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Note: Several Hylight labels were used on amps made after Dave Reeve's death in March of 1981,
most likely until they used up the ones they had on hand.

S/N Model Notes Loc.
15263DR103 Hylight 2-input mint conditionDE
15266DR103 Hylight 2-input Tested sticker date 5/6/81, PartridgesCH
15267DR504 Hylight 2-input, toggles, Partridges, factory IEC, black sel. rings, fuse holders and one output jack replaced, cab. roughHR
15268DR103 Hylight 2-inputUK
15269DR103 Hylight 2-inputNO
15294DR103 Hylight 2-input Custom Hiwatt 50US
15297DR504 Hylight 2-input, Partridges, 120V hard-wire, Tested 22/6/81, factory IEC, squeaky cleanUS
15303DR103 Hylight 2-input, PC boards, Partridge transformers TH7545/4,H9682P, TH7549/2, H9683, made for CanadaUS
15329DR504 Hylight 2-input Canadian Amp. Only set up for 120 V power.CA
15353DR103 Hylight 2-input, pc boards, Partridge transformers, made for Canada.US
15354DR504 Hylight 2-inputPT
15358DR405 Biacrown 4-input, turret boards, some rust on transformersSK
15354DR504 Hylight 2-inputDE
15367DR504 Hylight 2-input, Partridges, PCB & inside can caps, typical Canadian voltage selector neutering, not currently working.CA
15373DR504 Hylight 4-inputUS
15375DR103 Hylight 2-input, togglesCA
15379DR103 Hylight 2-inputDE
15386DR504 Hylight 2-input, all original save for the output tubes ,1981 ,no mods whatsoever.CA
15401DR103 Hylight 2-input Canadian Mod. Partridge Txs. Located in Ontario, CA. CA
15405DR103 Hylight 2-input, PCB, Canadian mains mod, Partridges, straight heat shield, toggles, very cleanCN
15411DR103 Hylight 2-inputCA
15417DR504 Hylight 2-input AU
15420DR103 Biacrown 2-input from an old repair slip from 1985, an amp that I owned from 1983 - 1993CA
15421DR103 Hylight 2-input Modified to include a 1980s DOD Compressor, strangely.CA
15424DR504 Biacrown 2-input, toggle sw, Partridges w/end bells, slave out, white jacks, stickerUS
15450DR504 Hylight 2-input Type AP, Canadian modelCA
15451DR504 Hylight 2-input transformers and caps date from late 1980..great conditionCA
15455DR103 Biacrown 2-input, purchased new in Australia in 1983.US
15464DR103 Hylight 2-input I bought it in 1992 from Randy Zacuto founder of Mighty Mite guitar and former member of Strawberry Alarm Clock. Tubes are 502 c6 and one Tesla el34. I had a mod put into it in 1994 to drop the power. I have a 4x12 cab too.US
15469DR103 Biacrown 2-inputSE
15470DR103 Biacrown 2-input, was in SE for a long timePO
15473DR103 Biacrown 2-inputSE
15506DR504 Biacrown 2-inputCA
15507DR504 Biacrown 2-input ??
15517DR504 Biacrown 2-inputAU
15532DR201 6-EL34 Biacrown 2-input, 1982 QC StickerDE
15541DR103 Biacrown 2-input All original apart from recapped. Seems like 1982 / 83 model. With HIWATT 1982 4 * 12ZA
15556DR504 Biacrown 2-input Original Pre-amp tubes, non partridge, toggle switchesAU
15557DR504 Biacrown 2-inputDE
15558DR201 6-EL34 Biacrown 2-input, non_Partridge??
15559DR103 Biacrown 2-input, toggle sw, non-PartridgeUS
15563DR103 Biacrown 2-input, toggle sw, non-Partridge, Canadian import mods and stickerCA
15563DR103 Biacrown 2-input, toggle sw, non-Partridge, Canadian voltage stickers and plates, otherwise all previous owner mods removed and restored to original condition.US
15570DR103 Biacrown 2-input Mint condition, with original Siemens EL-34s, small Hiwatt Biacrown serial plate, S/N 15570 has the 7 stamped over an original 6 15560, beside it, a paper sticker indicating approved by Ontario Hydro, front toggle switches are steel. Transformers may be Drake TBC.CA
15573DR103 Biacrown 2-inputSE
15574DR103 Biacrown 2-input The s/n 6 was overstamped with a 7 ?CA
15576DR103 Biacrown 2-inputCA
15589DR504 Biacrown 2-input, non-Partridge, Canadian mains modCA
15596DR103 Biacrown 2-input, purchased in San Francisco in 1993 or 1994 in non-working condition for a mere $100! De-modded and restored to stock.US
15619DR103 Biacrown 2-input Purchased through Guitar Center, January, 2015US
15621DR103 Biacrown 2-input 2- input Biacrown amp. Non-Partridge transformers could be Drake. Toggle switches. Printed circuit board. The power tubes were Sylvania 6CA7s. Got it on a trade at Joes Music in Eastpointe, Michigan back in the summer of 1998.US
15622DR103 Biacrown 2-input inspection tag dates 14/7/82, non-Partridge, factory IEC, PCBs Green with hiwatt printed on them, toggles. purchased from the U.S. imported to AustraliaAU
15633DR103 Biacrown 2-input Like new condition, 100 percent originalUS
15634DR103 Biacrown 2-inputUS
15636DR103 Biacrown 2-inputUK
15641DR103 Biacrown 2-inputZA
15660DR504 Biacrown 2-input, non-PartridgeUS
15661DR504 Biacrown 2-input Slave Output, Canadian voltage 120v, all original tubes, original ownerCA
15662DR103 Biacrown 2-inputUS
15672DR504 Biacrown 2-input CA
15673DR504 Biacrown 2-input Blue Board 50 WattCA
15682SA112 Biacrown 2-input Custom 50, toggles, tested 14/7/82, CA mod, Ontario Hydro sticker, no code or company name on trannies. Has 'Fane' and 'Made in England' embossed on the speaker.CA
15708DR103 Biacrown 4-input Inspection tag reads 8/9/82 with initials that /may/ read DL.CA
15719DR103 Biacrown 2-input Used as a bass amp along with my se4123 cab.UK
15724DR103 Biacrown 2-inputCA
15729DR103 Biacrown 2-input, non-Partridge transformers, togglesCA
15730DR103 Biacrown 2-inputCA
15742DR103 Biacrown 2-input, blue PCBs, Ontario Hydro sticker and 115V-only mods, Drake transformers, togglesCA
15763DR504 Biacrown 2-input Type APCA
15772DR504 Biacrown 2-input Canadian mod, very clean, sounds super hotUS
15810SA112 Biacrown 2-inputCA
15813FL112 Biacrown 2-input Bought used in 1986 Combo ampCA
15820DR504 Biacrown 2-input, toggles, Canadian voltage 115v, bright blue PCBs, inspected 17/11/82, non-Partridge, tin shieldCA
15828SA112 Biacrown 2-inputCA
15831FL112 Biacrown 2-inputCA
15846SA112 Biacrown 2-input, non-Partridge, bias(?) adjustment addedCA
15850other Biacrown 2-input OL201 6-EL34JP
15872OL103 Biacrown 2-input 1982 Lead 100. No preamp overdrive knob like later OL103, has Master Volume Overdrive instead of usual master volume. Rocker switches. Drake transformers. Blue circuit boards. Mustard caps. JP
15890DR103S Biacrown 2-inputUS
15893DR103S Biacrown 2-inputUS
15908DR103S Biacrown 2-input, PCB, toggles, OL circuit, IEC, removed added cap on V3 socket, adj. bias mod, Drake transformers.US
15909DR103S Biacrown 2-inputUS
15911DR504S Biacrown 2-input Higher gain circuit, PCB, Drake transformers, normal control layout, 2-input. Sounds awesome.US
15914DR504S Biacrown 2-input Type AP, Harry Joyce name on chassis 8-4-83 also has the name Matt Anderson on chassis, toggle switches for main and standby.US
15924DR103 Biacrown 2-input Tested: 22.4.83, cant make out the first initial clearly, but looks like a start and then a J.S.CA
15925DR504S Biacrown 2-input Very good condition, has the Harry Joyce name on chassis but is not labeled correctly. This particular amp has the regular DR504 circuit, not the 504S switching circuit. It has the normal 2-input control panel and is built with the pots but not the tubes circuit board mounted.US
15926DR504S Biacrown 2-input Found in a pawnshop in Akron,OH. Had it set up to original specs.Harry Joyce name on chassis. Previous owner painted a #2 on it. I consider it a #1US
15928DR504 Biacrown 2-input, Purchased at Guitar Center in Cleveland, Ohio around 2001.US
15932DR504 Biacrown 2-input, HARRY JOYCE sigUS
15935DR504S Biacrown 2-inputUK
15936DR504S Biacrown 2-inputCA
15938DR504S Biacrown 2-input, toggle switches, light blue pcb, Harry Joyce name on chassis, non-partridge transformers, sole owner purchased from Allied Music, New Orleans, LA. US 03/14/1984 - still have sales receipt from purchase.US
15938DR504S Biacrown 2-input, blue PCBs, toggles, non-PartridgeUS
15945SA112 Biacrown 2-input, 50 watt, 19/5/1983 inspection sticker, toggles, non-PartridgeCA
15958OL504 Biacrown 2-input, toggles, no OD control, non-partridge trannysUS
15963OL504 Biacrown 2-input, toggles, no OD control, non-partridge trannysUS
15964SA112OL Biacrown 2-input 50 watt combo, toggles, cast-frame Fane, IEC, perfect condition, cast frame Fane speaker model 122231US
15968SA112OL Biacrown 2-input Tag showed amp as a SA112OL and had factory channel switching between the bright and normal channel. There is a red LED beside the input jacks. It also must have added a gain stage when engaged. Harry Joyce name on chassis. Fane 12 speaker. Shipped with Gold Lion ECC83s and EL34s.US
15975OL103 Biacrown 2-inputUS
15980OL103 Biacrown 2-inputUK
15981OL103 Biacrown 2-input 1982 LEAD 100 - 2 input with 7 knobs, with the master volume knob labelled master volume overdrive, no separate overdrive knob like later lead models. Marked Harry Joyce inside. Drake Transformers. Rocker SwitchesUS
15985OL103 Biacrown 2-inputUS
15986DR103 Biacrown 2-inputUS
15996OL103 Biacrown 2-input Normal Volume and Bright Volume labels, Harry Joyce written in marker on bottom edge of chassis, purchased with rebranded Sovtek 5881/6L6 tubes.US
16006OL103 Biacrown 2-inputUS
16015OL504 Biacrown 2-input, 1983, 50w custom, 2 GEC Gold Lion KT77s, Drake transformers, rocker switches, Harry Joyce on chassis. Favorite amp! full-time use/abuse for 15 yrs. NEVER A PROBLEM!us
16017OL504 Biacrown 2-input HIWATT Custom 50, metal toggles, slave outUS
16019DR504OL Biacrown 2-input 1983, 1982 chassis inspection, Harry Joyce signed, 2 input, toggle switches, square power light, Drake trannys, PCB, black speaker jacks. US
16024OL504 Biacrown 2-input Custom Lead 50, metal toggles, Svetlana EL34s, strong gain, full rich tone with any guitar, never fails.US
16027SA112 Biacrown 2-inputUS
16029SA112 Biacrown 2-input Custom Hiwatt 50, metal switches, two inputs, Rola Celestion G12-100 speaker and a cabinet mounted cooling fan. Ive owned this since the mid-80s. Killer amp.US
16035SA112 Biacrown 2-inputUnited States
16043DR103 Biacrown 2-input, BiacrownCA
16044DR103 Biacrown 2-input Metal toggles, par for course.US
16051OL103 Biacrown 2-inputCA
16053OL103 Biacrown 2-inputCA
16059DR504 Biacrown 2-input, purchased in 1982 from Steves Music in Toronto.CA
16060DR504 Biacrown 2-input (used with Hiwatt 4x12)CA
16063DR504 Biacrown 2-input, rockers, Canadian/OntarioHydro 115V mod, very good condition.US
16064DR504 Biacrown 2-input, toggle switches, original caps have 1983 date codes. Drake trannys, PCB. Voltage selector patched over and hardwired to 115V for import to Canada.CA
16065OL103 Biacrown 2-input Mfg 07/1983. Purchased and imported from Switzerland. Has Gold Lion KT77s.US
16074OL103 Biacrown 2-input, Rocker switches, Drake transformer, Purchased from Competition Music, Ft. Worth, Texas.US
16093DR504OL Biacrown 2-input, rocker switches, non-PartridgeUS
16109DR504 Biacrown 2-input ‘84 Hiwatt Custom 50. This is my second Hiwatt Custom 50.US
16111DR504OL Biacrown 2-input, Toggle switches, PCB, Harry Joyce on chassis, modded to regular 504 specs at some pointUS
16111DR103 Hylight 4-inputUS
16112DR504 OL Biacrown 2-input, rocker sw, PCB, non-Partridge, 1983 date codes, stock front panelUS
16122DR504OL Biacrown 2-input Signed by Harry Joyce on the chassisIL
16134SA112OL Biacrown 2-input, 50 watt, old speaker with no markingsUS
16135SA112 Biacrown 4-input gold lion kt77s with rocker switchesUS
16145SA112 Biacrown 2-input, 50 watt, PCBUS
16160OL103 Biacrown 2-input, I got this from a good friend about 15 plus years ago. He was from alaska. I have a matching cab but my speakers were stolen.US
16185DR103 Biacrown 2-input Hiwatt Lead 100IL
16187DR103 Biacrown 2-input, Tested 4-11-83, Drake Transformers, Had Canadian gain mod,amp de-modded back to original config.CA
16203SA112 OL Biacrown 2-input, 50 watt, 12/1983 inspection sticker, rocker switches, normal control set, originally had Gold Lion KT77 power tubesUS
16216DR504 Biacrown 2-input, OL factory circuit, 1983 date codesUS
16231DR504 Biacrown 2-input, 1983 stockUS
16244OL103 Biacrown 2-input Drake transformers, rocker switches, overdrive control. Inspection tag: 6 December 1983. Some mustard caps replaced with Sprague orange drops. 10 watt resistor to HT2 replaced by 25 watt unit mounted to chassis with metal clamp. Pots connected to PC board with leads. Great condition and sound. KT77 valves.US
16247OL103 Biacrown 2-input Chassis inspection sticker stamped 7/12/83. Has unusual 4 coupling caps to output tubes. Rocker switches, Drake transformers.US
16257OL103 Biacrown 2-input Hiwatt Lead 100, purchased new, great sounding amp as good now [in] 2016 as it did in 1983US
16260DR504 OL Biacrown 2-input, Rocker Sw, non PartridgeUS
16264DR504OL Biacrown 2-input Never had the cab. It has some wear but honestly earned. Amp sounds good still. Has KT88(?) and all Mullard tubes save one RCA. The top is unscathed and pristine.US
16274DR504 OL Biacrown 2-input, Rocker Sw, non Partridge, PCBUS
16283SA112 Biacrown 2-input Celestion G12 H100 speaker. No appatent mods. Replacing with Fane A60 and keeping original in storage.US
16296SA112 Biacrown 2-input Type AP Model No. SA112OL Canadian Mod removed. Purchased from a Toronto pawn shop in 1986. Came with a Celestion G12H100 15 ohm replaced with EV Classic 200 watt 16 ohm. Original non-Partridge transformer replaced.CA
16298SA112 OL Biacrown 2-input, 2 Rocker Switches, tranformers unknown, Celestion 12H100 speaker, re-capped by Frank Finkhauser, German Tube-Amp Authority, otherwise all original.DE
16302OL103 Biacrown 2-inputCA
16308OL103 Biacrown 2-input, with overdrive knob. Canada version. Plastic rocker switches, Drake transformers.US
16311OL105 Biacrown 2-input, Overdrive control, Canadian Hydro mods (voltage selector neutered), non-Partridge, appears all originalCA
16312OL103 Biacrown 2-input, overdrive control, CA 115v hard-wired, non-PartridgeUS
16314OL103 Biacrown 2-input lead 100 ,tested 9/5/85,no trans markings,el34 tubes with sockets bolted to frame, swt.for powerohms, 4 hole frame, overdrive control, nice condition, came w road caseUN
16319DR504 Biacrown 2-input, still sounds like a million dollarsUS
16320DR504 Biacrown 2-inputUS
16322DR504 Biacrown 2-input, rockers, OL mod, recovered in bright orange, 'Harry Joyce' on chassisUS
16325DR405 Biacrown 2-input Harry Joyce’s name is written on the chassis along B9S written in black pen.US
16329DR103 Biacrown 2-input Rocker switches, non-Partridges, 4 Mullard ECC83s, tested sticker date: 20/2/84JP
16342DR103 Biacrown 2-input Biacrown 2-input, rocker sw, non-PartridgeKR
16346DR103 Biacrown 2-input Custom Hiwatt 100, 2 input, bass series 100 tag on back in script. Slave output marked 0dbm. Bought new at Akron music center in Akron, OH in August 1985. Using with 2 1-15 cabs front loaded with 200 watt EV-MsUS
16355DR504 Biacrown 2-input, rockers, Canadian Hydro sticker/power mod, very clean, PCB, insp. 10.2.84, non-Partridge, straight tin shieldUS
16358DR504 Biacrown 2-input US
16367DR103 Biacrown 2-inputCA
16375DR504OL Biacrown 2-input SE112 comboCN
16376SE122 Biacrown 2-input Custom 50 with 'wrong' model number on serial plate.ES
16379DR103OL Biacrown 2-input Lead 100, PCB, Overdrive contol, non-Partridge trannys, Came from Nova Scotia, CA.US
16382other Biacrown 2-input Custom Hiwatt 50 Bulldog Model SE112 Type:AP w/Celestion G12-H100, Came with 4 Mullard ECC83s since replaced with 4 Sovtech 12AX7WBs still has original output tubes, Gold Lion KT77s. The tube on the left has a black plastic base an additional number on it 7921 KT77. The pwr.tube on the right has a brown plastic base is numbered 7848Z KT77.This is generally a clean sounding amp that will distort but really needs to be cranked well beyond club playing levels to be fully appreciated. A very dry,rigid sound when plugged straight into the amp, until you turn up the volume and push the power section it begins to open up, really speak. It is an impossibly LOUD 50 watts. I bought this amp new for $325.00 from a guy whose music store was going out of business in the early 1980s. 83-84?, togglesUS
16383other Biacrown 2-inputUS
16389other Biacrown 2-input it looks like model SE122, i think the transformer needs repair?US
16396DR201 Biacrown 2-input, ex-Walter BeckerUS
16399DR504 Biacrown 2-inputUS
16409DR504 Biacrown 2-inputUS
16418DR504 Biacrown 2-inputUS
16421DR504OL Biacrown 2-input MX
16424DR504OL Biacrown 2-inputUS
16426DR103 Biacrown 2-input, PCB, toggle switches, cap cans date 83-49, transformers unknownUS
16431DR504OL Biacrown 2-input Drake transformers. Rocker switches. US
16432DR504OL Biacrown 2-input DR504 LCR Caps with 11/84 datecodes, RS Caps 8332 dates. Extra footswitch jack attached to nothing. Decent shape. OL Circuit removed.US
16433DR504OL Biacrown 2-input, PCB, non-Partridge, clean, all originalUS
16434DR504OL Biacrown 2-inputUS
16440DR103 Biacrown 2-input 2 input, has factory effects loop.CA
16444DR103 Biacrown 2-input, PCB, Drake(?) transformers, toggles, VG conditionUS
16445DR103 Biacrown 2-input, PT replaced, has effects loopUS
16454DR504 Biacrown 2-inputCA
16459DR504 Biacrown 2-input Harry Joyce name on the amps bottom frame, one unknown added jack omn rear panel.CA
16460DR504 Biacrown 2-input Purchased from original owner, who bought it in Ontario around 1984. One unknown use jack input on rear panel, PCB, OL de-moded in any way! Single bias circuit added.CA
16462DR504 Biacrown 2-input CA
16464DR504 Biacrown 2-input Original non-partridge transformers replaced with Mercury Magnetics tone clones. Tested 24-8-84US
16466SA112 Biacrown 2-input, has the CDN mod plate cover to the electrical selector as well as a Celestion G12M-70 8 ohm speaker. Looks like the PT was changed in 1996 to a Hammond.CA
16477S100 Biacrown 4-input -- 'Maxwatt G/B.'CA
16478DR103 Biacrown 2-input, PCB, caps in side, no heat shield, non-Partridge, hard-wired to 115v mains, odd diodes added, clean exterior.US
16480DR504 OL Biacrown 2-input, 1984, Harry Joyce on chassis. Came with 4 1974 fane 12 122309 speakers with a date code of 03/74.US
16485DR504 Bicrown 2-input, OL factory circuit, 1984 QC stickerUS
16488DR405 Bicrown 2-input, Partridges, Choke, turrets, IECUS
16492DR103 Biacrown 2-inputCA
16493DR103 Biacrown 2-inputUS
16496DR103OL Biacrown 2-input, Drakes, Sovtek preamp, Svetlana power tubesUS
16500OL103 Biacrown 2-input, overdrive control, non-Partridge, PT replaced, no heat shieldUS
16512OL103 Biacrown 2-inputSP
16514DR103OL Biacrown 2-input, changed transformer (Drake melt down), replaced with 75watt partridge, made it even more scary! Sovtek preamp, Svetlana power tubesUS
16516DR504 Biacrown 2-input Purchased new in 1984 at Music World in Simi Valley CA. Now in NC. Amp has rocker switches.US
16520OL103 Biacrown 2-inputUS
16525OL103 Biacrown 2-input HIWATT LEAD 100 w/overdrive control, 1/11/84 testUS
16527OL103 Biacrown 2-input HIWATT LEAD 100 w/overdrive control, front logo detached, non-Partridge, no heat shield, has small added tranny 'ED-7' for reverb added (perhaps from factory), control pot on rear panel, extra preamp tube. tested 1/11/84US
16530OL103 Biacrown 2-input, PCB, overdrive control, non-PartridgeUS
16531OL103 Biacrown 2-input Biacrown 2 Input HIWATT LEAD 100, Overdrive control, non-Partridge Transformers, test date 1/11/84US
16532OL103 Biacrown 2-input, PCB, overdrive control, non-Partridge, chassis dated 8/11/84, Gold Lion KT77sUS
16544SA112 Biacrown 2-inputNO
16599DR504 Biacrown 2-input, rocker switches, PCB, Drake TransformersUS
16604DR105 Biacrown 2-input Type APUS
16613DR504 Biacrown 2-input, factory OL mod, rocker switches, PCB, Drake Transformers, odd S/N plateUS
16619SA112 Biacrown 2-input, rocker switches, plate says Made By HIWATT Amplification England LTDUS
16637OL103 Biacrown 2-input HIWATT LEAD 100 w/overdrive controlCA
16548DR504 Biacrown 2-inputCA
16622SA112 Biacrown 2-inputUS
16681SA112 Biacrown 2-input Rocker switches, 2 inputs - Normal Bright, Mckenzie 100w 8Ohm SpeakerUK
16691SA112 Biacrown 2-input Biacrown 2-input, Drake trannies, rocker switches, G12H-100 Celestion speaker, serial number plate hand written, OL circuit with control on back panel goes from standard custom 50 to full OL sound. Quality sticker dated 8 Feb 85UK
16694SA112 Biacrown 2-input, rocker switches, OL mod, G12H-100 Celestion speaker, serial number plate replaced, unknown custom control added to back panel (NFB?).UK
16697SA112 Biacrown 2-input Rocker switches, two inputs, G12H-100 Celestion speaker, channel switching modUK
16792SG-50 2-input SG-50 PCB, 2 input. No OD/Gain control. Roughly follows the DR504OL schematic but used almost exclusively .047uF Mallory coupling caps. Missing .047uF from pin 8 of V4 and the .1uF on the presence controlUS
AM052SA112 Biacrown 4-input S/N number reads AM0524 and plate says Biacrown, hand wired and partridge trannies.US
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