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Later Hylight Amps

(S/N 10000+)

Last updated April 3, 2024
S/N Model Notes Loc.
10001DR103 Hylight 4-inputIT
10015DR103 Hylight 4-inputDE
10034DR103 Hylight 4-input all original except one cap, back panel missing, excellent condition, Partridge transformers TG5479/H6039K, TG9302/H6038J, 4 Mullard preamp tubes, 3 gray and 1 green cap, 2 white output jacks, brown selector rings, gold-tone chassis.SR
10040DR103 Hylight 4-input 4 inputs, dated 25/10/76, all original electronics except a few caps. Original Partridge transformers. Signed by David Reeves and Harry Joyce.BE
10044DR103 Hylight 4-inputAP
10049DR103 Hylight 4-inputIT
10053DR103 Hylight 4-input, tubes have been replaced, otherwise original - great, original condition.DE
10064SA212 Hylight 4-inputDE
10069SA212R Hylight 4-inputFR
10072DR201 6-EL34 Hylight 4-inputFR
10092DR504 Hylight 4-input HJ and Harry Joyce on chassis. Brown selector scales, IEC mains socketDE
10101DR103 Hylight 4-input marked H.J - N 026, Walton. Test sticker dated 11/11/76, initials DR, Partridge transformersDE
10111DR103 Hylight 4-input Custom 100 4 Input, all original. Mullard xf4, Mullard ECC81 in PI, Partridge open frames TG5479/H6039K, TG9302/H6038K, all RS filter caps, IEC mains. Chassis marked H.J. Harry Joyce - E.F. - N 025, Walton. Test sticker dated 12/12/76 initials DR - was in SwitzerlandUS
10119DR201 6-EL34 Hylight 4-input Transformers by Partridge, -orig. Bulgin-Plug changed to IEC, but kept in store, proofed with oszillograph, all in best condition, custom built in Kingston 1977DE
10136DR504 Hylight 4-input, Partridges, white output jacks, IEC, mid-70s ckt, 2 caps replaced, brown selector rings on backUS
10138DR103 Hylight 4-input Custom 100 4 Input. All original. No Mods. Serial plate right centre. Partridge open frames Trans TG 5479/ H3796A. TG 9302/H3795H. 4 Mullard Preamps, Holes for 6 preamps on chassis.3 Grey RS Caps P74.25. 1 Green Plessey Cap. 2 White output Jacks. Translucent Red paint dots on all Pots/components/solder. Test Sticker on side chassis 12/11/76 initials D.FUK
10145DR105 Hylight 2-input, very good condistion, toggle switch added to frontCA?
10150DR105 Hylight 2-inputCA
10151DR105 Hylight 2-inputCA
10155DR103 Hylight 4-inputFR
10165DR505 Hylight 2-input, back plate gone , reported to be formerly used by Barny Bentall band.Effects loop now removed.CA
10168DR505 Hylight 2-input, Partridges, IEC, no voltage selector, odd extra jacks added to bracket in rear.CA
10183DR103 Hylight 4-input SE
10184DR103 Hylight 4-inputUK
10188DR103 Hylight 4-input US
10207DR201 6-EL34 Hylight 4-input Partridges with black sticker, modified to take six 6550s, Bulgin style power socket has been replaced with modern IEC socket, one of the previous owners added a bias pot on the inside.CA
10214DR103 Hylight 4-inputUS
10227DR103 Hylight 4-inputDE
10261DR103 Hylight 4-inputUS
10265DR203 6-EL34 Hylight 6-input PA 6-input, Partridge transformers: TG9424 H5570K and TH5227L H5571L. 11.01.77 D.F.Doug Fentiman. P.T.DE
10269DR504 Hylight 4-input, Partridge transformers: TG6507 H6161K and TG6556/2 H6162K. RS blue and Plessy green cap cans. Effects loop mod. Harry Joyce name on chassis, as well as Walton.US
10270DR504 Hylight 4-input Hylight 4-input, Partridge transformers: TG6507 H6161K and TG6556/2 H6162K. Effects loop mod. Caps recently replaced with JJs, Harry Joyce name and initials on chassis, as well as Walton. Tested 10/1/77 Initials: D.R.US
10275DR505 Hylight 2-input Hiwatt Custom 50 for Canada 2-input, vertical input, normal/brilliant, Partridge transformers, Big Square Light, I think this is non-standard Canadian ModCA
10277DR505 Hylight 2-input All original. Signed by HarryJoyce on chassisCA
10279DR505 Hylight 2-input Partridge transformers. This did not have the CA Mod. Not clear if it was unmodded or the mod was never done. Bias dial was installed by some previous owner.US
10280DR505 Hylight 2-inputCA
10283DR105 Hylight 2-input, all original, tested 27/1/1977 D.F., mint condition, Partridge black sticker TG9302, H6038L, H6501L PT and TG5479, H6039L, H6502L OT, CA Hydro sticker, no voltage selector from factory, white output jacks, brown imp. sel. ring, cap has 76-40 date code, toggles, turrets, paid 2500$ Canadian 3/2010CA
10285DR105 Hylight 2-inputCA
10286DR105 Hylight 2-input Hylight 2-input Canadian, Harry Joyce, Laney power transformer in place damaged Partridge still has original Partridge output transformer TG 5479US
10297DR505 Hylight 2-input 2 input, H.J. Harry Joyce -E.F. Canada written in blue marker on chassis, Partridge transformer TH6504, round red light, back panel was painted silver, fair shape, sounds great. US
10291DR505 Hylight 2-inputUS
10294DR505 Hylight 2-input I have owned this since 1987. Purchased used from Long and Mcquade in Toronto.CA
10327DR103 Hylight 4-input, Purchased new in the USA in 1973 I think.US
10343DR504 Hylight 4-input Chassis signatures: top fold H.J. Harry Joyce A.B. France. 012 bottom fold Walton. Green Test Tag dated Feb 15, 1977, initialed DR and overwritten with large S.US
10346DR504 Hylight 4-input Dated 15/2/77 by DR, written with blue marker: Frontside from left: H.J. - HARRY JOICE - A.B. - FRANCE - F and backsite: WALTON. All original except the tubes, Partridge TrafosCH
10351DR105 Hylight 2-input Has Death Milita stenciled on the bottom.CA
10361DR504 Hylight 4-input Date found on caps : 1977-06FR
10369DR504 Hylight 4-input, Harry Joyce blue pen, has small date sticker on side 15/2/77US
10377DR103 Hylight 4-input, almost all original (incl. caps), mid-70s preamp, Partridge TG5479,H6039L and TG9302,H6038L, screens resistors replaced with 1k/5w cement units, white output jacksUS
10382DR103 Hylight 4-inputUK
10387DR103 Hylight 4-input, Partridge transformers, all-original including can caps, factory IEC power, brown selector legends, white output jacksUS
10399DR103 Hylight 4-input, I bought this amp off of eBay Feb. 7 09 from a guy in NYC. I'm the second owner of this amp. The original owner bought it in SF.US
10401DR103 Hylight 4-input, open frame Partridges, white output jacks, IEC, brown selector rings.US
10420DR112 Hylight 6-input PA Inspection date sticker: 16/2/77. Purchased in Dublin, sounds incredible.US
10426DR201 6-EL34 Hylight 4-input, Bulgin, 4 output speaker jack set up, partridge TG9424/H5570K mains transformer, Partridge TH5227/H5571L output transformerUS
10428DR105 Hylight 2-input Dated to 1977 manufacturing. Harry Joyce name appears inside.CA
10429DR105 Hylight 2-inputCA
10430DR105 Hylight 2-input, turrets, Partridge TG9302,H6038L TG5479,H6039L, chassis says "Harry Joyce A.B. Canada"CA
10452DR505 Hylight 4-input 100 original. Sounds Great. Chassis signed Joyce and WaltonUN
10455DR505 Hylight 2-input Harry Joyce written on chassis. Was heavily modified and then returned to stock with Heyboer Partridge clone transformers.US
10468DR504 Hylight 4-inputFR
10482DR103 Hylight 4-input, tested label 77, chrome switches, Partridge transformers, Four EGRO hifi power tubes, white plastic Speaker Out jacks on the back, One black and metal 'Slave Out' jack on the back, probably not original, Bottomside has a sprayed print 'Challenger' wich was a German group, i think. Is still in very clean condition and looks as new, I guess I'm the third owner.BE
10484DR103 Hylight 4-input, open-frame Partridges, serial plate right of center, factory IEC mainsUK
10487DR103 Hylight 4-input, looks perfectDE
10496DR504 Hylight 4-input, open-frame Partridges, serial plate right of center, factory IEC mainsUK
10508DR103 Hylight 4-input, , open-frame Partridges, hole drilled in back panel, significant rework, insp. 21/3/77US
10527DR201 6-EL34 Hylight 4-inputDE
10528DR201 6-EL34 Hylight 4-input Used by Noddy Holder of UK group SLADE, a 2nd on-stage amp as a spare in his his main amp failed. No external mods, resistor placed across the speaker outs internally to enable it to be powered up with no cabs attached until as or when it was needed.UK
10536DR405 Hylight 4-inputDE
10541DR504 Hylight 2-inputFR
10558DR103 Hylight 4-input, original IEC, open frame Partridges, tested 21/3/77, hole in S/N plate, mods & repairs, bias adj. added, fuse holders -> circuit breakers, brown sel. rings, white output jacksUS
10567SA212R Hylight 4-input, Tremelo/reverb SA212R bought second hand in 1985. Odd thing is the TYPE - COM as opposed to the usual AP on the serial tag.IT
10569SA212 Hylight 4-input, stamped frame Fanes date 13th week 1977, original Partridge transformers: TG6507 and TG6556/2US
10573DR103 Hylight 4-inputUK
10574DR103 Hylight 4-input Very good condition- used as bass amp on tour all the time!DE
10576DR103 Hylight 4-inputFR
10581DR103 Hylight 4-input all original, TG5479/H6039B OT, TG9302/H6038B PT, 7705 cap date codePL
10585DR103 Hylight 4-input EL34s changed for first time in 2022, caps replaced at same time.FR
10596DR103 Hylight 4-inputDE
10609DR103 Hylight 4-input 1977 all original apart from one cap change in 1979. Mix of Mullard and Marshall EL34s pre amp valves all original. Currently driving 2 X SE4123 at volume!UK
10625DR504 Hylight 4-inputFR
10627DR504 Hylight 4-input PT changed for more HT, 6CA7 output for 80 watt rmsFR
10666DR103 Hylight 4-input (For sale as of 09/2007)UK
10667DR103 Hylight 4-input This DR -103 was found in mint condition,with original Mullard tubes from 77,it is the cleanest Hiwatt that I've ever seen, one in A thousand! I believe this amp has less than A 100 hours of playing time on it!US
10673DR103 Hylight 4-input Custom 100, Original exept for replacement Philips EL34 tubes, caps and mains toggle switch. No further mods. Serial plate right centre. Partridge open frame transformers, one readable TG 5479/ H60390. 4 Mullard Preamps. 2 White output Jacks. Harry Joyce name on chassis. Still kicks ass!NL
10682DR103 Hylight 4-inputUS
10688DR103 Hylight 4-input, modified for Swedish market: no voltage selector (fixed to 220V) , only one speaker connector, fuses added on the inside for the filaments and three fuses that can be replaced from the outside. 160mA, 500mA and 1,25A. SE
10694DR112 Hylight 6-input PA Sticker in side of chassis tested date 19/9/77? initials MG? Green cap can in side of chassis with numbers 76-40 and in the middle of chassis green cap can with numbers 77-17FI
10713DR103 Hylight 4-input, mid-70s preamp, Partridges, IEC, white output jacksUS
10723DR103 Hylight 4-inputUS
10724DR103 Hylight 4-input Harry Joyce signature on chassis. 1977. All original except filtering caps. Partridge transformers. IEC socket. White output sockets. Excellent condition.US
10726DR103 Hylight 4-inputUS
10754DR504 Hylight 4-input, Partridge TG6507,H6468B and TG6556/2,H6469BUS
10758DR505 Hylight 2-input Canadian gain mod reversed. Bias pot added. Non-original tubes, indicator lamp, heat shield, caps back panel. Harry Joyce Canada signature on chassis is crossed out with Bob Dickson quantum leap in black felt. Otherwise in good condition and still rockin.CA
10768DR505 Hylight 2-input, No voltage selector, chassis is not punched for it, Partidge transformaers with end bellsCA
10802DR105 Hylight 2-input with matching Hiwatt 4x12 cabinet CA
10821DR103 Hylight 4-inputIT
10826DR103 Hylight 4-input, originally purchased at Servaas Muziekhandel B.V., The Hague, The Netherlands. Rarely used by the original owner, in extremely good condition with all original Partridge transformers, Mullard preamp and Brimar power tubes. One of the speaker jacks is cracked but still functions perfectly. No modifications have been made to the amp and it has been only opened for dusting/cleaning and examination.US
10833DR504 Hylight 4-input, Harry Joyce wired - all original - untouched inside - original Mullard tubes, Tested Label - 17/5/77 DPUS
10834DR504 Hylight 4-input, transformer-Partridge T66557/2,H6469DUS
10836DR504 Hylight 4-inputUS
10844DR504 Hylight 4-inputFR
10848DR504 Hylight 4-input, Mullard Inside, Partridge TG6507/TG6556FR
10854STA200 Hylight 200-watt slave, turrets, Partridges, OT TG7239, H8386J PT TG9424,H5570L, Choke TG7240, H5572W?, very good conditionFR
10905STA200 6-EL34 Hylight 200-watt slave, January 25th 1977 on the test sticker.AT
10907DR103 Hylight 4-input Partridge TG5479/TG9302, tested sticker 31/5/77 DR, rectangular pilot light, adjustable bias modFI
10914DR103 Hylight 4-input, Date code from cap can: 77.06FI
10922DR103 Hylight 4-inputDE
10930DR103 Hylight 4-input 4 input, tested sticker signed by DR 6/77, original Partridge transformers, white output sockets, DI out added.DE
10933DR103 Hylight 4-input 4 inputIT
10934DR103 Hylight 4-inputUS
10941DR201 6-EL34 Hylight 4-input AP
10961DR103 Hylight 4-input Partridges, IEC, a little roughUS
11001DR103 Hylight 4-inputDE
11012DR103 Hylight 4-input DE
11019DR504 Hylight 4-inputDE
11020DR504 Hylight, 4-input, tested sticker 9/7/77, Partridge TG6507,H6468L and TG6556/2,H6471FSK
11021DR504 Hylight 4-input original 09/07/1977 (9 Jul)DE
11046DR201 6-EL34 Hylight 4-inputUS
11054DR504 Hylight 4-input CH
11066DR504 Hylight 4-input All Original!CH
11069DR504 Hylight 4-inputDE
11070DR504 Hylght 4-input, excellent condition, some pots replaced. I owned it since 1982/83, paid 750 German Marks for it, it still is in TOP ConditionDE
11073DR504 Hylight 4-input Teststicker says 10/8/77 by DR, all Plessey Caps dated 77-21, Partridgenumbers are TG6507 H7124H and TG6556/2 H7125H. Mullard Preamptubes and Phillips EL 34.DE
11086DR201 6-EL34 Hylight 4-inputSE
11087DR201 6xEL34 Hylight 4-input, turrets, Partridges: TH6500 OT, TH6499 PT, white output jacks, factory IEC??
11092DR505 Hylight 2-input CA
11106DR103 Hylight 4-inputCH
11133DR103 Hylight 4-input, Harry Joyce name on chassis, all original, Partridges, power changed from Bulgin to kettleIE
11148DR103 Hylight 4-input PartridgesDE
11149DR103 Hylight 4-input Tolex was removed on headshell. Now dark stained wood.DE
11173DR105 Hylight 2-input Harry Joyce on Chassis. Super mod has been done, ultra gain on Brill, quiet computer fan has been added to cool things down. Partridge Transformers. Plessey Capacitors. Tested by MG on Aug. 22, 1977.CA
11174DR105 Hylight 2-input Harry Joyce name on chassisUS
11185DR105 Hylight 2-inputCA
11201SA212 Hylight 4-input 50 watt combo, Partridges, 2 x 12 FanesSR
11205SA212 Hylight 4-input UK
11225DR504 Hylight 4-inputDE
11252DR505 Hylight 2-inputCA
11259DR505 Hylight 2-input, Partridges, IEC, white output jacksCA
11266DR505 Hylight 2-input Mint condition. All original hardware intact including partridge transformers.CA
11273DR505 Hylight 2-inputCA
11274DR505 Hylight 2-input Harry Joyce name on chassis, Partridges, IEC, white output jacks, re-capped, old mod removedUS
11305DR504 Hylight 4-input All original..I bought it from a guy in Rome Italy...US
11334DR103 Hylight 4-inputDE
11347DR103 Hylight 4-inputUK
11365DR103 Hylight 4-inputIT
11367DR504 Hylight 4-input, Very nice conditionDE
11375DR103 Hylight 2-input, Hylight 2-inputs, 1977, excellent condition except for a spray tag on the side of the tolex, one replaced tube socket, replaced tubes, partridge TG6507/TG6556, Harry Joyce name on chassisFR
11383DR103 Hylight 2-inputAR
11389DR103 Hylight 2-inputFR
11394DR103 Hylight 4-inputLO
11407DR105 Hylight 2-inputCA
11417DR105 Hylight 2-input Excellent condition, all originalCA
11431DR103 Hylight 4-inputFR
11448DR103 Hylight 2-input Replacement PTFR
11452DR103 Hylight 2-input Hylight 2-input, 1977, excellent condition, Partridge TG5479/H7123H ..TG6556/H7122H originals, IEC power cable input, left fuse is marked AC T2A and the right one HT T1A, insp. sticker 11/10/77BE
11453DR103 Hylight 2-input Custom HIWATT 100, modified by an earlier owner. There is a male XLR jack added to the front panel that is conected to the normal input jack via a transducer. Pin 1 and 3 are used. The transducer is packed in plastic and put into a metal-housing. The front label HIWATT is missing. There are still Mullard tubes inside, execept 1 the small P4. Wiring writing is Harry Joyce Europe Nina. The feet are also missing. The transformers are from Partridge.DE
11465DR103 Hylight 2-input Hylight 2-inputDE
11470other Hylight 2-input UK
11475DR505 Hylight 2-inputCA
11495DR103 Hylight 2-inputIT
11497DR103 Hylight 2-inputGE
11501DR103 Hylight 2-input completely original, except for the tubesDE
11523DR103 Hylight 2-inputCH
11528DR103 Hylight 2-inputFR
11534SA112 Hylight 2-inputUK
11583SA212 Hylight 2-input, black grillUK
11569DR103 Hylight 2-inputIT
11591DR504 Hylight 2-inputFR
11596DR504 Hylight 2-input absolutely original. I'm the second owner, over 30 years.DE
11601DR103 Hylight 2-input Definitely a 103 but the serial number plate says DR504! Transformers TG9302/H7122J and TG5479/H7123J. Cap dates 77/10, 77/39, 77/21. Test date 23/11/77 by MG. AE chalked inside head box. Harry Joyce signed and Sue ?UK
11612DR201 Hylight 4-input 6-EL34, very clean, Partridge TH6500 OT and TH6499 PT, smaller Piher pots??
11633SA212 Hylight 4-input Black grill, 50 wattGR
11649DR103 Hylight 2-input All Original except Tubes.CH
11685SA112 Hylight 2-input Built on spec in England in 1979 and shipped to Canada. It has a custom 100 watt front end and an AL112 ATC speaker speaker. Partridge transformers TH7551 and TH7550. Two 6CA7 and 4 12AX7 tubes.CA
11692SA112 Hylight 2-input 1977, w/original 12 Fane #122440 Aluminium dustcap.CA
11700DR505 Hylight 2-input, Sticker that indicates tested 24/11/77,initialed by DR, Partridge transformers TH7550, TH7551, no voltage selection straight 110V.CA
11703DR505 Hylight 2-input - later plate s/n plate, Master Vol. pot date code: 75/39, Partridge Transformers: TH7550/TH7551, TESTED sticker on chassis reads DATE 29/11/77 INITIALS DR - green letters, blue ink on white sticker, white speaker o/p jacks say A CLIFF PRODUCT ENGLAND, black i/p jacks say A CLIFF PRODUCT ENGLAND, Cap Can date code: 77-42CA
11705DR505 Hylight 2-inputCA
11708DR505 Hylight 4-inputCA
11710DR505 Hylight 2-input I support this amp for a friend and it is nearly identical to my 1977 s/n 11778. This amp has toured and is reflected in physical appearance. PT cooked and has been replaced. Fresh Cap Kit just installed Feb 2015. Original caps were sticker dated in months of 1977. Many hours spent cleaning up chassis and previous hacks work to return wiring to Mil Spec standards. This amp is now ready for its second life. Will install an adjustable bias mod next week and try a few different brand output tubes. This amp has the Canadian Mod which will be undone and possibly redone depending which tone the owner prefers after some testing. This amp is chassis sticker hand dated Nov 1977 with written initials MG.CA
11712DR505 Hylight 2-input Original Partridge PT/OT, \Canadian importer\ gain mod, cleanly done adjustable bias mod, polarity switch mod, very clean inside and out.US
11715SA112 Hylight 2-inputCA
11716SA112 Hylight 2-inputCA
11717SA112 Hylight 2-input, Partridges, original Fane cast frame speaker, inspection sticker on chassis reads Dec. 77.CA
11718SA112 Hylight 2-input, cap cans - E7739, tested - June 6 1977, on page 5 of 78 catalogueCA
11732DR201 6-EL34 Hylight 4-input, Replaced Power xfmr -- Drake now installed.US
11738DR105 Hylight 4-input Still in very good condition and never roaded...CA
11742DR105 Hylight 2-input This amp was my brother Andy Gateys. Andy passed away a couple years ago, his wife passed it on to me.CA
11744DR105 Hylight 2-input Canadian mod has been reset. Have owned the amp since 1982 making the amp 5 years old at the time.CA
11754DR505 Hylight 2-input Partridge transformers,voltage selector,square power lamp, bought for 400 USD in 1990CA
11756DR505 Hylight 4-inputCA
11758DR505 Hylight 2-input, Partridges, Canadian power mod and input modCA
11760DR505 Hylight 2-input Excellent amp, marker on back suggests the power was changed. Road worn but much loved.US
11770DR505 Hylight 2-inputCA
11771DR505 Hylight 2-input, Brilliant input/volume act as a master volume setup, Tested tag reads 12/12/77/MGUS
11773DR505 Hylight 2-inputUS
11778DR505 Hylight 2-input I bought this amp used and in mint condition in 1984 for $500. Still have it and still love it. I am an electronic engineer and have serviced several Hiwatts over the years and exude every effort to maintain their high build quality as close to OEM as possible. This one had the Canadian Mod which I un-modded and returned to Dave Reeves original design. This amp is chassis sticker hand dated Dec 1977.CA
11783DR103 Hylight 2-inputFR
11787DR103 Hylight 2-inputFR
11789DR103 Hylight 2-inputFR
11807DR103 Hylight 2-input Partridge Transformer Codes: TG9302 H7122L TG5479 H7123L Tested 20/11/77 by MGDE
11810DR103 Hylight 2-input Sounds like new. Used it now over 25 years - really the best of British quality goods !DE
11816DR504 Hylight 2-inputFR
11822DR505 Hylight 2-inputCA
11823DR505 Hylight 2-inputCA
11829DR105 Hylight 2-input 100 watt all original Canadian import model with theCA
11838DR505 Hylight 2-input, Turrets, Canadian importer V1 mod, cube indicator light, bat switchesUS
11842DR505 Hylight 2-input Mint Condition 1977 Canadian version with metal Mains and Standby switches. Mint condition, 9/10. I bought the amp from the 3rd owner in 2019 and it came with an ATA case that the original owner kept the amp in since new. The amp was originally purchased from Axis Music in Burnaby BC Canada in 1977. This amp is meticulously clean inside and out. It sounds incredible.CA
11848DR505 Hylight 2-input, turrets, Partridge TH7550, TH7551, IEC/voltage selector removed, Canadian importer preamp mod, output tube sockets and screen resistors replaced, adj. bias mod, bus wire soldered to back of all pots, 100R replaced with Hammond 194B choke!US
11851DR505 Hylight 2-input, turrets, Partridge TH7550, TH7551, Canadian IEC/voltage selector removed, Canadian importer preamp modUS
11853DR505 Hylight 2-input US
11856DR105 Hylight 4-inputUS
11859DR505 Hylight 2-inputCA
11869DR103 Hylight 2-input, all originalDE
11871DR103 Hylight 2-input all originalDE
11874DR504 Hylight 2-inputNL
11886DR504 Hylight 2-inputCH
11905DR504 Hylight 2-input, 1978 sticker, all original, Partridge TG6507,H7124L and TG6556/2,H7125LFR
11939DR505 Hylight 2-input, ex Walter BeckerUS
11949DR103 Hylight 2-inputFR
11982DR103 Hylight 2-input Just bought it from the second owner. It still has the original Mullard tubes and is completely original. DE
11983DR103 Hylight 2-input, good condition: 8/10. No mods.SE
11995DR504 Hylight 2-input, Tested 20/1/78, Partridge TG6556/2 H7125H and TG6507 H7124H, originally sold in Wuppertal, carries KT88 tubes DC 7710, marked DF and Carol in the wooden housing with chalk, caps date codes 7721DE
Hylight 2-input, unusual chromed chassis and transformer bell ends, (supposed made for a NAMM show).IEC, square indicator, mostly original, all mustards, white output jacks, 1x12 combo cab, no speaker.US
12004DR504 Hylight 2-input All original.DE
12014DR103 Hylight 2-input Little bit tatty, replaced Power transformer Drake I believe..sounds greatIE
12015DR103 Hylight 2-inputUK
12030DR103 Hylight 4-inputUK
12034DR103 Hylight 2-inputDE
12046DR504 Hylight 2-inputIT
12050DR504 Hylight 2-input, I think it comes from LYON France, bought in the eighties with a Hiwatt 4X12 cab (but not original)FR
12055DR504 Hylight 2-inputUS
12070DR103 Hylight 2-input color black, very good conditions now used in a Pink Floyd tribute band www.thinkfloyd.it.IT
12074DR103 Hylight 2 input, Partridge TH 7548 PT, Partridge TH 7549 OT, Radiohm made in UK potentiometers, Normal Volume, Bright Volume, Bass, 470K Log B, Treble, Master Volume, 220K Lin A Middle, Presence, 100K Lin A, Type AP Model DR103 Serial 12074 Made in England by HYLIGHT ELECTRONICS HIWATT AMPLIFICATION LIMITED TESTED Date 14/2/78 the label is not clear Initials MC or ML.FR
12095 SA212 Hylight 4-input Celestion G12-70M speakers changed for pair of cast frame Fanes dated 1974.IE
12096SA212 Hylight 4-input 2x12 comboUS
12098DR103 Hylight 2-input, a bit ill at the moment: no more bassFR
12142FL112 Hylight 2-input, still has original Fane loudspeaker - but this has been repaired, one of the braided wires from terminal to cone became detached and the dome was replaced.AU
12168DR103 Hyight 2-input, internal sticker date 20/2/78. Has 'T.3.' and '6' stenciled on the side, and a Serial No. sticker inb the back that says HC 1874AU
12190DR103 Hylight 2-input Harry Joyce name on chassis, Sticker with date 28/2/78 inside the chassis. Partridges.FI
12193DR103 Hylight 2-input, Black label Partridges TH7548 and TH7549. Tested sticker date 1/2/78 initialled MC. Recapped 2011 with Jensens. Bias mod added. Factory IEC. White output jacks. Original slip cover.SE
12194SA112 Hylight 2-input, Internal Test label says 15/2/78, Internal components look intact. All solder points still with red paint on it. All original caps. Partrige transformers TH7550 and TH7551. Cabinet was replaced at some point with custom made one and speaker is probaly not original (Celestion G12K_85.) I tried to compare reamp turret layout with [images om Hiwatt.org] and it is not 100% the same as the 2-hole mid-70s DR504 schematics. It has additional capacitor on the last turret on the right.UK
12201DR504 Hylight 2-inputUN
12204DR504 Hylight 2-input, gold-colored chassis, factory IEC, white output jacks, Partridges w/end bells, odd replacement caps inside chassis.US
12222DR103 Hylight 2-inputCA
12229DR103 Hylight 2-inputAU
12235DR103 Hylight 2-input, factory IEC, S/N right, Partridges, brown sel. rings, white output jacks.DE
12240SA112 Hylight 2-input, 8 ohm 75/125 watt ATC speaker, model PA75-314, serial number 007450.UK
12245SA112 Hylight 2-inputDE
12267DR103 Hylight 2-input Belonged to Steve Dueker of the famous popealopes band. It was stolen out of my garage and then returned.UK
12286DR103 Hylight 2-input Tag says DR 103 yet the chassis is 50 Watts? Date Tagged on white sticker with green letters saying tested 13/3/78 Initials DR. A big S is written on the side of the chassis with a marker partially over the sticker. Partridge trans say TH7550 TH 7551. All parts say Made in UK including original Mullard pre-amp tubes. Not sure what to make of the Model # implying its a 50 Watt.US
12289DR103 Hylight 2-input, very good condition, original Mullard 12AX7s and Tesla EL34s on it, mostly original incl. Partridge trannies. No rear panel, non-original mains toggle-switch, fx-loop added (professionally done)IT
12292DR201 6-EL34 Hylight 4-inputUK
12293STA100 Hylight slave ampFR
12312SA112 Hylight 2-input Model SA 112 FL combo amp, made in 1979.AT
12322DR504 Hylight 2-input, gold colored chassis, toggles, turrets, Partridges, very clean and original, Test sticker 17/3/78 DR, IEC, white out jacks.US
12330SA115 Hylight 2-input SA115 Custom 50 combo with one 15\speaker sticker 1978FR
12339DR103 Hylight 2-input Mint condition HIWATT DR-103! No modification except new JJ EL34 and Tungsol / Svetlana 12AX7 tubesIT
12342DR103 Hylight 4-inputUS
12349DR103 Hylight 2-input All originalCA
12352DR103 Hylight 2-input, all original, Partridge TH7548 PT, TH7549 OT, brown selector rings, tested 21/3/78, 77-17 cap date code, white output jacks, BY277 diodes, blue ink.US
12354DR103 Hylight 4-inputUS
12374DR504 Hylight 2-input 1978 DR504 in excellent optical and technical condition, all original.AT
12382DR504 Hylight 2-input, original Partridges, had a PPIMV in it when I got it, which has been removed. I also put a bias pot in it and replaced the original Plessey cap cans.US
12400SA115 Hylight 2-input, rare 1x15 combo 50-watt combo, toggles, IEC mains, brown selector labels, Partridge TH7551 OT & TH7550 PT.DE
12407DR103 Hylight 2-inputUS
12408DR103 Hylight 2-input, IEC, white imp. ring and output jacksUS
12442DR103 Hylight 2-inputDE
12467DR103 Hylight 2-inputDE
12487DR103 Hylight 2-input All original, perfect condition.FR
12445DR103 Hylight 2-inputDE
12489DR103 Hylight 2-input, toggles, white speaker jacks, Partridge transformers, excellent condition.US
12496DR103 Hylight 2-inputDE
12514DR504 Hylight 2-input Tested sticker dated 30/6/78, initials MC. Very clean example. Recapped with four FTs by the four 12AZX7s not sure if blue cap on side of turret boards is original. Unlike my FL112, there is no bridging wire between pins 1 and 6 of V2. White speaker jacks. Serial number plate mounted with very tiny bit extending over top of chassis. Black-label Partridge codes TH7550/H7580D and TH7551/H7581C. Sounds like a cross between the gritty, pristine clean of my 72 DR-103 and the soft early gain of my 79 FL 112 ... and feels as loud as the 103.US
12521DR504 Hylight 2-input No mods I can see seen, one changed pot; Amp has as much gain as my DR 105 that I owned years back, .DR 505 labelled as DR 504 perhaps.CA
12523DR504 Hylight 2-input Pot Code 750148-78 also says 1377675 Both numbers on Master Volume. Toggle Switches. Partridge Trannys with black and silver metal labels. White label green lettering says TESTED DAY 26/6/8 INITIALS MCCA
12525STA100 Hylight 2-input test sticker 1978DE
12530DR103 Hylight 2-input, new Mullard quad EL34s and 12AX7sCA
12553DR103 Hylight 2-inputFI
12577FL112 Hylight 2-inputFR
12579FL112 Hylight 2-input Original speaker has been changed for a celestion Vintage 30. I dont know why someone would do that. Im gonna try to find an original Fane or buy a Weber...FR
12586FL112 Hylight 2-input 100 watt, toggles, turrets, white SJ, Partridges, IECUS
12602STA100 Hylight Slave, all Mullard valvesIT
12611DR201 6-EL34 Hylight 4-input AP Model, Date of manufacture - 05/01/1979, Fuses to the right of the voltage selector - they seem to be reversed from your diagrams - leftmost being 10AMP and the right one being 3AMP. Partridge transformers.US
12616DR201 6-EL34 Hylight 4-input all original, perfect mint condition.DE
12620SA212 Hylight 4-input Build date 2/5/78. Fairly standard layout except it also has vibrato! Has had a hard life, but sounds fantastic.AU
12630DR103 Hylight 2-input All original. Sticker says made on 5/5/78.SK
12633DR103 Hylight 2-input 2 Input, Revalved with TAD EL34s. Partridge transformers. Bought from Luxembourg.UK
12642DR103 Hylight 2-input U.K. made DALY caps mfg code 75/12. Partridges TH 7548, TH 7549. Tested sticker date and initials: 29/4/78 MCBE
12645DR103 Hylight 2-input, bought in 1978 in Germany in a music store in the city of Duisburg.DE
12653SA212 Hylight 4-inputUS
12654FL-115 Hylight 2-input 1978 Custom Hiwatt 100 FL-115 w/ single 15 Hiwatt/Fane speaker, reconed, Partridge TransformersUS
12658SA112 Hylight 2-input, factory IEC, serial plate left of center, stamped-frame purple HIWATT speaker, coarse black grille clothUS
12661SA112 Hylight 2-input, only tubes replaced, purchased in winter 1978, Fane speaker 12 and two partridge transformersKO
12677DR103 Hylight 2-inputUS
12673DR103 Hylight 2-input standard issue in excellent conditionAU
12696DR103 Hylight 2-input 100 watt, *no cabinet*, toggles, turrets, black output jacks, Partridges: TH7549 OT, TH7548 PT, IEC, Tested 2/6/78, all originalUS
12699DR103 Hylight 2-inputUS
12700DR103 Hylight 2-input, added half power switch, the serial number on the tag originally read 12770, but it is obvious that the 2nd 7 was stamped over with a zero.us
12727DR103 Hylight 2-inputDE
12728DR103 Hylight 2-input Tested 26/6/78 MCBE
12760DR103 Hylight 4-input, I painted THE WHO and CLAPTON IS BOD on the front panel in psychedelic paint when I bought it in West London summer 1985UK
12787DR103 Hylight 2-inputCA
12788DR504 Hylight 2-input, Partridges w/end bells, toggles, turret boards, IEC mains, white output jacksUS
12790DR504 Hylight 2-input, Original Partridge transformers, formerly owned by Jesse Valenzuela of the Gin BlossomsUS
12798DR103 Hylight 2-input I owned this one in the 1980s. Would love to know where it is now!!!!!!US
12808DR103 Hylight 2-inputCA
12809DR103 Hylight 2-input 13-7-78, Original Partridge transformers TH7548/H7578, TH7549/H579, gold colored chassis, toggle switches. Canadian Export with Ontario Hydro-electric inspection sticker. Photos of this amp on Hylight 100 watt pics page.US
12818DR504 Hylight 2-inputCA
12821DR504 Hylight 2-input (Canadian/Ontario Power version), recapped, de-fizz mod and bias pot added.US
12822DR504 Hylight 2-input Original sale likely in Yorkton Saskatchewan Canada date unknown. I purchased good/used with matching period correct 4X12 cab in 1993. Sold in 1996. I am the second and fourth owner of this head. Still working on getting the cab backCA
12825DR504 Hylight 2-input This is a Canadian Importer model. In very nice shape. Partridge transformers.CA
12848DR201 6-EL34 Hylight 4-inputDE
12856DR103 Hylight 2-input, got it for 50 euro !! Added indivdual 1k screen resistors and 3 way switch on standby to disconnect cathodes on one pair of tubes for 50/100 w settingsEI
12863DR103 Hylight 2-input Amp is stock Partridge transformers, mustard caps except for new caps/tubes and a bias circuit published by Mark Huss. Brilliant input has been wired in such a way that it is an input for both Normal and Brilliant channel now.DE
12864DR103 Hylight 2-inputDE
12883DR504 Hylight 2-input toggle switches, Partridge transformers, IEC line jackUS
12884DR504 Hylight 2-input, turrets, Partridges TH7550 PT, TH7551 OT, 1978 insp., all originalUS
12885DR504 Hylight 2-inputUS
12888DR504 Hylight 2-input, turrets, toggles, Partridges, looks all-original.US
12889DR504 Hylight 2-inputUS
12891DR504 Hylight 2-input Custom Hiwatt 50 purchased in 1993 for $250.00 w/ matching Hiwatt 4x12 extended tall cabinet w/ center port.US
12913DR504 Hylight 2-input, Clean totally stock. Turret board wiring, no circuit boards.US
12925DR504 Hylight 2-inputUS
12927DR504 Hylight 2-inputUS
12975DR103 Hylight 2-inputBE
12929DR504 Hylight 2-input, Partridges w/end bells, toggles, turret boards, IEC mains, white output jacks, Tested 25/4/78US
12950FL112 Hylight 2-input, Partridge trannys with end bellsUS
12970DR103 Hylight 2-inputDE
12990DR504 Hylight 2-input This came to me in about 1996. Purchased in New Glares, WI. It was literally torn apart at the seams and welded back together. Bent transformers and missing its box. It looks as it was maybe thrown from a track at highway speed. Anyways, I love her very much and built her a new box. We play rocknroll together and that makes it all alright.US
13000FL112 Hylight 2-input chassis only, stripped for partsUS
13008FL112 Hylight 2-inputUS
13028SA112 Hylight 2-input Rehoused upside down in a Mojotone DR style head cabinet and Port City 1x12 with original Fane Purple-Back speaker which is missing the glued on plastic label, original combo cabinet included in fair to poor condition. Turret board design, Re-capped March 2022, Re-tubed March 2022. All original, no mods. It is the perfect tube amp!US
13029SA112 Hylight 2-inputFR
13046DR103 Hylight 2-inputDE
13056DR201 6-EL34 Hylight 4-inputUS
13061DR201 6-EL34 Hylight 4-inputDE
13072DR103 Hylight 2-input modified to higher gain, 5 preamp tubes 1 added, Bias pot installed, FX-loop, Mullard preamp tubes, AEG EL34\s, Original Partridge transformers TH7548/H7578, TH7549/H579, silver chassisDE
13068DR103 Hylight 2-inputUS
13081DR103 Hylight 2-input US
13084DR103 Hylight 2-input, good condition, all original.DE
13114DR405 Hylight 4-inputUS
13115DR405 Hylight 4-input transformers and phillips 'mustard' caps date to 1977. The electrolytics and original GEC KT88s date to 10th and 13th week of 1978 respectively.US
13133DR504 Hylight 2-input, T/S says Autumn 1978, more than 3 decades of brilliant and reliable performance on the road with a blues band - not one failure and all with only 3 sets!!! - shame on me EL 34s - truly built for lifetime performance - I love ma Baby!DE
13137DR504 Hylight 2-inputCA
13158DR504 Hylight 2-input Partridges TH7550/H7580K, TH7751/H7581K, super clean, no modsUS
13160DR504 Hylight 2-inputCA
13172FL112 Hylight 2-input, hp 15 ohms G12 - 100 Rola Celestion LTD ipswich,England 1979FR
13184SA112 Hylight 2-input, 100 watts, EVM-12L speaker, toggles, IEC, white output jacks, black grill, good condition.US
13187FL112 Hylight 2-input I bought this back in the mid 80 sUS
13188FL112 Hylight 2-input, 100 watts, Partridges OT TH7549,H7579J and PT TH7549,H7578J, toggles, turrets, IEC, white output jacks, brown selector labels, black grill, Tested 9/1/79.US
13191FL112 Hylight 2-input, 100 watts, George Scholz speaker, Partridges, toggles, IEC, white output jacks, black grill, fair condition.US
13227DR103 Hylight 2-inputPL
13238SA112 Hylight 2-input, toggles & red neon "misplaced" based on panel legend, 2-input, toggles, "bowler hat" indicator, brown imp. & mains voltage legends, black grille cloth, castors added, Celestion speakerUS
13241DR504 Hylight 2-inputUS
13244SA112 Hylight 2-input All original except MESA/Boogie Black Shadow 12 speaker, new speaker cable and replaced back panel. IEC socket.US
13253FL112 Hylight 2-input Model FL112. 1979 on inspection stickerCH
13254FL112 Hylight 2-input 1x12 100w combo, toggles, square indicator, IEC mains, brown selector labels, looks mostly original except for replacement (JBL) speaker.FR
13258FL112 Hylight 2-input Speaker replaced w/ 90s FaneRU
13263FL112 Hylight 2-input Pristine condition for its age so clean the Fane and chassis still shine. Black label Partridge transformers: TH7548-H7578A and TH7549-H7579A. White speaker jacks. Purple-label Fane numbered 122332 and 78 underneath, with tiny green round 16 ohm label and tiny round orange label with no characters on it. Tested sticker 12/2/7?, at least one Daly cap from 1975.US
13265DR504 Hylight 2-input, made for Canadian market with no voltage input selector but ID plate stamped as DR504 instead of DR505. Distributor mod restored to factory stock. Original Partridge transformers TH7550/7551. Test sticker date 14/12/78. Non-original head cab.US
13227STA200 6-EL34 Hylight 4-inputCH
13304DR504 Hylight 2-input 1 Meg master volume mod. Input jacks replaced but still have the working originals, JJ tube set. Better Than Stock mod done. No Canadian mod.US
13331DR103 Hylight 2-inputUS
13336DR103 Hylight 2-input Type AP - Canadian unit- Back of case:115VAC 60 Hz - small brown plate rivited with 375W in black marker covering the Euro plug?- has sticker Ontario Hydro Electrical Authority Inspection series K on the back, also 4A and 1A fuses 4A and 1A in black marker on case, 2 white jack outputs. Inside: Daly caps, Partridge Transformers TH7548-H7578ATH7549-H7579Ano other marking on chassis. One toggle switch replaced and possibly 8 pin power tube socket - different than the others but soldering looks factory. Likely I am second owner 79 unit - bought it from 1st owner in very early 80s.CA
13345DR103 Hylight 2-input Excellent condition, all original.CA
13346DR103 Hylight 2-input. Bought new in 79, had the dreaded Canadian mod from the distributor, recently restored. Once suffered a tube socket short resulting in pyrotechnic display applauded by audience, thinking it was part of the show.CA
13355DR103 Hylight 2-input, turretsUS
13358SA112 Hylight 4-inputUS
13363SA112 Hylight 2-input Pretty clean all original. Black grill.US
13368FL112 Hylight 2-input Partridge transformers, speaker replaced w/ JBL 120, fan added, pretty cleanUS
13377DR103 Hylight 4-inputUS
13386DR103S Hylight 4-input, CP-103 circuit and controls, tag boards, toggles, Partridges, tested 8/3/79 (March 8), brown selector labels, white output jacks, excellent physical condition.US
13388DR103 Hylight 2-input, tag boards, toggles, Partridges TH7548,H7578H PT, tested 7/3/79, brown selector labels, white output jacks, one signal cap replaced, excellent physical condition.US
13390DR103 Hylight 2-input, tag boards, Partridge TH7548,H7578J and TH7549, tested 9/3/79, excellent physical condition .US
13396DR103 Hylight 2-input Transitional non painted metal grille on top and back.US
13403DR201 6-EL34 Hylight 4-inputUS
13404DR201 6-EL34 Hylight 4-input Supposedly, previously owned by Neal Schon with an internal bridge mod by Leos music.UK
13406DR201 6-EL34 Hylight 4-inputDE
13421DR504 Hylight 2-input Likely re-tolexed with elephant-style red tolex. No logo and no holes where a logo would have ever existed. Used by Eddie Vedder at a Chicago H.O.B show accompanying The Who for a Maryville Academy charity show.US
13426DR504 Hylight 2-inputIT
13441DR103 Hylight 2-input,, Has 4 KT66s instead of EL34sDE
13345DR103 Hylight 2-input, Currently has the high gain Canadian Distributor mod, plan to de-mod it myself one of these days, combined with the de-fizz M. Huss mod, using the alternate method to replicate the early 70s mixer with the 2 470k resistors connected to V2 pin 7.CA
13451DR103 Hylight 2-inputSE
13470DR103 Hylight 2-inputIE
13480DR201 (6-EL34) Hylight 4-input, Partridges TH6500 H7729L and TH8108-2,H8973E, turrets, IEC, mid-70s pre, caps replaced, bias mod, two output jacks replaced plus two extra jacks (line out hi/lo), hard-wired mains added(!!), serial plate moved to heat shield, brown labels, both indicators broken, has 6 x 6CA7US
13484DR201 6-EL34 Hylight 4-input Tested sticker 8-5-79. Mains T Partridge TH8108-2 H8973E. Output T Partridge TH6500 H7729E. Caps mfg date 7809BE
13486DR201 6-EL34 Hylight 4-inputDE
13487DR201 6-EL34 Hylight 4-inputUS
13498FL112 Hylight 2-input, Original PARTRIDGE Transformers-Input: TH7549/ H7579C Output: TH7548/ H7578C Speaker: 12" Hiwatt by Fane, code: 122332 50/78 50th week of 1978. Inspected March 19th 1979.US
13507DR504 Hylight 2-input very clean with bias adj. added Harry Joyce signed.US
13512DR504 Hylight 2-input, Partridges, turret boardES
13524DR504 Hylight 2-input, Original, except S/N plate is not Hiwatt and no Hiwatt badge. S/N matches what is marked by hand inside in the same pen color as Harry Joyce. Paper QC tag states 79 vintage, but who knows? Got in Pawn Shop with Fender logo in place of Hiwatt.US
13526DR103 Hylight 2-input very good condition. all original only new tubesDE
13541SA112 Hylight 4-inputDE
13570DR103 Hylight 4-inputCA
13571FL112 Hylight 2-input combo 100w with 15 Fane speakerIT
13586DR103 Hylight 2-input Excellent two hole normal and brilliant channels linked lots of gain on tap - Modded v2 preamp tube and cascaded channelsUNITED STATES
13588DR504 Hylight 2-input, Partridges, factory IEC mains connector, serial plate right of centerUS
13610DR504 Hylight 2-input, Partridges, IEC, 'preamp out'jack added.US
13611DR504 Hylight 2-input, Partridge Transformers TH7551 2 input, Northern NevadaUS
13616DR405 Hylight 4-input, from bass player of FocusNL
13622DR201 6-EL34 Hylight 4-inputDE
13626SA212 Hylight 4-input TH7551/H8453D, TH7550/H8452DGE
13628SA212 Hylight 2-input May 14th on the test sticker. I got the amp without a box. It\s now mounted in a Music Ground SA212 box with vintage Fane speakers.AT
13637DR103 Hylight 2-input I purchased the amplifier second hand in 1985 from a music shop in Victoria Road, Romford, Essex called Monkey Business.UK
13641DR103 Hylight 2-inputUS
13643DR504 Hylight 2-inputUS
13655DR103 Hylight 2-input 6/20/94 from Guitar Oasis to me! Hiwatt Early 1970\s Vintage DR-103, Type AP, 1979, handwired with clovehitches, still has original Mullard EL34s!US
13666DR103 Hylight 2-input, new caps, new tubes, bias adj added, other than that all original and head room to spare.US
13679SA212 Hylight 4-input Hard wired AC cable, odd springy wicker like grill have seen it before on a few other SA212s from the period, and has no piping around grill either.US
13680SA212 Hylight 4-input Bought new in 1980, Hylight, Partridge transformers, Fane speakers, Black Cane gril, Harry Joyce signed chassisUS
13690SA212 Hylight 4-input 50 Watts Partridge transformers Fane speakers Amp still in good conditionUS
13694SA212 Hylight 4-input 50-watt comboUS
13697SA212 Hylight 4-input 50-watt combo, clean/original inside, turrets, Partridges TH7551,H8453E, TH7550/2, H8971H, recappedUS
13700SA112 Hylight 2-input Used abused, recapped, still sounds great.US
13703SA112 Hylight 2-input Combo chassis mounted in original appearing upside down head cabinet, i.e. mounted to top of box, tubes hanging down a la Fender. Found on Maxwell Street, Chicago for $15 USDUS
13704SA112 Hylight 2-inputUK
13708SA112 Hylight 2-inputUS
13709SA112 Hylight 2-input, Mercury power transformer, still have original Partridge and will get it rebuilt. Sounds great.US
13721SA112 Hylight 2-input, replaced output tube sockets and screen resistors, Partridge TH7661,H8455F OT and TH7550/2, H8971F PT, Tested 12/7/79US
13732SA112 Hylight 2-input, 1x12 combo, Canadian power & gain mods+, very clean and original inside otherwise, tested 16/8/79, Partridge TH7551,H8453F and TH7550/2,H8971G, turrets, no '5th hole' between V1 and V2, no ink on solder connections.US
13736DR201 Hylight 4-input purchased in 1979DE
13737DR201 6-EL34 Hylight 4-inputDE
13743DR504 Hylight 2-input purchased Jan 23, 2012 eBay, very cleanUS
13746DR504 Hylight 2-input Black Partridge stickers TH7550/2, H8971F PT TH7661, H8453F OT Harry Joyce and HJ9-13 could be H19-13 written on chassis edge in blue ink green tested sticker 9/7/79, initials illegible white speaker output jacks original Mullard ECC83 tubes and mustard caps purchased new Feb. 1980 from Musicians Supply in El Cajon, California.US
13755DR103 Hylight 2-input Pre-amp modded, square pilot light, CSA mod - factory hardwired for 120V input only, IEC connector, white output jacks, covered partridge transformersCA
13774DR504 Hylight 2-input, sticker says tested 17 8 79, 1 Daly date code 75-12, transformers TH7551/H8453F and TH7550-2/H8971F, hand writen with a marker: Harry Joyce 410.53, Seems everything is original no infamous Canadian mod, all original Mullard exept v1 may be a EI, 4 x ECC83AP
13787SA112 Hylight 2-input 50w, 1x12Fane combo, Partridge trannys, everything original except 2 power tubes.FR
13837DR103 Hylight 2-input, Partridges, factory IEC mains connector, serial plate right of centerIT
13840DR103 Hylight 2-inputDE
13856DR103 Hylight 2-input Partridge transformers Harry Joyce marked H18 Date label 10/10/1979NL
13860DR103 Hylight 2-input, PartridgesUS
13864DR103 Hylight 2-input Tested label date 10/10/79 by ALSE
13866DR103 Hylight 2-input 11/10/79SE
13880DR504 Hylight 2-input Hylight 2-input, toggle switched, Canadian edition, white output jacks, Partridge Trans., tolex in good shape, bias mod added into spare tube socket holeCA
13882DR504 Hylight 2-input Purchased in Canada by Higher Power Productions. Has the Canadian power selector and preamp mods. HJ sig.US
13891FL112 Hylight 2-input, chopped into a headCA
13895SA112 Hylight 2-inputDE
13910SA112 Hylight 2-inputUS
13915SA112 Hylight 2-input, amazing sounding amp! Has a Rola CelestionUS
13920DR504 Hylight 2-input, toggles, Canadian power mods, brown selec. ring, white output jacksCA
13920SA112 Hylight 2-inputUS
13929DR504 Hylight 2-inputCA
13946DR504 Hylight 2-input Bias adj mod US
13948DR504 Hylight 2-input, Partridges, IEC, turrets, toggles, insp. 15/10/79US
13949DR504 Hylight 2-inputUS
13943DR504 Hylight 2-input Nice stock condition, just got it from a guitar forum ad. Heyboer replacement power tranny but original included. Sounds great!US
13950DR504 Hylight 2-inputUS
13958DR504 Hylight 2-input Harry Joyce name on chassis, Power Caps Replaced, Bias adjustment added 68K 2W, 50uF, 10K 1W, 50uF, 10K pot with 15K, The rest is original, Partridge OT TH7551 Partridge OT TH7550/2 IEC power connector, Tested sticker 16/10/79US
13959DR504 Hylight 2-input Tested Tag loc. right outside of chassis between internal cap mounting screws: 16/10/79 , script \ue\, IEC power connector, Toggle switches, Turret Board with blue markings, PT: Partrige TH7550/2 H9306J, OT: Partrige TH7551 H9307J, Adjustable bias mod re-worked 12/07: 5k pot in series with 27k, 110k resistor replaced with 100kUS
13969DR504 Hylight 2-input All Original, Partridge Transformers, Turret Board Harry Joyce signed, marked at solder joints in blue.US
13994DR504 Hylight 2-input Completely gone over. Works flawlessly. No 'spitting.' Two original Mullard Ecc83s left. Partridge transformers. Now uses Sovtek KT66s in the power section. Sticker inside dated 79. Loud.US
14001DR103 Hylight 2-input, Partridges w/end bells TH7548 PT, Tested sticker 12/10/79, white output jacks, IEC mains,US
14011DR103 Hylight 2-input Joyce Signed - Dated 1979US
14014DR103 Hylight 2-inputUS
14016DR103 Hylight 2-inputUS
14019DR103 Hylight 2-inputUS
14030DR103 Hylight 2-input, TESTED sticker dated 31/10/79 MC,Partridge Transformers PT: TH7548/2 H8972K OT: TH7549 H8455K, turret boards. Signed by HJUS
14032DR103 Hylight 2-input, found in Rural Ky. in 1988 for $300US
14033DR103 Hylight 2-input, turrets, Partridge (black stickers) TH7548/2,H8972K and TH7549,HH6455K, original IEC mains, brown selector labels, white output jacks, excellent shape.US
14035DR103 Hylight 2-input, tested Nov 2, 1979 'MC', on chassis 'JAN [HARRY JOYCE] H21', Original transformers (TH7549 H8455K, TH7548/2 H8972K), a green sticker indicates Master Volume pot was replaced 8/80, treble control pot and standby switch were replacedUS
14041DR103 Hylight 2-input, very clean and well maintainedUS
14042DR103 Hylight 2-input, partridges, turret boards, original caps, togglesUS
14046DR103 Hylight 2-inputUS
14053DR103 Hylight 2-inputUS
14054DR103 Hylight 2-input, partridges, turret boards, original caps, togglesUS
14058DR103 Hylight 2-input Tested sticker 14/11/79. QCE or OCE? Haslemere printed on chassis where Harry Joyce is sometimes written.US
14060DR103 Hylight 2-input, mint condition- Like new! All original- 1st Mullards, Harry Joyce on chassis. Test sticker reads: 23/04/80. I am the 2nd owner.DE
14067DR103 Hylight 2-input All original everything...Mullards dated 78 and 79, Partridge Black label trans, tolex, caps date 7919. One hole drilled between S/N and power jack for 100/50Watt switchturns off middle tube heaters. Signed by QCE Haslemere. Tested tag dated 15/11/79. US
14077DR112 Hylight 2-input, 100 watt, 1x12 combo, Turret-Board wiring, Partridge transformers.US
14069DR103 Hylight 2-input Original transformers and tolex. Probably some of the nicest Hylight era wiring Ive seen. One hole drilled between sn and power jack for bias adjust. Bright volume pot and three caps changed inside. Signed by QCE Haslemere on lip of chassis. Tested tag dated 16/11/79 and initialed WE Not quite as good sounding as other DR103s that Ive owned.US
14069DR103 Hylight 2-input, Hylight 2-input, Partridges, turret-boards, TESTED sticker dated 16/11/79, bias circuit added, some caps replacedUS
14080FL112 Hylight 2-input Still has original Fane speaker.US
14082FL112 Hylight 2-input There is no slave output.US
14085FL112 Hylight 2-input, Voltage doubler circuit for biasing newer tubes is the only addition. The mod was cleanly done. HH Acoustics Ltd. Cambridge, England Series 1200 speaker is original.US
14089FL112 Hylight 2-inputUS
14094DR103 Hylight 2-input Mint condition, all original except valves.DE
14110DR505 Hylight 2-input Canadian Edition. It has traveled around the globe, starting with some mods tube-driven fx loop and adj. bias performed in Philippines in \80 according to black ink pen writting inside the chassis... and then brought back to Canada... bought from a guy named Richard Sousa in North B.C. Canada, it made its way home mine in Chicoutimi Quebec on march 2010... I brought it back to original late 70s DR504 specs.CA
14117DR504 Hylight 2-input, Canadian input mod.CA
14119DR103 Hylight 2-input 1979 2-input 100w amp, modified to older spec. Tested 29/10/79.NL
14121DR103 Hylight 2-input, turret board, PartridgesUS
14130DR103 Hylight 4-input??
14132SA112 Hylight 4-input, has been removed from original cabinet and installed in custom head box, harry name on chassis in blue felt tipUS
14149DR103 Hylight 4-inputCA
14149SA112 Hylight 2-input Late 79 combo with original black cast frame Fane with black mag cover and purple label rated at 16 ohms. Frame numbers 122908CA
14150SA112 Hylight 2-input bought new 79/80, Series AP, Harry Joyce inspected, orig except speaker replaced with Celestion G12M-70 around 2000, bri vol pot replaced 2019CA
14162DR103 Hylight 2-input, Tested sticker 21/11/79, RS capacitors mfg code 7919, turret boards, original condition, Mullard ECC83 pre amp valvesNL
14165DR103 Hylight 2-input, Black label Partridges TH7548/2 H8972L and TH7549 H8455L. Tested sticker date 21/11/79. Caps by RS made in UK mfg code E7919FR
14174STA200 6-EL34 Hylight 200 watt SlaveFR
14184DR103 Hylight 2-inputCA
14191DR103 Hylight 2-input, bias mod addedDE
14195DR103 Hylight 2-input Modded into a three channel amp in 1998, Regularly used, excellent conditionNL
14177DR103 Hylight 4-inputCA
14201DR103 Hylight 2-input Excellent shape. Voltage selector not modified as on some Canadian imports.CA
14208DR103 Hylight 2-input, turret board, insp. 1979US
14237DR504 Hylight 2-input Overall good condition, no scratches, no tears in the tolex. Sticker dates it 3/1/80. In GB, AFAIK, that means January 3rd 1980. Partridge PT TH7550/2 H9306M OT TH7551 H9307M. Cap cans are blue and shiny... printing is mostly on the back side where I cant read it. Looks unmodded, except one of the EL34 sockets seems to have been replaced. Currently with v1 v2 v4 v3 = RCA bl. pl. 3mica 5751, Mullard ECC83 I61 B1A, Mullard M8162 12AT7, Siemens Munich ECC83. Power Tubes are EL34s from RSD =RFT, soon to become Blackburn Xf2s.DE
14245DR103 Hylight 2-input Black label Partridges TH7548/2 H8972M and TH7549 H8455M. Tested sticker date 11/12/79. Caps by RS made in UK mfg code E7919BE
14247DR103 Hylight 2-input, used as bass ampNL
14251DR103 Hylight 2-inputJP
14253SA112 Hylight 2-input Modified input, brilliant and normal are linked together and both effect each others gain. V2 only uses ½ of the tube.CA
14257SA112 Hylight 2-input, original Fane speaker, Partridge transformers, blue caps, unmodded from what I can tell.US
14260SA112 Hylight 2-input, one ownerCA
14261SA112 Hylight 2-input, toggles, Partridge TH7551,H9307K and TH7550/2,H9306K, Rola Celestion G12-80 speaker, IES, no voltage selector, 'Harry Joyce' writtenon chassis, inspected 3/1/80US
14266DR201 6-EL34 Hylight 4-input Bought this in 1984 and play it ever since. Amp had been modified by former owner who played a 401 Rick in stereo over normal AND stereo input. Also XLR Jack added. Upper inputs are modified as effect send-return with small switch between the two jacks. Using normal input, nothing else. Still working, still rocking. Great stuff. Will never give it away againDE
14311DR103 Hylight 2-inputSE
14326DR103 Hylight 2-input Harry Joyce wiring style, Original Caps 79, Partridge Transformers 78 TH7549 H8455M, TH7548/2 H8972M, Test sticker 30-01-80, Mullard preamp tubes, National 6CA7 power tubesUK
14344SA112 Hylight 2-inputUS
14357SA112 Hylight 2-input, Tested 30/1/80, Fane Speaker 122918 dated 48 79, Partridge TH7550/2 H9306A, caps dated 7942DE
14367DR504 Hylight 2-input Hylight 2-input, toggles, Partridges TH7551 H9307A, TH7550/2 H9306A, turrets, white output jacks, originally sold at 'Musik Granebaum', Schwerte, GermanyDE
14377DR504 Hylight 2-input, toggles, Partridges TH7557 H9307A, TH7550/3 H9306A, turrets, IEC, white output jacks, 22/2/80 insp. stickerUS
14382DR103 Hylight 2-input, turret-board wiring, partridge transformers, originally purchased in Chicago, all cap cans inside chassis, no extra socket hole.US
14393DR103 Hylight 2-input Hylight 2-input, turret-board wiring, Partridge transformers, all cap cans inside chassis, white rear jacks.US
14409DR103 Hylight 2-input Slightly road weary tolex, but fine otherwise.UK
14418DR103 Hylight 2-input, near-mint condition, bought from original ownerUS
14403DR103 Hylight 2-input, toggles, Partridges, turrets, caps inside, IEC, white output jacks incl. slaveUS
14420DR103 Hylight 2-inputUS
14434DR504 Hylight 2-input, toggles, Partridges TH7551 H9307A, TH7550/3 H9603A, turrets, IEC, white output jacks, 1980(?) insp. stickerUS
14435DR504 Hylight 2-input In great shape! All original.US
14437DR504 Hylight 2-input. this head is owned by Wishbone AshUS
14444FL112 Hylight 2-input PCB boards,partridge iron, tested tag shows date of 7/2/80 initialed by DRUN
14449SA112 Hylight 2-input bright and normal input channel are chainedDE
14452DR103 Hylight 4-inputUS
14474DR504 Hylight 2-input Toggle switches, PCBsUS
14480DR504 Hylight 2-input Toggle Switches, PCBUS
14482DR405 US
14490DR504 Hylight 2-input Inspection tag is dated 9-5-80. Has toggle switches.US
14491DR504S Hylight 2-inputUS
14497FL112 Hylight 2-input, Amp has changed power cord, no fane speaker, voltage tap set to 115V. Fairly original with all mustards intact.US
14528FL112 Hylight 2-inputUS
14532FL112 Hylight 2-input Purchased mid-90s in pawn shop, Austin, TX. It had a car stereo speaker! I installed an EV, recapped change from black grillecloth to salt and pepper purchased from Audio Brothers. Sold early 2000s. Found on Craigslist 2011 and repurchased. Its never leaving!US
14544DR103 Hylight 2-input Great condition, bought second hand in France, November 2016.FR
14550DR103 Hylight 2-inputFR
14551DR103 Hylight 2-input Found in 1995 for 200$ in a second-hand shop in GrenobleFR
14557DR103 Hylight 2-input 5th pre-amp tube w/ extra drive knob added. Two extra holes in back, extra inputs in frontUS
14559DR103 Hylight 2-inputUS
14563DR103 Hylight 2-input Hylight 2-input Partridge TH7548/3 H8972C, TH7549 H8455C 2-Toggle Tested 4/14/80 Type AP White Output Jacks w/Slave Orig Mullard Pre-Amp ValvesUS
14575DR103 Hylight 2-inputDE
14581SA112 Hylight 2-input 1x12 Combo, Black Label Partridge Transformers PT: TH7550/3 H93060 OT: TH7551 H9307B -PCB- Harnesses zip-tied instead of stitched. TESTED sticker dated 15/4/80. Cast frame Hiwatt Fane black magnet cover, purple label.US
14584SA112 Hylight 2-input 1x12 combo, 50 watt, cast frame Fane, Partridge TransformersUS
14588SA112 Hylight 2-input bought with the head unit only in a seperate homemade cabinet. Tested 15/4/1980 not in working conditionUS
14589SA112 Hylight 2-input, Partridge TH755073,H93000 and TH7551,H9307BUS
14598DR103 Hylight 2-inputUS
14603FL112 Hylight 2-input, now a head chopped from the original combo.US
14607DR103 Hylight 2-input Very good condition. Type AP, Chassis signed Harry Joyce, sticker Inspected 23.04.1980. Pre-amp Valves original Mullard, EL 34 Tesla Ruby, Partridge transformers, original coverDE
14608DR103 Hylight 2-input Like-new condition! Original Mullard EL 34s, 2nd owner!DE
14619DR103 Hylight 2-input, in mint condition.US
14642DR103 Hylight 2-input CH
14644DR103 Hylight 2-input, PCBs, Partridges.US
14651DR103 Hylight 2-input 6/20/94 from Guitar Oasis to me! Hiwatt Early 1970\s Vintage DR-103, Type AP, 1980 with slave Obdm, handwired with one hand-soldered board, still has original Mullard EL34s! Dance of the DruidsUS
14655DR103 Hylight 2-input, Date Tag inside 8/5/80CA
14661DR103 Hylight 2-inputCA
14665DR103 Hylight 2-input, toggles, white O/P jacks inclusing slave output, tested 8/5/80, very cleanUS
14671DR103 Hylight 2-inputEN
14680DR504 Hylight 2-inputUS
14682DR201 6-EL34 Hylight 4-input, white output jacks, IEC mains, serial slightly rightUS
14695DR103 Hylight 2-inputSE
14697DR103 Hylight 2-input Chassi signed Harry Joyce, sticker Inspected 22/5, printed circuit boardSE
14717DR504 Hylight 2-input RARE - TRAPEZOID SHAPED HEAD. Partridges, Bulgin, late-70s ckt, all caps replaced, white o/p jacksUS
14728?DR504 Hylight 2-input Partridge transformersUS
14728?DR103 Hylight 2-inputGB
14729DR504 Hylight 2-input PCB and Partridge transformers coded TH7651, Hp307P and TH755073, HP306P. All original with original MullardsUS
14730DR504 Hylight 2-input june 6 1980 chassis sticker: 30/6/80, circuit boards, partridge transformers, one owner 1980 to 2021US
14740DR103 Hylight 2-inputUK
14742DR103 Hylight 2-input, Partridges, rocker switches, QA test sticker 6/6/80, All the cap cans are insideUK
14744DR103 Hylight 2-input, toggle sw, PCB, Partridges w/end bells TH7549,H9683E, 5/6/80 tested stickerCA
14752DR103 Hylight 2-input One owner amp. This UK amp is near mint and all original.... except one add-on. There was a gain mod that was added-on at Leos Music in Oakland per Neal Schons request. It can be removed. There were no extra holes drilled or knobs attached. For sale on eBay.US
14759DR201 6-EL34 Hylight 4-inputDE
14761DR103 Hylight 2-input, Re-covered in Red Tolex circa 1993.US
14764DR103 Hylight 2-input All original except a valve change in 2004. tested sticker on side of chassis is dated 13-6-80UK
14765DR103 Hylight 2-input, heat shield with bend, IEC, Partridges TH7548/3, H9682 and TH7569, H9883E, PCB, all caps inside, white output jacks (incl. slave), black selector rings, IEC mains, toggles, all 'mustard' signal caps, mains indicator replaced.UK
14769DR103 Hylight 2-inputUK
14775DR504 Hylight 2-input This is a Hylight Electronics Mfg. Chassis dated 1980, but has a circuit board.UN
14781DR103 Hylight 4-inputUK
14785DR103 Hylight 4-input, Former Neal Schon/Journey amp. Lots of mods.US
14787DR103 Hylight 2-input Mint, excepting mod done when new in 1980 that added a 5-way switch to reduce wattage and inducing clipping at controllable volume levels. Said to be Hiwatt approved... MINT condition as of 2023.US
14788DR103 Hylight 2-input PCB boards. See mhuss.com pic of Dave Reeves holding one just like mine. Caps have been changed, had the blue LCRs. TESTED sticker 3/6/80.US
14790DR103 Hylight 2-inputUS
14792SA212 Hylight 4-input my model is a SA212 R, 100 w combo version with reverb and tremolo. everything is from first mounting, even Mullard tubes Unfortunately the Fane speakers are not there any more, and has been substituted with Celestion G12 M70FR
14797DR103 Hylight 2-input, toggles, black-label Partridges PT:TH7543/3 H9682F, OT:H9683F, PCB, IEC, white output jacks. 6/30/80 production sticker inside, recapped with ARS caps around 2017, bias adj added.US
14822DR103 Hylight 2-input bias pot modification, partridge transformer, otherwise all original.FR
14825DR103 Hylight 2-input FR
14827DR103 Hylight 2-inputSE
14833DR103 Hylight 2-input Partridges, Biaspot mod.SE
14836DR103 Hylight 2-input partial PCB, no mods, clean, working perfectly, original Partridge transformers, non original tubesAT
14838DR504 Hylight 2-input, toggle sw, PCB, Partridges w/end bells TH7550/3,H9306F PT, TH7551,H9307JE OTUS
14846DR504 Hylight 2-inputUS
14856SA212 Hylight 4-inputAB
14861SA-212R Hylight 4-input SA-212R, 4 inputs, PCB, green boards, Cap job, white output jacks, tested 10/7/80 initialed al, Hardwired main leads, Red neon broken, Black labeled Partridges w/ end bells - TH7549/H9683E OT, TH7548/H9682E PT, Top handle and original side handles, Long accutronic reverb tank, Black Grill Cloth, 2 x Black Back Purple Labels Fanes, model 128918, no visible cone codes, Either white colored or aluminum speaker dust cap hard to tell which, Chassis mounts to cabinet through top loading wood shelf, appears stock besides cap job.US
14870DR504 Hylight 2-input, PCB, Partridge Transformers, 'Canadian mod,' hard-wired 115 VCA
14871DR504 Hylight 2-input Partridge Transformers, hard-wired 115 V, PCB, white output jacksUS
14872DR504 Hylight 2-input PCB green boards, 27/8/80 test sticker, black-label Partridges w/end bells, heat shield, internal filter caps, white output slave out jacks, hard-wired for 115v w/ terminal strip selector base left in place, plug removed, Canadian import gain mod, Ontario Hydro sticker gone, all original components except screen grid resistors and 1 non-OEM output valve base.US
14877DR504 Hylight 2-input, toggle sw, PCB, Partridges w/end bells TH7550/3, H9306H PT, TH7551,H9307J OT, 11/9/80 test sticker, hard-wired for 115v w/tan board over selector.US
14886FL112 Hylight 2-input Purchased from new in August 1980. I am the only owner. Stock except for Tesla JJ EL34sUK
14894SA112 Hylight 2-input custom combo 50 watts, not turret, Partridges, Seems to be an exotic product from Hiwatt crap repair shop, cannibalizedFR
14897SA112 Hylight 2-inputUS
14904DR103 Hylight 2-input, tested sticker 5/9/80DE
14908DR103 Hylight 2-inputDE
14913DR103 Hylight 2-input Partridge transformers.SE
14922DR103 Hylight 2-inputDE
14936DR504 Hylight 2-input still rocking hard LOUD!!!US
14942DR504 Hylight 2-inputUK
14943DR504 Hylight 2-inputCA
14946DR504 Hylight 2-input CA
14957SA112 Hylight 2-inputCA
14960DR103 Hylight 2-input Still rocking!IT
14961DR103 Hylight 4-input very good condition, no technical defects.DE
14968DR103 Hylight 2-input, I am the second owner (from Quebec), the first one boght it new in 1980 in Toronto. Partridge transformers, Canadian mod, PCB board. In really good working condition but a little road worn.CA
14994DR504 Hylight 2-input, IECUS
15000DR405 Hylight 4-input cans dated 1981, not PCBDE
15007DR103 Biacrown 2-inputCA
15011DR103 Hylight 2-input, toggle sw, PCB, angled heat shield, caps inside, 1 toggle and 1 fuse holder replaced, Partridges w/end bells TH7548/3-H9682J, TH7549-H9683JUS
15031DR103 Hylight 2-input 1981CA
15045DR103 Hylight 2-inputDE
15053DR201 6-EL34 Hylight 4-input Bought from Sweden in 2006. Heavily modified.NO
15056DR203 6-EL34 Hylight 4-input, Prise new/used all informationDE
15087DR405 Hylight 4-input, tested 21/11/80, open-frame Partridges, TH1384,K1120L PT, TH7911 choke, indicators replaced, input switch added, one output jack replaced with cannon jack, all wired in parallel, one can cap replaced with an axial cap (ugly job). Otherwise looks very stock.DE
15088DR405 Hylight 4-input completely original besides the valves and in very good condition! An extra line-in and line-out was built in in 83DE
15089DR405 Hylight 4-inputDE
15091DR405 Hylight 4-input Uncut Hylight serial # plate but according to serial # probably made by Biacrown. Small white sticker inside chassis, tested 28/5/82. Preamp on PCB, output and rectifier section on turret board. Chrome toggle switches. No heat shield between power and preamp tubes. Transformers w/o stickers and w/o end bells.DE
15093DR103 Hylight 4-inputAP
15100DR504 Hylight 4-inputUS
15101DR504 Hylight 2-input original owner - purchased from East Coast Sound in CT 1982US
15102DR103 Hylight 4-input tested sticker 17/12/80US
15104DR504 Hylight 2-input, toggle sw, Partridges(?), very dusty/wornUS
15111DR504 Hylight 2-input Bought from Guitar Center Feb-2012US
15118DR504 Hylight 2-input Got it used in 1984 from Muzik Muzik in El Cajon, CA.US
15127DR504 Hylight 2-input FR
15129DR504 Hylight 2-inputUK
15132DR504 Hylight 2-inputCA
15135DR504 Hylight 2-input custom 50 bright or normal input. rough covering, 115/230 volt, pinned at 115v. 4,8,or 16 ohm switch.CA
15137DR504 Hylight 2-input Partridge Trannys with covers. Pinned at 115vAC. 5 12ax7 tubes in preamp. 6550a power tubes with bias trimpots. SS effects loop. Slave out is for a footswitch. Has Dave Reeves initials on QC sticker from 2 weeks prior to his passing away.CA
15141DR504 Hylight 2-input, toggle sw, PCB, Partridges w/end bells, 16/1/81 test sticker, mods apparently removed: 1 extra hole in front, 2 in backUS
15144DR504 Hylight 2-input I believe this amp may have been modified by Garnet of Winnipeg.CA
15145DR103 Hylight 2-inputUS
15151DR103 Hylight 2-input PC boards, Partridge Transformers. January 1981 QC sticker. Made for Canada.US
15153DR103 Hylight 2-inputCA
15157DR103 Hylight 2-input store says its a 1981. Toggles. Partridges.US
15158DR103 Hylight 2-inputCA
15163DR103 Hylight 2-input Tag date sticker 30-1-81 with DR initials, Original Partridge Trans formersTH54873/H9882L,Th7649/H9683L, 2 Gold Cap Cans read LCR 220uf 350vdc Plain Neg UK 80 41UK
15165DR103 Hylight 2-input, toggle sw, PCB, Partridges w/end bells, odd replacement S/N stickerSE
15173DR504 Hylight 2-input, possible DR505 conversion, still has original Ontario Hydro inspection sticker on back.CA
15175DR504 Hylight 2-input Transformers TH7550/4-H9684B, TH7551/2-H9685B, black labels. Added 3rd (jumper) input jack. I did the blocking distortion mod and it sounds even better. It just burned the two 10k dropping resistors a few days ago. I have new caps on the way. The filter caps were all original The newest (220uf caps) date 80-41.CA
15198DR103 Hylight 2-input, Canadian modelCA
15201DR201 6-EL34 Hylight 4-inputDE
15206DR504 Hylight 2-input Hylight 2-input, toggle sw, PCB, Partridges, March 81 QC-sticker, all original and in very good condition, Mullard preamp tubes.AT
15207DR504 Hylight 2-inputHR
15209DR504 Hylight 2-input, small hole in front next to indicatorUS
15228DR103 Hylight 2-input good condition, cap code 41-80NL
15244DR504 Hylight 2-inputUS
15258DR504 Hylight 2-input Owned since new.US
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