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Last updated February 10, 2009

JJ KT77 Samples

These were made using a Schecter C-1 Classic into the Normal channel, Normal jumped to Brill, all volume controls at 12:00 (except where noted otherwise). Two KT77s were used ('half power") with the impedance set appropriately. The amp was fed through a HotPlate set to -8 and into a Swanson 2x12 "Hylight style" cab with the re-issue Fanes in it.

This was recorded in a medium large semi-live basement using an MXL large-diaphragm condenser set about 10 feet/ 3 meters away from the cab directly into my Fostex MR-8HD Digital Multitracker (completely dry).

I extend the usual apologies about the sloppy playing! ;-)

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