HIWATT World Register

Hylight and Biacrown Cabinets

Last updated June 26, 2024

NOTE: The speaker cabinet serial number series is separate from the amplifier one.

S/N Model Notes Loc.
501SE4123 Hylight 4x12UK
1194SE4122 Hylight 4x12 Early Sound City cabinet and grill cloth like The Who used at Rock and roll circus.2x12 2/17 with purple Fane labels,25w,flux 17k.2x 122142 with purple Hiwatt labels,50w,17k flux.Date code 4/71, Power rating 100w.UK
1207SE4122 Hylight 4x12DE
1217SE4121 Hylight 4x12 Rated 75W. Has Sound City grill fabric with plastic engraved HW nameplate. Has a smaller front edge raduis than production HW cabs, but larger radius than production Sound City cabs. 122/14 22W Fane labeled speakers.US
1225SE4122 Hylight 4x12 Hylight 4x12 Early Sound City cabinet and silver grill cloth like The Who used at Rock and roll circus.4x12 2/17 with purple Fane labels,25w,17000 GAUSS. label date 69 - METAL BADGEFR
1228SE4121 Hylight 4x12 Marked as 75w power rating. Actually holds 4 50w Goodmans speakers, clearly non-original. Original grille cloth replaced with plastic. Quite scruffy externally, a fair amount of foam wadding internally.UK
1256SE4122 Hylight 4x12, beat up exterior, cast-frame 50 watt Fane-branded FanesEU
1324SE4122 Hylight 4x12, beat up exterior, all original cast-frame FanesUK
1357SE4122 Hylight 4x12 LEAD, early Sound City-style cabinet and grill cloth like The Who used at Rock and roll circus, Power rating 100w.US
1485SE4122 Hylight 4x12, Bought this cabinet used in 1979 together with a new DR 504-Amp. The cabinet is equipped with 3 Goodmans of England Speakers and 1 Celestion-Goldback!DE
1486SE4122 Hylight 4-input Hylight 4x12 original cast frame FANE,model 122142122/17G flux density 17.0000 GAUSS, 50 Watt, number stamped on cone paper 33 102 008IT
1562SE4122 Hylight 4x12UK
1563SE4122 Hylight 4x12UK
1574SE4122 Hylight 4x12 Power rating: 100 watts 3 x 39 102 008 Pulsonic cones, 122142 model, 17000 Gauss, 50 watts, 16 ohms 1 x 39 102 008 Pulsonic cones, 122142 model, 17000 Gauss, 25 watt, 16 ohms surely is a bad writing on the cone because all of other info is the same to other three speakersSP
1627SE4121 Hylight 4x12 Fanes: 50W, Model #: 122142,122140US
1663SE4122 Hylight 4x12, factory Goodman Audiom 12P-D-50 50 watt speakers - brown salt & pepper grill, tolex recoveredUS
1732SE4122 Hylight 4x12US
1812SE4122 Hylight 4x12, Hiwatt 100 w speaker cab. Its a bit battered and worn and the hiwatt badge is missing.UK
1836SE4122 Hylight 4x12 100W 16ohm cab. Original grill. No drivers.UK
1858SE4122 Hylight 4-input AP, 100W, 16hm. 122142 Speakers 17000 gauss. 24 102 on speakerSK
1865SE4122 Hylight 4x12BE
1878SE4122 Hylight 4x12GE
1879SE4122 Hylight 4x12, exterior trashed, original cast frame Fane 50w speakers, model 122142, 17000 flux density, 50wUK
1882SE2124 Hylight 4x12 Mixed loading - 2 x G12M greenbacks, 1 x Goodmans AUDIOM12P, 1 x G12-65 - no Fanes unfortunately...UK
1933SE4121 Hylight 4x12 Original Fanes No.122141, 14k flux, dated 10/70,labeled 50 Watt, excellent condition.NL
2002SE4122 Hylight 4x12, Suspect non original fane speakers - purple label hiwattUK
2121SE4122 Hylight 4x12 Fane 122142 dated 04 and 05/71. Black stain on inside of cab,removeable castor sockets, no sign of wooden battens having ever been fitted to bottom of cab. Thin logo.UK
2024SE4122 Hylight 4x12, near mint cond.DK
2027SE4122 Hylight 4-input The cab has lots of character, original Fanes purple backs 50 watt cast frames, and in excellent working order.SA
2085SE2121H Hylight 2x12 Type PA. I have a 2 x 12 with Horn Hiwatt cabinet and cannot find another like it. Looks like it would have been a PA speaker cabinet.US
2112SE4122 Hylight 4x12 4x original Fane 12242 purple labeled speakers. OHMS designation on backplate scratched out, replaced with 4.US
2117SE4122 Hylight 4x12 Type AP, Model No. SE4122, Serial No. 2117, Rating 100 Watts, Impedance 16 Ohms. Fane cast frame speakers. Labels on speakers list following Model No. 122142 Flux density 17000 Power handling 50 watts Impedance 15 Ohms Serial No. 05/71. Purple label Hiwatt Heavy Duty loudspeaker. No magnet covers. Original black and blue wiring in white tubing. Back loaded. Rear port. Basket weave tolex. Salt and pepper grille. White jack. Wooden cut out handles. Initials DF and LM.BE
2133SE4122 Hylight 4x12, cast frame Fanes 12214 50w, dated 08/71, very rough outsideUS
2196SE4122 Hylight 4x12 cab with 50W Fane speakers. All original. Labeled 100W cabinet.FR
2241other Hylight 2x15 SE2151R - No speakersDE
2254SE4121 Hylight 4x12 cab 50 watts, 22 watt cast frame Fanes (122141, 14000 gauss)FR
2155SE4122 Hylight 4x12 100w/16 AP. 4 x 122142 dated 08 09/71. Black stain on inside,IB chalked under top. Triangular reinforcements on internal corners. Black and blue cable with black sheathing. All battens screwed, including handle covers. Front baffle screwed through from rear to front lip.UK
2279SE4121 Hylight 4x12 FR
2284SE4122 Hylight 4x12, Great cab, all original speakers. Worn tolex but does the business!IE
2290SE4129 Hylight 4x12, not a SE4129 but a perfect SE4128 with 4 original FANE CRESCENDO...the plate on the cabinet says 200w/16ohmsFR
2335SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Type: AP, 100W, 16ohm, 4 x Fane 122231UK
2370other Hylight 2x15 SE2151R as stamped on serial plate. Reconed by factory 100w 16 ohm, originally stamped 8 but then over stamped with an X. No drivers.UK
2393SE4122 Hylight 4x12DE
2424SE4128 4x12 SE4128DE
2428SE4122 Hylight 4x12 Has what appears to be original casters. If not, they were installed professionally, and quite neat.UN
2519SE2150 Hylight 2x15 AP type 2x15 fitted with Celestion 200w 16 ohm drivers,cab now runs @ 400w/8 ohm, originally rated as 100w, and 16 ohm.UK
2541SE2150 Hylight 2x15, 1 Fane branded and 1 Hiwatt branded speaker. Lots of small knicks in the tolex with lots missing from the bottom. Replaced casters. Its come to live with DR103 s/n 2597UK
2679SE4122 Hylight 4x12, 4 original 122142 FANE cast frames, 17k flux, 50wUS
2683SE412x Hylight 4x12, Fanes and name plate are missing. Casters, grill cloth original.US
2696SE4121 Hylight 4x12, 2 cast frame Fanes, two Celestion Greenbacks.US
2732SE4122 Hylight 4x12, 4 original 122142 FANE cast frames, 17k flux, 50w,3/71 date; box handles, rear loaded, wiring looks non-originalUS
2745SE4122 Hylight 4x12 with 3 original 122142 fanes with date stamp 44/71 and 1 VOX-branded 122/17 fane. Non-original wiring, tolex stripped and sprayed black.US
2758SE4123 Hylight 4x12, original cast frame Fane 50w speakers, model 122231,14000 flux density, 43/71 and 44/71 datesUS
2763SE4123 Hylight 4x12, original cast frame Fane 75w speakers, model 12223,44/71 dates. Now (2018-11) paired with head 6363IT
2770SE4122 Hylight 4x12 150 watts, 122142 cast frame Fanes 50w 17000 gauss, date code 40/71, 1021-15 cones.US
2836SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Fane Model 122231 50w Speakers dated 7/71.US
2840SE4122 Hylight 4x12 Used this 4x12 at a performance in Dublin recently. It was a house cab, belonging to the organizer that presented the concert.UK
2841SE4122 Hylight 4x12, 150 watts, cast frame FanesFR
2851SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Oddly this cabinet came equiped with 4x12 Fane 12390 speakers. Purchased from original owner whom I've known since 1971. Was sold to him by Terminal Music on 48th St in NYC, He remembers it as 1973 or 74. Been told by techs all solder joints seem original.US
2865SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Original Fanes, never reconedUS
2873SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Hylight 4x12 TYPE AP, 100 WATTS, 16 OHM, Grill painted black, 122231 speakers. Speakers dated 50/71NO
2902SE4123 Hylight 4-input 4X12, Salt&Pepper grill, 4 Celestion Greenbacks, in greatUS
2990SE4122 Hylight 4x12 Good original condition 50w 15ohm fane speakers, date code 42/71 150w, initials LM inside cab written in white chaulkUK
2993SE4122 Hylight 4x12US
2995SE4122 Hylight 4x12US
3023SE4122 Hylight 4x12 Original Fanes, excellent conditionUS
3027SE4122 Hylight 4x12DE
3067SE4123 Hylight 4x12US
3074SE2150 Hylight 2x15 bass cabinet, 2x15NO
3131SE4123 Hylight 4x12, found in a garage in Denver 1992 $150US
3139SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Original cast frame grey Fane 50w speakers with original cones and wiring. Salt and pepper cloth.US
3159SE4123 Hylight 4x12US
3170SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Original cast frame Fane 50w speakers all original cones. Very clean condition.US
3184SE4122 Hylight 4x12DE
3187SE4122 Hylight 4x12DE
3204SE2151 Hylight 2x15, Eminence replacement speakersUS
3224SE4122 Hylight 4x12 SC
3227SE4122 Hylight 4x12 Hylight 4x12, salt pepper cloth, original cast frame Fane 50w speakers, model 122142, 17000 flux density, 1/72 date code on speakers, great conditionSK
3259SE320 Hylight 4x12, center-ported full-range cabinetNO
3365SE4123 Hylight 4x12 original cast frame Fane 50w speakers, model 122231,14000 flux density, all with 17/72 date codesJP
3369SE2150 Hylight 2x15NZ
3387SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Hylight 4x12 Original Fane No.122231,14k flux, dated 18/72,labeled 50 Watt, impedance 15 ohm, excellent condition.FR
3400SE4123 Hylight 4x12 original Hiwatt purple label cast frames #122231, 14000 flux density, 50w, 15ohms, dated 20/72, 1021-15 cone, very nice conditionUS
3402SE4123 Hylight 4x12 50w Purple Label Cast Frame Fanes, Original Cones, Model 122231, 14000 Flux Density, date code 20/72US
3410SE4123 Hylight 4x12 4x12 original cast frame Fane 50w speakers, model 122231,14000 flux density, all with original cones, 21/72 date codesUS
3426SE4122 Hylight 4x12FR
3515SE4123 Hylight 4x12PT
3542SE4123 Hylight 4x12 CA
3548SE4122 Hylight 4x12US
3581SE4122 Hylight 4x12NO
3635SE4122 Hylight 4x12 Hylight 4x12 cast frame Fane 50w speakers, model 122142,17000 flux density, 44/73 date codes, SP original grill cloth, original tolex.US
3683SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Tolex and grill cloth removedIT
3774SE4123 Hylight 4x12 original cast frame Fane 50w speakers, model 122142,17000 flux density, 23/72 date codesUS
3786SE4123 Hylight 4x12FI
3804SE4122 Hylight 4x12 122142AT
3856SE4123 Hylight 4x12US
3858SE4123 Hylight 4x12, is known as 'The One'US
3904SE4128 Hylight 4x12 Type:AP, 200W, 4 Fanes - Model 122390, Flex D. 20000, 100W, 15 Ohm, all dated 48/72DE
3923SE4121 Hylight 4x12, Rated 50w, fane 12 model 122170 jan.1972FR
3946SE4122 Hylight 4x12FR
3955SE4122 Hylight 4x12 150w/16, 4 x 122142 cast frames dated 43/72. White jack socket and plate. Rear panel 1 chipboard particle board looks original.UK
3972SE4122 Hylight 4x12 original cast frame Fane 50w speakers, model 122142,17000 flux density, all with 43/72 date codesJP
3972SE4123 Hylight 4x12 3 matching fanes 04/72 12231 flux 14000 15ohms 100-164US
3973SE4122 Hylight 4x12, original cast frame Fane 50w speakers, model 122142,17000 flux density, 43/72 date codeUK
4010SE4123 Hylight 4x12 original cast frame Fane 50w speakers, model 122231,14000 flux density,all with 43/72 date codesJP
4090SE4122 Hylight 4x12 Tolex in fair condition overall but worn through on base. Castor sleeves present although aftermarket castors were fitted, removed. Screw holes from skids visible. Grill cloth intact and reasonably taught. Chip on upper edge of HIWATT name plate. Black painted interior with chalked initials JB on inside right panel. Four original cast frame Fane 122142s all dated 45/72. No rips/tears or cone rub. White output jack plate. Wiring, solder joints all original.UK
4093SE4122 Hylight 4x12UK
4121SE4121 Hylight 4x12CH
4125SE4122 Hylight 4x12 Original Fane speakers. Great condition.US
4138SE4123 Hylight 4x12BE
4142SE4122 Hylight 4x12, rated 150 watts, original cast frame Fane 50w speakers,model 122142, 17000 flux density, all with 50/72 date codesUS
4161SE4123 Hylight 4x12, Goodmans SpeakersCH
4165SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Was used the last 30 years as a bass cab with a Carlsbro TC100CH
4197SE4122 Hylight 4x12, mint ungigged condition, non smokers home, the white bezel is white and not yellowed, so is the front screen, beautifully matched with my DR103, sound of glass!UK
4225SE4122 Hylight 4x12, rated 150 watts, original cast frame Fane 50w speakers,model 122142, with 43/72 date codesUS
4274SE4123 Hylight 4x12NL
4277SE4123 Hylight 4x12IT
4279SE4123 Hylight 4x12 purchased with DR103 serial #4139 around 1978 if I recall correctly.US
4312SE4123 Hylight 4x12 with 4 Electro Voice EVM12LSP
4335SE2150 Hylight 16 ohm 150 watt 2x15 speaker cabinetUK
4349SE4122 Hylight 4x12CH
4359SE4122 1CA
4370SE4123 Hylight 4x12 4 original purple Fanes, model 122231, dated 09/73,roundCA
4421SE4122 Hylight 4x12 Original Hylight 70s cab with non-original speakers. Back plate replaced. Original Hylight serial number plate taken from another speaker cabinet.NO
4501SE2150 Hylight 2x15 bass cabinet, 150 watts, 16 ohms, original 15-inch FanesUS
4503SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Fane 300w, white coveringFI
4504SE4122 Hylight 4x12, speakers replaced using 4 modern production Fane F70 drivers, overall in fair shape.US
4514SE4123 Hylight 4x12US
4529SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Purple Fanes 25W, date code 16/73, all original. AP cab salt n pepper grill clothBE
4536SE2124 Hylight 2x12 PA Speaker converted to guitar cabUS
4640SE4123 Hylight 4x12 4 original purple Fanes, model 122231, dated 1973.IT
4654SE4122 Hylight 4x12 Purchased in Quigley Music in St. Louis MO in 1974 with DR103 head serial# 6045 and I was told it remained with the original owner till its sale to the craigslister who flipped it to me via ebay on June 29, 2009. Cab is in amazing condition with little to no wear or nicks in the tolex, and has 3 original Fane 122142s one of which I was told has low output and is on the way out but i haven't yet installed it back into the cab to test it. Two replaced speakers are Fane Axiom Prototypes.US
4657SE4122 Hylight 4x12 Loaded with 70\s Celestion Blackbacks when I got it.SI
4686SE4122 Hylight 4x12 4/73 FANE 122142 50 watt speakers 16 ohm totalUS
4687SE4122 Hylight 4x12 150 watts, 122142 cast frame Fanes 50w 17000 gauss, date code 24/73, 1021-15 cones.US
4701SE4122 Hylight 4x12, 4 cast frame Fane 122142, 3 dated 24/73 the other 45/72 although all appear original. DF chalked inside cab, S on back panelUK
4730SE4123 Hylight 4x12 100w/16 1 thick rear panel made of chipboard appears original. 4 x EV SRO 12Ls heavy!! fitted by previous owner, Steve Lee,who lived in the SF area in the 70s, brought this with him when he moved to UK.UK
4778SE4122 Hylight 4x12 Serial 4778. 4 x 122142 50 watts cast frame purple Fanes dates 28/73 each.FR
4899SE4123 Hylight 4x12US
4943SE4122 Hylight 4x12, cast frame Fanes 122142, 73 date codes, one speakerreconed, matching hole in grill clothUS
4933SE4123 Hylight 4x12US
4941SE4122 Hylight 4x12 Has "Tony Lee-Hou. Tex" stenciled on back.US
4958SE4129 Hylight 4x12 Salt and Pepper grille cloth, 1973 dated cast frame silverback purple-label FanesCH
4960SE4129 Hylight 4x12 Salt and Pepper grille cloth, 1973 dated cast frame silverback purple-label FanesCH
4971SE4123 Hylight 4x12, purchased in Germany in 1974US
4976SE4123 Hylight 4x12, purchased in Germany in 1974US
4989SE4122 Hylight 4x12 Hylight AP 150w 16ohm 4x12, 4x 38/73 122142 cast frame Fanes with purple Hiwatt labels, 50w 17000 flux density, with original wiring harness, untouched black interior with OF or DF initials chalked inside, original black/blue piping vinyl cover OEM wheels, as new cond,also has original factory custom order grill cloth similar to S n P but a bit more silvery. acquired summer 2010, all in all a fantastic sounding and looking cab!UK
5005SE4122 Hylight 4x12 Salt and Pepper grill, cut-out handles, cast frame 122142 silverback speakers with purple label, two with stamped date 35/73 and 38/73 and two with redwhite sticker with gauss/power/etc indication but no year indication but matching the other two, so they should be same era. Jaw-dropping conditions: a solid 9 out of 10! Works like a charm and tears down walls!IT
5023SE4123 Hylight 4x12UK
5101SE4123 Hylight 4x12, four Fane speakers model 122231. One dated 30/72 the three others dated 39/73.CH
5114SE4123 Hylight 4x12 100wUK
5144SE4122 traditional salt/pepper, 150w, cast-frame Fanes, '73 date codes 122???, wooden cutout handle cab, round jack plate w/white jackUS
5157SE4123 Hylight 4x12US
5199SE4122 Hylight 4x12 Fane 122142 cast frames, 44/73 date codes, OEM casters and vinyl slip cover. Salt/pepper grill cloth, very clean exterior, interior looks factory fresh. Acquired from original owner, who purchased new from American Music in Seattle.US
5201SE4122 traditional salt/pepper, 150w, cast-frame Fanes,wooden cutout handle cabUS
5211SE 2150 S Hylight 2x15 Model- SE 2150 S, this is a taller 4x12 sized 2x15, with diagonally set speakers, sadly original Fanes long gone, fitted with Eminence drivers from a Peavey 2x15, runs at 4 ohm, originally was rated at 100w, and 16 ohm, beige speaker cloth.UK
5215SE320 Hylight SE320 Hiwatt AP 320 SE ported bass cabinets, Manufactured around 1974. Very rare cabinets with reportedly only 50 in total manufactured. 4 x 12 McKenzie drivers in each cabinet original speaker for this modelUK
5216SE320 Hylight SE320 Hiwatt AP 320 SE ported bass cabinets, Manufactured around 1974. Very rare cabinets with reportedly only 50 in total manufactured. 4 x 12 McKenzie drivers in each cabinet original speaker for this modelUK
5282SE4123 Hylight 4x12JP
5392SE4123 Hylight 4x12, came with head 5696IE
5362SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Original pressed steel Fanes dated 02/74, 122 231. Castors appear original. When bought had replacement black front grill. Chalked inside cab and on back panel are initials BF.UK
5365SE320 Hylight 4x12, center bass reflex port, stamped frame Fanes with whizzer cones, salt and pepper grillCA
5371SE4123 Hylight 4x12 pressed steel frame Fane #122231, dated 02/74. ex Soft MachineUS
5428SE260 Hylight 2x15 Bass CabinetUS
5438SE4123 Hylight 4x12 100 wattsCA
5443SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Salt Pepper grill painted black in 70s - not by me!! Owned since 84, 4 purple Fanes w/black plastic coversUS
5451SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Salt and Pepper grille cloth, 1974 dated cast frame Fanes with Black plastic magnet covers. Bought new with DR504 ser. #5371.US
5452SE4123 traditional salt/pepper, Cast-frame Fanes w/black plastic magnet covers '74 date codes 122?31, rear port, wooden cut out handle cabUS
5541SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Speakers are Fane model 122231. Three of them are dated 12/74, one is dated 26/73. Cones are 010 003.US
5481SE4123 Hylight 4x12, salt 'n pepper grille, cast frame Fanes w/ black plastic magnet coversFR
5500SE4122 Hylight 4x12FR
5508SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Totally original, 122231 Fanes black plastic cover all dating to 1974. player conditions but well kept. white jack. Cut out handles, rear port. Salt and pepper grill cloth nicely yellowed and intact. Best sounding Hiwatt cabinet I've got!IT
5570SE4122 Hylight 4x12 150 watts 16 ohm. Stamped frame Fane Speakers model 122142 dated 13th week 1974.US
5571SE4122 Hylight 4x12 rubber skid plates with white castersUS
5613SE4123 Hylight other, 1974 salt pepper, 100W, stamped fanes, scruffyUS
5621SE4123 Hylight 4x12 2 original stock 1974 SE4123 cabinets with purple Hiwatt/Fane 12 dated 2874. One of three museum pieces purchased by original owner from Sam Ash New York in early 1975!US
5675SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Non-original speakers.US
5710SE260 Hylight 2x15 cabinet, 26/74 on the Fane model 15319 speakers. Looks to be a very rare piece of Hiwatt equipment.AT
5743SE4123 Hylight 4x12 2 original stock 1974 SE4123 cabinets with purple Hiwatt/Fane 12 dated 2874. One of three museum pieces purchased by original owner from Sam Ash New York in early 1975!!!US
5764SE4122 Hylight 4x12 122142AT
5777SE4122 Hylight 4x12 Salt and Pepper grille cloth, cut-out handles, rear port, rear loaded with four Celestion G12-65 T2974. The codes on the speakers are DM30, DM30, FM12 and CM21. The letters are obviously swapped as mentioned by bygonetones.com, since the G12-65 did not come into production until 1978/79, therefore M indicates the year 1979.DE
5823SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Hylight 4x12, Salt/Pepper, Fanes, very well used,slightly abused...16 ohmUS
5824SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Excellent condition. Original tolex and grill cloth sags. Non-original cast frame Fanes with dates from 1973 to 1976, all reconed except the 1976. Different model numbers. Sounds great.US
5834SE2150 Hylight 2X15 150 watt CabUS
5859SE4123 Hylight 4x12DE
5918SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Hiwatt Speaker Enclosure. SE4123. 100w. 16ohms. Original tolex and grill cloth. All piping intact. Two original Hiwatt Fane speakers purple with silver lettering. 122231. Dated 27/74, 33/74,38/74. Also stamped 18 Sept 1974. Other two speakers non-original. 1 x Etone 231 from 1977 and 1 x Lorenz from 1977.. Overall in very good conditionAU
5968SE4122 Hylight 4x12 FR
5978SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Basketweave, wooden cut-out handles Purple Plastic magnet covers large HIWATT silver letteringUS
6043SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Original fanes dated 74/47CA
6068SE4122 Salt/pepper, Fanes, one speaker reconed.US
6070SE4122 Hylight 4x12 rated 150 watts, original cast frame Fane 50w speakers,model 122142, traditional salt/pepper, Fane, rear port, wooden cutout handle cabUS
6078SE4123 traditional salt/pepper, Fane, rear port, wooden cutout handle cabUS
6088SE4123 100 watt traditional salt/pepper, stamped frame Fanes, rear port,wooden cutout handle cabCA
6091SE4123 Hylight 4x12CA
6099SE4123 Hylight 4x12 non original speakersCA
6191SE320 Hylight 2x15 New speakers: Celestion Sidewinder S12-150DE
6203SE220 Hylight 2x15 folded horn, original Fanes, date code 04/75??
6231SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Fane speaker date to 06/75. Fane models 122231.AT
6249SE4122 Hylight 4x12 19/75 on the speakers, Fane model 122142 speakersAT
6275SE320 Hylight other Modified to front loading and then back again. Speakers look like later Hiwatt FanesUK
6299SE4123 Hylight 4x12 a few small rips on the tolex, probably caught some rain on the back, but apart from this nice conditions, fully functional and original. sounds like a wet dream!IT
6334SE4123 Hylight 4x12CA
6376SE4121 Hylight 4x12PT
6381SE4121 Hylight 4x12PT
6394SE4123 Hylight 4x12PT
6415SE2150 Hylight 2x12 2 original Fanes in good shapeNO
6416SE2150 Hylight 2x12 Newer Fane speakersNO
6494SE4123 Hylight 4x12 rear-loader, rear port, cutout handles, round jack plate w/ white jack. Original basketweave vynide and S/P grille cloth in very good condition. OEM drivers were stamped frame Fanes w/ 1975 date codes, acquired it unloaded. Now loaded w/ (2) Fane 122231 (1 cast, 1 stamped) and (2) Fane 122142 cast frame.US
6520SE4129 Hylight 4x12 FR
6528SE4122 Hylight 4x12 FANEAT
6575SE4123 Hylight 4x12 DK
6628SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Used as a bass cab with my dr 103.UK
6743 SE4122 Hylight 4x12, rescued from hell. Original 122142 with original cones, now fixed up; needed a lot of TLC.FR
6755SE4123 Hylight 4x12 3 Hiwatt Fanes, 1 Celestion black backDE
6763SE4123 Hylight other Speakers changed to 1978 and 1983 Rola Celestion G12 65,8 ohm. Changed input jack, new grille, missing logo.DE
6787SE4129 Hylight other Signed by Harry Joyce, purple lable Fanes. Very good condition.NL
6791SE4122 Hylight 4x12 Hylight cab cut in two horizontally! Two speakers burnt out,so the previous owner decided to not replace the faulty speakers, and cut it to make it lighter. Tolex totally removed in the operation, but the cab still has its S/N plate. I added wood vernish, looks great! It still has the two remaining 122142 50W 16ohms speakers, date 06/76 sounding perfectly right.FR
6881SE4122 Hylight 4x12 Fane loudspeakers 150WFR
6884SE4122 Hylight 4x12UK
6903SE4123 Hylight 4x12US
6917SE4123 Hylight 4x12 All 4 Fane speakers workCA
6922SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Four Fane speakersUS
6924SE4123 Hylight 4x12 I paid 75 dollars about 20years ago for a fender squire and the cabinet and its been in storage for the last 10 years and was just checkin to see the year and value of it,it has fane speakers with plastic purple cover on them,i only have one of them but i think i still have the rest somewhere and is in good shape and sounds great.CA
6946SE4122 Hylight 4x12, 150w rear-loader, rear port, cutout handles,round jack plate w/ white jack. Original basketweave tolex and S&P grille cloth, stamped frame 122142 Fanes, 06/76 date,excellent condition for its age.CA
6968SE4123 Hylight 4x12UK
7021SE4123 Fanes, museum condition.DE
7028SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Hylight 4x12 Type APIT
7032SE2150 Hylight 2x15 150 watt, 8 ohm, 2 x 15319 Fanes. A bit mangled and missing front logo plate getting a replacement soon! but totally original and perfectly working. Sweet sound with tons of low end! Allegedly used by Jetro Tull according to seller.IT
7059SE4123 Hylight 4x12CA
7063SE4121 Hylight 4x12, SP grille cloth, white plastic jack, cutout handles stamped on plate: Model: SE142 factory typo? Type: AP 150W, 16 ohmCA
7068SE4122 Hylight 4x12CA
7081SE2150 Hylight 2x15, Type AP, Model No. SE 2150, Serial No. 7081, Rating 150 Watts, Impedance 8 Ohms. 2x 15\ Eminence Delta speakers replacementBE
7113SE4122 Hylight 4x12, 4 Benett loudspeakers with aluminium frame... apparently non modified!!??FR
7123SE4122 Hylight 4x12 Recovered in snakeskin with black grill cloth. No logo. Celestion Vintage 30sFR
7232SE4123 Hylight 4x12, Celestion G12k-85s dated 1981-82CA
7327SE4122 Hylight 4x12UK
7330SE320 Hylight, speakers replaced (Celestion Sidewinder S12-150).US
7232SE4122 Hylight 4x12, mint conditionUK
7327SE4122 Hylight 4x12, mint condition, speakers have 1976 date codes, Marshall-style handlesUK
7355SE4122 Hylight 4x12 Type AP, Model No. SE4122, Serial No. 7355, Rating 150 Watts,Impedance 16 Ohms. Fane pressed steel frame speakers type 122142. Date codes 49/76. Initials SS and DF. Purple label Hiwatt Heavy Duty loudspeaker. No magnet covers. Each speaker has one green dot sticker with 16 Ohm stamped and also one red dot sticker. Original black and blue wiring in blue tubing. Back loaded. Rear port. Basket weave tolex. Salt and pepper grille. Black jack. Recessed plastic / metal handles.BE
7356SE4122 Hylight 4x12DE
7396SE4122 Hylight 4x12FR
7405SE4129 Hylight 4x12 AP cabinet 4x100 watt cast frame rear-loaded rear-ported Heavy Duty Fanes, 300 watts at 16 ohms,original blue/black wiring harness, 3 original cast frame purple-backed Fanes type 12302 rated at 100 watt and dated 46/76,1 replaced purple-backed cast frame Fane type 122879 rated at 100 watt and dated 42/77 (research suggests that this speaker comesfrom an SE4127 PA column, salt a& pepper grille, built like a tank and weighs a tonUK
7415SE4123 Hylight 4x12, no Hiwatt label at frontSE
7422SE4123 Hylight 4x12, 100 watts, 16 ohms, stamped frame Fanes with black magnet covers and purple labels, date code 19/77, rear-mounted.US
7438SE4129 Hylight 4x12 4 x 50 Watts Fane Speakers, Rating 200 Watts,Impendance 16 Ohms, Type APDE
7450SE4122 Hylight 4x12 still original speakers, works wellDE
7457SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Black woven grill, ported back, 4x 15 ohm Fane 122231 speakers, rear loaded. Stamped frames with black covers and purple stickers. Metal side handles and metal Hiwatt logo plate.NL
7497SE4122 Hylight 4x12 122142 Fanes, 19/77 date codeDE
7510SE4123 Hylight 4x12, black grillUS
7515SE4129 Hylight SE4129 4x12 rear loaded with cast frame 50 watt Heavy Duty Purple Back Fanes. Untouched inside and out. 200 watts at 16 Ohms. Blue wiring. Speakers have Green Dot stickers with 16 Ohm stamped on them and also Orange Dot stickers with nothing stamped on them. Speaker Serial No.s 122849. Date Stamped 24/77 Week 24, 1977. Also looks like it has Hi-Fi 6 stamped on each speaker chassis. Black heavy-weave grill cloth. Wheels and recessed plastic/metal carrying handles. Small cut-away slot/port at the base of rear panel.UK
7528SE320 Hylight 4x12, 200 W, 16 Ohm, rear loaded, white jack, black grille, no logo, initials:SS/BS; purple back - pressed steel frame Fanes with 'whizzer cones', 122229, 15 Ohm, 24/77, original cone code: 6442 (reconed by Wembley Loudspeaker, London/England)DE
7592SE4122 Hylight 4x12 Black grill cloth. Handle bars replaced with Marshall replacement type. No speakers. Holes for casters.DE
7600SE4122 Hylight 4x12 Black Grill. Speaker Codes: 122142 29/77DE
7608SE4122 Hylight 4x12DE
7615SE4123 Hylight 4x12 has mismatched speakeers, dating 72 and 74. two 122231 and tw0 122141. two have black plastic covers, 2 have silverIT
7697SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Original Fane speakers with bell coversCA
7699SE4123 Hylight 4x12, 100WCA
7700other Biacrown other SE212S 2x12 150w 16 ohms. Custom built, one of a pair. Model shows as SE212, the S being slightly apart. S for specialGrill cloth is a variation seen on other 4x12s, similar to Sound City cloth. 2 sockets on rear, short trailing lead coming out of top socket surround apparently for optional horn!UK
7701other Biacrown other SE212S 2x12 150w 16 ohms. Custom built, one of a pair. Model shows as SE212, the S being slightly apart. S for specialGrill cloth is a variation seen on other 4x12s, similar to Sound City cloth. 2 sockets on rear, short trailing lead coming out of top socket surround apparently for optional horn!UK
7707SE4123 Hylight 4x12, 3 stamped frame Fanes, one Celestion, black grille,second jack added for stereo hookupCA
7709SE4122 Hylight 4x12, 150w rated, 4 50w Fanes stamped 44/77, black grill clothSK
7710SE4122 Hylight 4x12CA
7723SE4122 Hylight 4x12FR
7788SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Purple Fanes. Black grill cloth. All originalUS
7806SExxxx other 4x12 cabinetRU
7871SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Purple Fane speakers, black grill. Now paired with DR105 serial number 11744.CA
7867SE4123 Hylight 4x12CA
7874SE4123 Hylight 4x12, 100w, purple back fanesCA
7876other Hylight 4x12 I"ve had the box for around 25 years. I bought it 2nd hand. It has the Hylight id plate but the only identifiable numerics are the s/n.AU
7891SE4123 Hylight 4x12AU
7907SE4123 Hylight 4x12 100W rating, purple Fanes with black magnet covers, painted black grille, metal side handlesAU
7915SE4122 Hylight 4x12 AU
7917SE4122 Hylight 4x12AU
7923SE4123 Hylight 4x12US
7968SE4123 Hylight 4x12, 100W, Fanes w/ black magnet covers, black grille,metal handlesUS
7996SE4123 Hylight 4x12, stamped frame Fanes w/ black magnet covers, black grille,excellent physical conditionUS
8031SE4123 Hylight 4x12 100 watts 16ohm stamped frame Fanes. painted black grille cloth. formerly Jesse Valenzuelas of the Gin Blossoms. This is the one that sounds so good at the Conventions!US
8033SE4123 Hylight 4x12US
8049SE4122 Hylight 4x12 SE-4122, Original Fanes Model 122142 - 150w - Mint ConditionCA
8104SE320 Hylight 4x12 Non original speakers. Black grill but not the plastic type. Same material as early S/P cabs.US
8105SE4123 Hylight 4x12 rear loaded with Fane 125155 drivers. Painted black cane basketweave grille clothUS
8106SE4123 Hylight 4x12 rear loaded with pressed frame Fane 125155 drivers. black painted cane basketweave grill clothUS
8120SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Black Grill, Rear mounted Purple FanesUS
8128SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Black Grill with 4 original unlabeled 125155 Fane 60 watt speakers. Cab says 100 watts, 16 ohms. Has Marshall style handles-black with metal polished metal handle.US
8146SE320 Hylight 4x12, center-ported full-range cabinetEN
8232SE4123 Hylight 4x12, black grill cloth, stamped frame FanesCA
8252SE412* Hylight 4x12, black grill cloth, speakers rear mountedUS
8160SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Large white dust cover in centre of all four speakers. All black nylon grill cloth. Handles are black plastic brackets measuring 6.5 X 6.5 square with a spherical relief in the hand well and are attached with black countersunk Phillips screws. Handle houses 1 X 5 aluminium round hand holds . White piping with black Panama tolex. Hiwatt logo measures 8 1/8 X 1 3/4 and logo is attached by two Aluminum rivets.CA
8263SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Rear loaded, rear slot port, recessed plastic/metal handles, original stamped frame Fane 125114 speakers with matching 32/78 date codes missing magnet covers, one has been reconed,later-style black grill cloth.US
8269SE4123 Hylight 4x12US
8273SE4123 US
8289SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Original Fanes, per previous ownerUS
8329SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Black fronted one.DE
8336SE4123 Hylight 4x12 100 W, 16 OhmsDE
8376SE4122 Hylight 4x12 Hylight SE4122 4x12, front loaded, original stamped frame Fane 122142 speakers with matching 10/79 date codes. Cabinet rated at 150 watts.US
8377SE4122 Hylight 4x12 Front loaded 4x12 16 ohms, 122142 speakers with white/silverGE
8447SE4122 Hylight 4x12CH
8455SE4122 Hylight 4x12EN
8467SE4122 Hylight 4x12, black grille, front open.FR
8491SE320 Hylight 4x12 2 original Fane 125377 speakers, with whizzer cones.FR
8514SE4123 Hylight 4x12UK
8527SE4123 Hylight 4x12UK
8561SE4123 Hylight 4x12 CAME WITH DR505 SER No. 11756CA
8570SE4123 Hylight 4x12 4x12 original Fane speakers,black grill.CA
8577SE4123 Hylight 4x12, Havent pulled the speakers yet, 100watt 16ohmCA
8592SE4129 Hylight 4x12 Fane cast frame speakersBE
8597SE4129 Hylight 4x12 4x Celestion G12H GreenbacksBE
8658SE4123 Hylight 4x12, no brand markings on speakers, simply black frames,no badges or tags.US
8663SE4123 Hylight 4x12, stamped frame front-mounted Fanes, black grilleUS
8697SE4123 Hylight 4 X 12, front loaded cab, salt & pepper grille, 4x Sound City POWER speakers.US
8708SE4123 Hylight 4x12, stamped frame front-mounted FanesUS
8725SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Black grill cloth, front loaded Fane 125155FR
8733SE4123 Hylight 4x12 FR
8761SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Fully restored Front loaded cabinet. New black basketweave tolex, white piping, new grill and cloth SP added, new Fane Medusa 150Cs installed.US
8764SE4123 Hylight 4 X 12, front loaded cab, circa 1978-1979.US
8791SE4123 Hylight 4x12, front loaded, all matching #s, stamped frame Fanes,numbers 48019 and 125 155. Bottom speakers have orange dot stickers on them. Has one mod, the previous owner added a toggle switch to shift between all 4 speakers at 16 ohms, as original, and only the top 2 speakers at 8 ohms.US
8799SE4123 Hylight 4x12US
8804SE4123 Hylight 4x12, black grill cloth, front loaded stamped frame maroon labeled Fanes stamped 38019 and 125155US
8816SE4123 Purchased from Guitar Center Detroit back on July 30, 1998. Has the thin black see through grill cloth instead of the black spray painted salt and pepper grill cloth. The name Kurt Walker was scratched on the serial number plate. The cabinet is loaded with Celestion G12T-75 Speakers. The date code on 2 of the Celestions are EX4 May 4, 1989. The original speakers did not come with the cabinet.US
8823SE4123 Hylight 4x12US
8824SE4123 Hylight 4x12 100 watts/16 ohm 4x12 cab. black grille/hiwatt logo badge. front loaded w/ port holes on baffle. has 4 125 155 purple back Hiwatt speakers, black cast frames w/276 cones.US
8839SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Hylight AP 100 4x12 Cabinet purchased from a friend. Unsure where he got it. It contains 4 Rola Celestion G12-65s I'm assuming these are not the original speakers They're front mounted with metal clips. Front baffle is ported.US
8870SE4123 Hylight 4x12 FANE loudpeakersFR
8888SE4123 Hylight 4x12 front loaded cab with ported baffle, type AP 100 watts,16 ohms,loaded with 4 purple black frames hiwatt fanes.s/n 125155 30037CA
8905SE4123 Hylight 4x12 type: AP, 4-Fane 125155 front loaded speakers, front removable grillUS
8907SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Original Fane Purple back speakers. 125155 speaker code. Front loaded,Black grill cloth.CA
8919SE4123 Hylight 4x12, Fanes, big plastic handles, front loaded, black grill,front ported, original speakers missing.US
8930SE4123 Hylight 4x12, Fanes, big plastic handles, front loaded, black grill,front ported.US
8940SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Fanes, big plastic handles, front loaded, black grillAT
8945SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Purchased today, March 26 2012 from Motor City Guitar in Metro Detroit area Michigan for $375. Cab is in great shape, usual wear from years of use. Original Fane speakers, casters added, has plastic grab handles.US
8958SE320 Hylight purple back, came with tin frame fanes with silver painted treble cones stamped 380 46 and 125377 top speakers now replaced with 50W cast frame Sound City Fanes from SC cabinet, black grilleDE
8969SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Hylight 4x12 front loaded cab, type AP 100 watts,16 ohms,loaded with 4 purple black frames hiwatt fanes.s/n 125155 30037HU
9025SE4123 Hylight 4x12CA
9027SE4123 Hylight 4x12NL
9036SE4123 Hylight 4x12, black grill cloth, front-mounted stamped-frame Fanes w/gray dust capsCA
9035SE4123 Hylight 4x12 I bought this 4x12 second hand and apparently 1 of the original speakers was replaced with a Celestion.CA
9040SE4123 Hylight 4x12, has Fanes, front loaded, and has 4 ports in the front,grill can come off.CA
9042SE4122 Hylight 4x12, 150WCA
9044SE4122 Hylight 4x12 4 original fanes, front loaded speakers.CA
9049SE4123 Biacrown 4x12, black grill cloth, original Fanes, gigged a lot but sounds awesomeUS
9055SE4122 Biacrown 4x12CA
9065SE4123? Biacrown other Bought this cab off a someone who bought several unloaded in the early 80s. They were originally commissioned for Neil Schon. It is identical to my other SE4123F from this era but obviously didnt come with original speakers. No type, model number, rating or impedance listed on serial plate - only serial number. I believe this is an SE4123 as it is nearly identical to another Hiwatt cabinet I own. Loaded with 4x 'Avatar by Fane' M65 16 ohm speakers. Casters have been added. Metal handles. Jack cup is riveted in place. No pull tab for grille.US
9103SE4123 Biacrown 4x12, original Fanes, 16 ohmUS
9105SE4122 Biacrown 4x12 150 watts, 16 ohm, front ported, grill w/ removable frame,black frame FanesUK
9208SE4123 Biacrown 4x12CA
9273SE4123 Biacrown 4x12 Front Loaded. Rating on cabinet says 100 watts, 16 ohms, Type: AP. Speakers look identical to Sterling era brochure, stamped 125593, 14683. No way these are 25 watt speakers. Played them for years and can handle much more power. I wish I knew the modern equivalent for my other Biacrown era 4x12. US
9287SE4123F Biacrown 4x12 100 watts, 16 ohm black grill w/ removable frame,factory late style cast Fanes (125593) date code 1383US
9331SE4123 Biacrown 4x12 Front loaded with black grille. Celestions G12M70s installed by store that sold cab new.US
9345SE4123 Biacrown 4x12 Front loaded, black grille, Celestion G12-80sUS
9346SE4123 Biacrown 4x12 Front loaded with black grille. Celestions G12M70s installed by store that sold cab new.US
9357SE4123 Biacrown 4x12, 100w, black removable grille, front loaded black cast aluminum Fanes, all original, never reconed, very clean. Stamped codes on frame: 125593 - 12183, clean tolex, no parts missing, wheel casters added by the previous owner. Speakers Made in England, Batley West Yorks. Black and grey stickers in back of the huge ceramic or ferrite magnets.CA
9363SE4123 Biacrown 4x12 Loaded with Celestion G12M-70 which I believe are original to the cabinet. Owned this cab and my DR103 for 20 years now.CA
9367SE4123 Biacrown 4x12BR
9373SE4123 US
9378SE4123 Biacrown 4x12, Two G12M-70 and two G12T-75 Celestions, spray-painted goldUS
9400SE4123F Biacrown 4x12, speakers are black cast-frame FANEs with a silver and black decal on the back that says 'FANE ACOUSTICS LTD, BATLEY WEST YORKS, MADE IN ENGLAND.' All speakers are model 125593. The speakers also have the following 5-digit codes: two have 33683, one has 13383, and one has 33483.US
9425SE4123 Biacrown 4x12 The model on the back plate states this as an SE-4123F. Front loaded, cabinet and tolex in excellent condition, all original.US
9485SE4122C Biacrown 4x12 CabinetUS
9556SE4123 Biacrown 4x12, 100w, black grill cloth, had Celestion V30s, now has FanesUS
9589SE4122 Hylight 4x12 AP
9703SE4123 Hylight 4x12US
9721SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Has Celestion 1983 dated G12M-70’sUS
9726SE4123C Biacrown 4x12 SE4123C Celestion 85s. Black grill.US
9746SE4123 Hylight other Hylight SN plate. Bought empty from California. Front load, black grill cloth. Now 2x Cast Fane 122231 and 2 Earth Sounds Research.CA
9748SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Black grill cloth, ported front baffle, tag says Type: AP, 100 watt cab, 16 ohm but has four 16ohm Celestion G12K85s which are 100w each so they may not be original.UK
9760SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Black grill clothUS
9782SE4123 Hylight 4x12CA
9783SE4123 Hylight 4x12US
9808SE4123 Hylight 4x12, Purple FanesUS
9809SE4123 Hylight 4x12 Purchased in 2012. Black Grill. Loaded with Celestion G12K-85US
9837SE4123 Hylight 4x12, 100 watts, front loaded, round ports, odd cast-frame Fanes with silver domesUS
9790SE4123 Hylight 4x12CA
9797SE4123 Hylight 4x12, loaded with Celestion G12M-70 which may not be original.CA
10158SSE 412C Biacrown 4x12, 100w, black grill cloth, front-mounted speakers, jack plate replaced with some diamond plateUS
1337LS412 Sterling Inports 4x12, 300wUS
1575LS412 Sterling Inports 4x12 300W/16 Ohm Made In England Spk:Legend 75W/16ohmJP
10600LS412 Sterling Inports 4x12, 300 watt/ 16 ohm cab.US
19159other 4x12 speaker cabinet 4x celestion g12h 25w 15 ohmCH
30563SA412 4x12 UK
31915LS412 LS412 - 4 x 12 Speaker Cab. Straight Front, Black grille, HIWATT Legend 75 watt Speakers, 300 watts, Front mounted w/clamps. Made in England.US
31396LS412 LS412 4x12 16ohm, front loaded with England Greenbacks, some wear on tolex but front grill and badge in nice shapeUS
32195LS412 LS412 - 4 x 12 Speaker Cab. Straight Front, Black grille, HIWATT Legend 75 watt Speakers, 300 watts, Front mounted w/clamps. Made in England.US
32196other other other LS-412 80s style black grill, front-loaded Hiwatt Legend 75w 16 ohm speakers w/clamps.US
1051002LS412 Sterling Inports LS412 4x12US
039-0606SE410115 The code is SE410115 and the serial starts with 034 or 9, it is hard to tell as it is scribbled with a pen.US
88659SE4123 other 4x12US
AB0429Audio Brothers SA210 Audio Brothers SA210, Type LG, single input. Hiwatt speakers by Fane dated 13 Dec 1995UK
001884SE 2121F 150 watt 8 ohmsGR
B11143SE4123 other 4x12UK
C0073SE4123 Audio Brothers 4x12 EN
C0183SE4123 Audio Brothers 4x12, 300W, Fane speakers.BE
C0208SE4123 Audio Brothers 4x12, Fane speakers.CA
C0214SE4123 other Audio Brothers 4x12, Plate says Hiwatt Loudspeaker made in Northhamptonshire England by: The Audio BrothersUK
C0257SE4123 AB 4x12 Made in Northampshire ,England by AUDIO BROTHERS. FANE 12inch Speaker×4. 300W 16Ω, white grille, one input.JP
C0260SE4123 Hiwatt Audio Brothers 4x12, the plate says Made in Northamptonshire England by The Audio BrothersIT
C0269SE4123 Hiwatt Audio Brothers 4x12 manf. in 2000, replaced 75W stamped Fanes with 73 vintage 122142 cast frame 50W Purple Label Hiwatt Fanes 17000 flux density that were purchased on ebay in 2003, pulls from a trashed Hiwatt 4x12US
C0278SE4123 Hiwatt Audio Brothers 4x12 UK
C5446ASE2120 Hiwatt Doncaster 2x12 UK
C5516ASE4123 Hiwatt Doncaster 4x12 Four Fane purple Speakers, 16 Ohm, 300 watt, excellent conditionCA
C5661SE4123 Hiwatt Doncaster 4x12, Fane speakers, made in EnglandCA
C5884ASE4123 Hiwatt Doncaster 4x12PL
DO811SE4123 Hiwatt Doncaster 4x12UK
D4188SE2121 Hiwatt Doncaster 2x12US
D16061SE4129 Hiwatt Doncaster 4x12, custom Ordered 2016. Fane loaded. Mono/stereo input.NO
O1793SE4123 Hiwatt Doncaster 4x12 Just bought 8/2013 little used cabUK
P11525SE4123 Hylight 4x12PT
S719SE4121 Hylight 4x12 50 Watt, 16 Ohms, Fanes, Type AF, grey brown mesh in front,cut out handles aside, black round jack in at rear, killer sound deep solidAT
W11667SE4123 other 4x12BR
x5091SE4123 other 4x12EN
y13767other other 2x12 UK
(411 entries.)

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