Hiwatts and Friends

Last updated July 8, 2010

Who Else?6


On Edge 6

Mister Page 4

  • Jimmy Page onstage with some Hiwatt heads in the back line

Noddy Holder's Hiwatt 200 1

Noddy played guitar in Slade, a cult classic 70's rock band.

Who's That? 2

Kinky 3

  • An 1161 Cab with a famous name on the back

Child 5

  • A lesser known 70's band who were obviously Hiwatt fans!

Baby Kief 7

1 Pictures courtesy of (Anon)
2 Pictures courtesy of Wesley T. (aka HappyDog)
3 Picture courtesy of Dave Wild
4 Picture courtesy of David L.
5 Picture courtesy of Mick F.
6 Picture courtesy of Marc M.
7 Picture courtesy of Little Leroy

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