100 Watt Biacrown Heads

Biacrown Maxwatt S100 S100

This is another very unusual Biacrown variation on the four-input Hiwatt head, and looks very much like a CP-103. Note the MAXWATT GB" logo on the face plate.

Pictures courtesy of Guenter G.

Biacrown OL100 OL103

This is an unusual Biacrown variation on the two-input Hiwatt head. The two input jacks have been moved to the far left, and a separate OVERDRIVE control has been added on the far left. Also, the control normally labeled BRIGHT VOLUME on a two-input head is just labeled BRIGHT.

Pictures courtesy of Bruce E.

Lead 100 OL103

This is a later version of the OL two-input Hiwatt head.

Pictures courtesy of Mike L. (aka dylumph)

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