Unusual Hiwatt Amps

The Hiwatt CP103 CP103

Here's some rare shots of Pete Townshend's old CP103 amps. The CP103 was based on the old Mark I Sound City amps that Pete originally used.

Early Hiwatt DR103 #735

Here's an early example of a DR103 (#735) which has a very rare "half power" switch. It was once owned my the Small Faces.

Pictures courtesy of Paul T.

Hiwatt Valve PA Mixer PA

Here's an example of a valve-based Hiwatt PA mixer, typically used with Hiwatt STA "Slave" amplifiers.

Pictures courtesy of Sönke

"The Ox" The Ox

This is an unusual amp likely made for John Entwistle. It is made with the Pete Townshend CP103 control layout.

Pictures courtesy of Vincent D.

1974 Hylight DR103S DR103S

Here is a very unusual Hiwatt DR103S. The "Switch" input along with the Balance control allows you to cut the volume via footswitch, sort of a "reverse boost."

The input jack is normally closed, so if nothing is plugged in, it's in "quieter" mode by default, and the Balance control just acts as another volume.

When you plug in a footswitch, it toggles back and forth between this "quiet" mode (volume set by the Balance control, same as no footswitch) and "loud" mode (basically full tilt, beyond what is available in the other mode even at max Balance).

In other words, you need a footswitch (or at least a plain phone jack) to enable the louder mode.

Pictures courtesy of Mike L. (aka dylumph)


This amp is a very unusual 1969 Hiwatt DR201S and the owner was told by Deke at the Hiwatt Story that when pics of the amp were shown to original Hylight staff they recognised the amp as one that was initially made for Roger Waters. It was never completed, hence the faceplate being DYMO labels. Compare these controls to the 103S below.
From the owner: "Apparently, the amp is based on a similar circuit to the amps made for Dave Gilmour. It has GEC KT88's, it has a very big bandwidth clean tone but can be made to distort at the front end to blistering levels. It weighs a lot, by the way."

Pictures courtesy of Roy (aka zen.state)

DR201 SAP DR201S

This is another example of the unusual 201 "SAP" model, with a footswitch and "Balance" control instead of the normal preamp layout. Faceplates for these must have been in short supply.

Pictures courtesy of Josef D.

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