, T5487?3, allDE
7349SA412 Hylight 4-inputCA
7425DR103 Hylight 4-inputFR
7446DR103 Hylight 4-inputFR
7452DR504 Hylight 4-input excellent, unhacked. Has Bulgin and grommet covering factory hole in left rear panel. original capsUS
7466DR103 Hylight 4-input, Partridge OT: TG5479 PT: TG 9302, No voltage selector Swedish law then, Inspec. tag: 22/1/75,initials S.W. Restored new caps and res, etc. and added bias circuit with pot.SE
7477DR103 Hylight 4-inputFI
7502SA112 Hylight 4-inputDE
7539STA100 Hylight slaveUK
7521DR103 Hylight 4-input Ive had my Hiwatt DR103 since 1978 - believe it was built in 1974. Its 50 years old this year and wondered what its exact date of manufacture was - like to buy it a 50th birthday card! its in pretty near perfect condition too for its age. Better than I am!UK
7544DR103 Hylight 4-input All original, received from Austria in 2002. Had to change power cord, spliced US 3-prong onto Bulgin plug. Added an adjustable bias inside because the amp would eat power tubes in 3 months. Condition is 9 out of 10.US
7549DR103 Hylight 4-inputUS
7562DR103 Hylight 4-input excellent condition, bias pot added,no additional modificationsUS
7565DR103 Hylight 4-input, all original except lineout mod. near mintDK
7567DR103 Hylight 4-input Sounds outstandingDA
7577DR112 Hylight 6-input PA All original and clean. Inspection sticker on the left end of chassis 18-2-1975FI
7583STA100 Hylight 'slave,' all original, 1974 cap/pot dates, Partridge TG5479 (OT), TG9302 (MT)UK
7597DR103 Hylight 4-input
7607DR504 Hylight 4-inputDE
7616DR203 4-KT88 Hylight 6-input PA Test date 26/3/75, Initials SM Purchased from Hungary 2021, shipped to us. TG9424 H3797h PT, TG7239 H37988 OT,TG7240 H3799 choke. US
7617DR203 4-KT88 Hylight 6-input PA, 1974 cap/pot dates, Partridge TG7239 (OT),TG9424 (MT)UK
7629DR112 Hylight other 6 input 100w PA head. Pretty beat, but sounds great. Was hard wired for 220 when I got it pretty much as-is from a California vintage dealer. Had to replace a pot or two, but all works fine now with 6CA7 power tubes.US
7657DR103 Hylight 4-input DR103, good cond, has been recapped and revalved,HJ and malden markings, partridges have 74 code as do all the pots and other components including the original mustards.UK
7668DR201 4-KT88 Hylight 4-input factory grommet over main hole at left rear panel,Bulgin replacd by an IEC, DI cannon plugand slave output jack and knob replaces two of the output jacks added at rear, white output jacks. Formerly owned by English band SladeUK
7694DR504 Hylight 4-input All original. PT: TG6507 - H5614A, OT: TG6556/2 - H4615A. Pot Date Codes 74/33.US
7702SA212 Hylight 4-input All original, very good condition, speakers Fane from June 1975, striped black/grey grill cloth.GE
7709SA212 Hylight 4-inputUK
7726DR504 Hylight 4-input, Electrical plug changed in 2011 safety issueCH
7728DR504 Hylight 4-input Date inside : 04.04.1975, electrical outlet modern and capacitors and tubes have been changed.CH
7748DR103 Hylight 4-inputUK
7750DR103 Hylight 4-inputFR
7765DR103 Hylight 4-input, Tested on 8 of May 1975, Bought with 2 cabinets full Stack AP SE4121 S/N: 6394 and AP SE4123 S/N: 6376PT
7763DR103 Hylight 4-input PT
7779SA212 Hylight 4-input Mint condition '77 SA212 with 100% original parts : Partridge PT TG6507,H4614B, Mullards, Fane speakers, components board. Polarity switch on front plate, mains selector toggle next to fuses on rear.FR
7780SA212 Hylight 4-input, Hylight 4-input, small circular tear on right side of grille cloth stitched back, apparently used for microphone during recording by some previous ownerCZ
7812DR512 Hylight 6-input PA modded to DR504 configuration by the late Don Whitelock-Jones of Don Audio.IM
7814DR504 Hylight 4-inputUK
7825DR103 Hylight 4-input, all original, Partridges, came with cab 4123 s/n 2763. Patridge PT TG9302/T4617A OT TG5479/H4618BIT
7828DR103 Hylight 4-input Still in original condition with Partridge transformers and Mullard valves. Marked Walton on the chassisUK
7840DR203 Hylight 6-input PA, Partridges, 6 inputs, 6 x Mullard EL34 Output,1976 -Just Awesome.AU
7850DR504 Hylight 4-input Label, mid-74 date codes, TG6558/2 H46158 OT, bifilar, 4/8 and 16 outputs,TG6504 H461414H PTUS
7851DR504 Hylight 4-input Label Tested 14/3/75IT
7891DR103 Hylight 4-input, Partridge transformers TG9302,H4617B and TG5479,H4818B,original caps, Line-out modification, Mullard preamp tubes, dirty with a couple of holes in the tolex/body, Tested sticker 5/5/75 D.F.US
7893DR103 Hylight 4-inputDE
7909STA100 Hylight STA100 Nuthin Fancy, but cool piece!US
7924DR103 Hylight 4-inputUS
7916DR103 Hylight 4-input, all original, open frame Partridges, tested 30/4/75 D.F., white output jacks, early 70s topology??
7950SA212 Hylight 4-input All OriginalUK
7952DR203 4-KT88 Hylight 4-input, all original, Partridges, came with Mullards ECC83 x3 and ECC81 x1, Test label on the inside marks 12/05/75.PT
7965STA200 4-KT88 Hylight 'slave' amp, May 12th 1975 on test sticker. 74/09, 74/27 and 74/49 on capsAT
7977DR112 Hylight 6-input PA Tested 4.6.75 by DF. Transformers TG9302/H4617B, TG 5479/H4618D. Caps dated 74.07, 74.09 74.34. Pots 74/27 74/40 Brown field selectors.UK
7985STA200 6-EL34 Hylight Custom Slave 200US
7987STA200 6-EL34 Hylight Custom Slave 200UK
8002DR103 Hylight 4-input, , restored to original condition including the Bulgin AC connector, previous owner riveted a shield on the Mains transformer,measured 130 very clean watts into 8 ohmsUS
8015DR112 Hylight 6-input PAUS
8024DR103 Hylight 4-inputDE
8036DR103 Hylight 4-input, Transformers TG 9302-H4617C, TG 5479-H4618D. Full size serial plate, voltage and impedance selector plates are brown.UK
8041DR504 Hylight 4-input, , cut down serial plate, no voltage selectorCA
8046DR103 Hylight 4-inputUS
8047SA212 Hylight 4-inputSK
8051DR504 Hylight 4-input CA
8057DR112 Hylight 6-input PA, QC sticker dated 10 June, 1975, electrolytics date to 1974, Partridge transformers-OT-TG9302, H4617C. PT-H4618D, sold new in Ireland.US
8059DR112 Hylight 6-input PACA
8162DR103 Hylight 4-input, Bulgin->IEC, brown sel. rings, white output jacks,open frame Partridges, S/N rightBE
8066SA212 Hylight 4-input 2x12 comboSV
8074DR103 Hylight 4-input June 6th 1975 on the test sticker. The serial number is 8073/4 with the figure 4 stamped over the figure 3. So I suppose there might be another piece of Hiwatt equipment with either 8073 or 8074 as serial.AT
8104DR504 Hylight 4-inputCA
8110DR504 Hylight 4-input, EL34:JJ ElectronicFR
8115DR504 Hylight 4-input, the caps look original, still has the Mullards in the preamp stage.CA
8120DR504 Hylight 4-input All original except power cord. Beautiful amp.CA
8123DR504 Hylight 4-input Good condition and amazing sounding DR504. It has replacement power transformer and has an extra hole in the back panel. Not sure why as circuit is standard. IEC style mains cord.US
8130DR103 Hylight 4-inputSE
8135DR103 Hylight 4-input, cut-down chassis plate, sticker on side shows tested 25.6.75 initials IP, sold by Top Gear Music, Denmark St, London 16.8.75. Transformers marked TG5479/H4618C and TG9302/H4617G. One pot dated 74/27,others 74/40UK
8147DR103 Hylight 4-inputAP
8163DR103 Hylight 4-input all original. very clean amp. looks like new.DE
8191DR103 Hylight 4-input 4 inputIT
8195DR103 Hylight 4-inputUK
8198DR103 Hylight 4-inputAR
8209DR103 Hylight 4-inputUK
8210DR504 Hylight 4-input, My uncle just passed this down to me after just sitting for nearly 20 years. Just about all original - maybe re-tubed once,Tesla EL34 RCA pres were in it and a bias trim was added nicely. All electrical connections are inked in red, so I assume it was Joyce assembled. Also have the matching original cab with 4x12 - 25W Fanes.US
8222DR103 Hylight 4-input Very good conditionIT
8231DR103 Hylight 4-inputAU
8233DR103 Hylight 4-input good original codition, new tubes Svetlana Winged C BIAS Pot, ECC 83 original Mullard.DE
8241DR103 Hylight 4-input, looks like newDE
8297DR103 Hylight 4-inputDE
8299DR103 Hylight 4-input Type AP, Model No. DR103, Serial No. 8299. Yellow label Partridges. PT TG9302 H4617H OT TG5479 H5161F. Caps Plessey 16-32mfd dated 75.24 Plessey 50-50mfd dated 75.23 3x RS 200mfd dated 74.34. Pot date codes 75.12 to 75.25. Tested and S sticker 8.9.75 initials D.F. Came with Philips ECC83 at V3 and Philips ECC81 at V4. Heater wiring replaced. Black voltage and impedance selectors. Brown selector rings without 100 V line. Bulgin connector. Factory grommet over mains hole left from fuses. White output jacks. Basket weave tolex. Initials LS.BE
8319DR112 Hylight 6-input PA, REALLY GREAT FOR GUITAR!!!!!!IT
8323DR112 Hylight 6-input PA, all original, 1974 cap/1975 pot dates, Partridge TG5979 (OT), TG9302 (MT), plastic cabinet ventsUK
8325DR103 Hylight 4-inputUK
8335DR504 Hylight 4-input, open frame Partridge PT TG6507,H5143F OT TG6556/2,H5144F, re-capped, Bulgin, brown sel. rings, white output jacks, S/N rightDE
8373DR103 Hylight 4-input Good nick except for a few cloth tears. Once survived end over ending after an 8 foot drop and still survived the gigUK
8374DR103 Hylight 4-inputIT
8385DR504 Hylight 4-input, added 2 position toggle switch for normal or brilliant volume.CA
8387DR504 Hylight 4-input (serial confirmed via photo)US
8387?DR103 Hylight 4-inputAT
8400DR504 Hylight 4-input Was purchased new by my father in his early years and gifted to me when I started playing professionally. It left the family for a brief time during a family financial crisis in the early 1990s and the owner sprayed the logo of his band, Riotfuel, on the side. It was sold back to my father in the mid-1990s and has the logo on its side to this day. All original parts, though the transformer blew in 2003 and some of the wiring was replaced at that time.US
8417DR103 Hylight 4-input, normal wear and tear, all original except for hard-wired mains plug, original open-frame Partridges, PT TG9302,H1467HUK
8419DR103 Hylight 4-input, normal wear. Upgraded bias circuit.SE
8433SA412 US
8445SA212 Hylight 4-input, I bought it in 1975IT
8452SA212 Hylight 4-input, missing the written HIWATT back panel. Has the reverse polarity and back selector switch to go from 115 to 245 volts.IT
8455DR504 Hylight 4-inputCA
8474DR201 6-EL34 Hylight 4-inputCA
8492DR504 Hylight 4-inputIT
8500DR103 Hylight 4-input White Output sockets TESTED-sticker 3/10/75 IP,blue markings H.J. W.O.T O29, 3 x RS cap P 7432, 1 green cap ? Partridge OT #TG5479/H5161J, PT #TG9302/H6417K. It seems everything is original - save EL34s Tube Art and mains socket replaced by IEC - and in a very good condition. Works perfectly.DE
8504DR103 CA
8515SA212 Hylight 4-input ¯AP¯ with 2x Mullard EL34 Xf3, B4L2 FANE 12ā€¯ x2: model 122231,flux density 4000, 50W, 16ohm, ser-# 40/71 Partridge PT T66507-H5143K, OT T66556/2-H5144K black speaker grille, vertical ¯CUSTOM BUILT¯ however no model designation on front panel. Top inputs are louder. Amp seems very unmodified except for removal of 230/115V switch. Sound and condition very nice.SE
8534SA212 Hylight 4-inputCH
8552DR103 Hylight 4-inputCA
8560DR103 Hylight 4-input, inherited from a family friend. He bought it new in 1975 it is all original, even the fuses have never blown, the original spares are still sealed in their little bag and stapled on the inside of the chassis. it has some light tolex damage and a small hole in the grill cloth. Still sounds incredibleUK
8604DR103 Hylight 4-input Owned by me since 1988, used as bass ampSE
8631DR103 Hylight 4-inputNO
8663DR103 Hylight 4-inputFI
8664DR103 Hylight 4-input, '75 date codes but inspected Jan 1976. PT TG9302,H4617L,OT TG5479.H5161L, mid-70s circuit with 270k on V3 grid. Kept in case,immaculate condition All original, every solder joint is still coated.FI
8692DR112 Hylight 6-input PAUK
8693DR112 Hylight 6-input PA, 100 watt, Partridges, Bulgin, White output jacksUS
8696STA200 6-EL34 Hylight 4-inputUK
8699DR103 Hylight 4-input TYPE:APFI
8713DR504 Hylight 4-input, bought in Thunder Bay, ON, Canada in 1976. Tested date on manufacture label is Jan 20, 1976 with initial DR in blue ink. Also a black S above initials. Partridge transformers. Completely original except for Canadian Hydro compliance mod & sticker and added gain stage mod on V2, but not a stock "Canadian Mod"CA
8721DR103 Hylight 4-input A pristine condition, unmolested DR103 in perfect working order with all original parts and Partridges other than the bottles of course!UK
8713DR504 Hylight 4-input, Canadian Hydro compliance mod & sticker, added gain stage mod on V2, but not stock "Canadian Mod"CA
8720DR103 Hylight 4-input 4 input. Recently purchased from second owner who had it in storage for the last 20 years. At some point prior to that a mod was done to select between 50/100watts switch on the rear.AU
8730DR103 Hylight 4-input all original...i think still working!DE
8734DR103 Hylight 4-inputDK
8735DR103 Hylight 4-inputDK
8744DR103 Hylight 4-inputSP
8750other Hylight slaveSW
8764other Hylight 4-input SA212R, Fane 122677 speakersFR
8775DR504 Hylight 4-input, hard-wired mains, serial plate right of center,OT Partridge, PT replaced, vinyl covering removedUS
8778DR504 Hylight 4-input, all original with 2 Partridge transformers.AU
8783DR504 Hylight 4-input The preamp was rebuiltDE
8784DR504 Hylight 4-inputDE
8794DR103 Hylight 4-input. Partridges, replacement tubes, modern standard mains socket added, original socket disconnected, impedance selector switch broken and bridged, blue felt marking H.J., red felt pen marking HARRY JOYCE - G.F. J41 on chassis. Very good, used condition.DE
8801DR103 Hylight 4-input Tested Date 2/2/76, initials IP All Pretubes Sovtek ECC83 12ax7, EL34 Svetlana, white output jacks, Caps 75 - xx, both Transf. Partridge.AT
8802DR103 Hylight 4-input Missing fuseholders and -sadly- mains transformer replaced with TAD TG9302. Mains switch replaced by previous owner. Otherwise no sign of any previous repairs, still has the original Mullard preamp/driver tubes, caps and Bulgin power connector. Test date 2/2/76. Great sounding amp.AT
8810DR103 Hylight 4-input, I used this amp in middle 80s for only 1 yearNL
8818DR103 Hylight 4-input, original apart from replaced filter caps and middle pot, 4 NOS Mullard XF2 EL34s, 2 Mullard ECC83 pos 1/3, 1 NOS RFT ECC83pos 2, 1 NOS Mullard ECC81 pos4, pot dates Jul/Sep 1975,inspected by IP on 9/2/76.UK
8819DR103 Hylight 4-input, museum conditionDE
8828DR103 Hylight 4-input, I have to change capacitors and tubesFR
8831DR103 Hylight 4-input Canadian power mod permanent power cord and no selector.CA
8833DR103 Hylight 4-input original partridge transformers - EL34 tubes - hardwired to voltage 110v - all original - mint condition - no noise hum or cracklingCA
8836DR103 Hylight 4-input Date of manufacture 1976. Pre-amp was modified to use the second half of V2 the notorious \Canadian mod\ I presume?. This added a lot of noise and generally made the Brilliant channel sound like garbage. I e since had that aspect restored to factory specs. One bypass cap was added on the Brilliant channel, supposedly to improve bass response this remains unchanged, although I am considering having it removed. Original mains supply cord was lost, amp was modified to have a cord with heavy duty three-prong plug added. Original running light was broken during a gig and replaced with a non-original substitute LED. Three pin jumper for line voltage has long since been lost by previous owner. The amp still has original stock Partridge transformers, and every other aspect of the amp remains original, except for the tubes of course. The amp itself is in excellent condition. Initials HJ on the inside, so Im assuming Harry Joyce wired the chassis. One filter cap has been replaced with slightly different value, done by most recent owner previous to me, supposedly to add a little more bass response. I have no complaints about it. Another filter cap was replaced because it was old, but replaced with new one of same value. Original power-on indicator lamp broken, replaced with similar but not exact same LED.CA
8868DR103 Hylight 4-inputUS
8902DR201 6-EL34 Hylight 4-input Mullard preamp tubes probably all-original,SED =C= power tubes.FR
8912DR103 Hylight 4-inputSE
8921SA212 Hylight 4-inputFR
8924SA212 Hylight 4-input chassis and hp date 1978FR
8934SA212 Hylight 4-inputFR
8958DR103 Hylight 4-input, Partridges, odd PT shroud, turrets, Canadian Hydro - Bulgin and V Sel bypassed, mains cord hard-wired, mod-70s ckt, super cleanUS
8999SA212 Hylight 4-input Reverse - The Evil Serial Number forever!!! Im the 2nd ownerAll seem Original except Brillant inputs replaced at the early years of the amp. 2 Partridges, Fanes Covers disappeared, preamp original Mullard in very good health, Power : 2 RSD one very good, one so so; Sticker says tested 15/3/76 by DF, HP 08/76, Pots 21st week of 1975,It seems that this amp has not been used much.FR
9034DR103 Hylight 4-input Marked inside chassis Harry Joyce, purchased in 1976,Partridge transformer, Bulgin lead.UK
9040DR103 Hylight 4-inputCA
9041DR504 Hylight 4-input Wrong Model No. on the plate with the identification DR103. I own this Amp since 1981.DE
9042DR504 Hylight 4-input some road wear and still in use with original owner.CA
9046DR103 Hylight 4-input MT: Partridge TG9302/H4617L, OT: Partridge TG5479/H5161L,white output jacks, turreted, visible cap dates: 76.04, 75.50, pot dates: 75/21, 75/25, Green/white label on outside of chassis: \TESTED\ \S\ written in black marker over top - soaked?, Date: 23/3/76, Initials: JP No \Canadian Mod, but has some other gain? mod done on the input. 120V connected directly to mains switch Bulgin and voltage selector present but bypassed. Heavy guage metal shrouds riveted to flanges on both sides of both transformers.CA
9053DR504 Hylight 4-input, Partridge OT # TG6556/2, H5902C, replaced power tranny, replaced power jack, treble accentuation in power section selectable via on/off switch modDE
9060DR504 Hylight 4-inputFR
9064DR504 Hylight 4-input, Partridgess, Bulgin, mid 70s ckt, 3 caps replaced,brown selector rings, white o/p jacksUS
9067DR103 Hylight 4-input Custom 50, tested sticker is dated 1975, signed frank turner inside, or age serial plate 9067UK
9071DR504 Hylight 4-input New Power cord,caps,tube bias trim pot added.CA
9078DR103 Hylight 4-input, open-frame Partridge OT # TG6502/2, H4?17C, PT TG5479,H5141C, Bulgin->IEC, back panel replaced, brown sel. rings,white output jacks, S/N rightDE
9082DR103 Hylight 4-inputDE
9085DR504 Hylight 4-inputDE
9094DR103 Hylight 4-inputUK
9095DR103 Hylight 4-input, Partridge Trannies (OT replaced), White Output Jacks,modded for 120v Ontario Hydro Approved, no normal 'Canadian Mod' but seems to have some sort of gain mod. Turreted, Harry Joyce on Rim in Blue MarkerCA
9101DR103 Hylight 4-inputNO
9115DR103 Hylight 4-inputDE
9132DR504 Hylight 4-input Partridge TransformersCA
9142DR504 Hylight 4-input Ordered from Burlington Ont, Canada by GB Sound Co for Jim Ledgerwood in 1975.CA
9149DR504 Hylight 4-input 1976, 1976 chassis inspection, 4 input, Toggle switches,round power light. Partridge trannys, white speaker outputs.US
9162DR504 Hylight 4-input Tested sticker date and initials 10/5/76 D.F. RS caps mfg code 76.04. Bulgin mains conn. Serial plate right of center. Yellow label Partridges w/o bell ends TG6556/2 H5902D and TG6507 H5901D. Came with Brimar EL 34 tubes 2. Retubed.BE
9175DR103 Hylight 4-input All originalUK
9189DR103 Hylight 4-inputUS
9190DR103 Hylight 4-inputUK
9213DR112 Hylight 6-input PAFR
9239DR201 6-EL34 Hylight 4-input, TG9424/H5570M PT,TH5227/H5571M OT, TG7740/H5572C choke, latest part date 75/25,has mid-period speakers jacks (have to plug in two jacks minimum).US
9241DR201 6-EL34 Hylight 4-input Mains plug is round, bought new from Hessy's in Liverpool around 1975UN
9256DR504 Hylight 4-input, white output jacks, IEC connector, marked test 9/9/76UK
9265DR103 Hylight 4-input PT TG9302/H4617D inspected 26.4.76 back panel missingUS
9268SE4123 Biacrown? 2-input? Molded and rotting. Likely to end up in the trash unless it can be cleaned internally with bleach.US
9287DR103 Hylight 4-inputFR
9298SA212 Hylight 4-input Just picked this one, 11 May 1976, sleeping in the dust since perhaps 30 years,all originalFR
9333DR103 Hylight 4-inputDE
9359DR103 Hylight 4-inputFR
9370DR103 Hylight 4-input Harry Joyce marked on chassis, Perfect condition,Sound loud....so loud !!!! With Wem cab a la Gilmour !!FR
9371DR103 Hylight 4-input Modified for dual bias adjustment. Works great.FR
9387DR504 Hylight 4-input, head and cabinet, Partridge, Fanes, April 1976. this is my baby! love him.FR
9390DR504 Hylight 4-input 1976 Hiwatt Custom 50 DR504.US
9411DR103 Hylight 4-input Partrige transformers: Input # TG 9302 H4617D, output # TG 3479 H5161D. Tested 8 June 1976 by S. Harry Joyce -CD- J..011 written on chassis. RS P76-10 caps, one replaced with German made model. Bulgin mains socket, brown voltage and impedance rings. Metal toggle switches. Great working condition.US
9441SA412 Hylight 4-input. SA-412 rare 50 watt combo. Inspection sticker March,1976. I've seen only 5 othersUS
9457DR504 Hylight 4-input Partridge transformers, 2 metal toggles, white output jacks, round Bulgin 3 prong power connector, \bowler hat\ indicator,2 Seimens EL34 power tubes, 3 of the 4 caps on top of chassis are UK made RS dated 76.04, there\s a sticker on the side of the chassis that is dated 22/6/76.US
9457?DR105 Hylight 4-inputUS
9458DR504 Hylight 4-input, Partridges, toggles, white output jacks, Bulgin connector but hard-wired US plug, mid-70s circuit, output tube screen resistors and mains indicator replacedUS
9485DR103 Hylight 4-inputNL
9520DR103 Hylight 4-inputCA
9552DR504 Hylight 4-inputDE
9565DR103 Hylight 4-input Hylight 4-input in Fantastic condition!IT
9577other Hylight NCA108 Solid state model. Sticker tested 26/7/76 with initials D.F.CH
9598SA212 Hylight 4-input Tested/S sticker dated 3/8/76 with initials I or JP. Has all original filter caps, two gray RS ones dated to ninth week of 1976 also a short RS 32-microfarad/450v and a metallic green Plessey 50 microfarad/450v. At least three caps show sign of bulging. Two control pots date to 10th week of 1973, others to 1975 weeks 16, 39,42. One open-frame Partridge code TG6507/H6161G and one silver closed-frame partial printed white paper label with 90 on it and partial written yellow label ending in 7. Black grill cloth. Purple-back Fanes dated to 29th week of 1976. Has name Julie written in white, letters about 1-inch high, inside top left of cabinet. Unconverted British 3-prong plug 115 VAC written on masking tape by cord inside chassis. Front panel shows numerous vertical cracks apparently original red and green signal lights and polarity switch. Hiwatt logo seems flimsier than others and can be bent away from cabinet at middle. Controls tighter to turn than any other Hiwatts I own. Two white speaker outputs and a third metal output. Facing back of amp, from left to right: white output with SPK written over socket in black pen, 4 ohm symbol under white output in middle with SLAVE written over top, O/P under metal output at right with 8OHM in white on black dymo label. Purchased directly from Nat Wason,current guitarist for Ben Howard and offshoot band A Blaze of Feather and formerly of the late 90s U.K. indie band Haven.US
9609DR201 6-EL34 Hylight 4-input all original, except tubesDE
9610DR201 6-EL34 Hylight 4-input Good condition. Hard-wired power cord installed before I bought it. Owned for 3 years.US
9616DR103 Hylight 4-inputDE
9618DR103 Hylight 4-inputDE
9626DR103 Hylight 4-input Lost in shipping to new owner overseas. Please contact if it shows up.UK
9641DR112 Hylight 100W PAIR
9648DR201 4-KT88 Hylight 4-input, pretty heavily modded, pots dated 75, chassis has tested sticker dated 29/7/76 initials IP. Currently DOA, but plan to bring her back to original.US
9649DR103 Hylight 4-inputCA
9685DR201 6-EL34 Hylight 4-inputCA
9711DR112 Hylight 100W PA, open frame partridges, IEC, white output jacksUS
9719SA212R Hylight 4-input Model SA212R w/ tremolo and reverb, 100 watt, 7 pre tubes,vibrato intensity, vibrato speed, and reverb level controls between MV and PRESENCE, stamped-frame Fanes, open-frame Partridges??
9720SA212R Hylight 4-input Model SA212R w/ tremolo and reverb. No mods done.FI
9765DR103 Hylight 4-inputFR
9770DR103 Hylight 4-inputFR
9790DR504 Hylight 4-input Hylight 4-input, Perfect and all original, Mullards, Partridges, etc.IT
9793DR103 Hylight 4-input tested 27/8/76 by IP, Harry Joyce written on chassis,PT TG 9302, OT TG 5479 no 100V tag, mid 70s preamp, originally had 32/32uf filtercap for preamp.DE
9801DR103 Hylight 4-input good condition, new output tubes, indian mullards,bought it used from a friendDE
9830DR103 Hylight 4-input Harry Joyce written in blue marker on chassis edgeCA
9852DR504 Hylight 4-inputFR
9856DR504 Hylight 4-input Yellow label Partridges TG6507 H6161H, TG6556/2 H6162H. Tested sticker date and initials 9/9/76 DF. Caps RS 76.09 and 76.10,Plessey 76.17. IEC mains conn.BE
9903DR103 Hylight 4-input 9/76 on sticker, Harry Joyce signature on chassis,great conditionSK
9918DR103 Hylight 4-input Looks all Original. Tetsed 1/10/76 by DR on Sticker. Partridge originals. Bought it in 1988 for 200 DM 100DE
9928DR103 Hylight 4-input tested 7/10/76 by DR, Harry Joyce written on chassis,Partiridges, mid 70s preamp, looks all original except one octal socket and mains fuseholder, brown tags on back, IEC, *very* clean.DE
9952DR201 6-EL34 Hylight 4-input Appears to have had an easy life. Transformer numbers TG9424/H5570J and TH5227/H5571J. Cap dates 75/08, 76/01, 76/08, 76/09,75/08, 76/38 appears to be replacementUK
9957DR201 6-EL34 Hylight 4-inputFR
9959DR201 6-EL34 Hylight 4-inputCA
9967SA212R Hylight 4-input. 100 watts with reverbFR
9969SA212 Hylight 4-input SA212R speaker and reverb not original, 2 original partridge H60386/TG9302 and H60396/TG5479FR
9974SA212R Hylight 4-input, Original Fane speakersCA
9993DR504 Hylight 4-input October 21st 1976 on the test sticker, Partridge OT,PT not original.AT
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