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Last updated December 22, 2017
S/N Model Notes Loc.
N/AJ100? Joyce 2-input, JOYCE 100 WATT LEAD on front panel, 1984 date codes on caps.UK
07HJ50 4-input Harry Joyce Custom 50 head, efx loop, green cordura covering, w/ matching 4x12 cabinet.US
23HJ50 4-input Harry Joyce Custom 50 head. 4 inputs, efx loop, rocker switches, black covering.US
A532DR103 Other 4-inputME
A1080DR504 other 4-inputCL
A1880DR504 Other 4-inputUK
A4174SA112 Other 4-input Bought Used...has a bias mod.US
A5232SA212 Other 4-inputMX
AB0009DR504 Audio Brothers 4-input DR504. Aftermarket efx loop. 09/05 written inside the chassis.US
AB0012SA112 Audio Brothers 4-input, Partridges, 1994US
AB0023DR103 Audio Brothers 4-input, Previously owned by Brad Whitford replete with little 'Property of Aerosmith' Sticker on back, but otherwise in very good condition.US
AB0029DR103 Audio Brothers 4-input, Partridges K7518B/K7520B, LCR caps, sig 05/07JP
AB0033SA112 Audio Brothers 4-input, ~1995 bias pot added 2013 otherwise completely original Fane purple label speakerUS
AB0045DR504 Audio Brothers 4-input DR504-APJP
AB0089DR504 Audio Brothers 4-inputUS
AB0098DR103 Audio Brothers 4-input, Partridges, very clean, recapped (JJs)US
AB0120DR103 Audio Brothers 4-inputUK
AB0126SA112 4-input Audio Brothers 1994US
AB0246DR504 Audio Brothers 4-input, tranformers have Partridge stickers on them, Military grade wiring. Sounds amazing.US
AB0249DR103 Audio Brothers 4-inputUS
ABO255SA112 Audio Brothers 4-input US
AB0267DR103 Audio Brothers 4-inputUS
AB0279DR103 Audio Brothers 4-input, Partridge transformersUS
AB0281DR103 Audio Brothers 4-input, Partridge transformersUS
AB0286DR103 4-input Audio Brothers Hiwatt, Located in NYC, Partridges, Just bought second hand from a gentelman in Southern CA.US
AB0289DR103 Audio Brothers 4-inputUS
AB0333DR504 Audio Brothers 4-inputFI
AB0337SA112 Audio Brothers 4-input US
AB0400DR504 Audio Brothers 4-inputUS
AB0409SA112 Audio Brothers 4-input, Partridge transformersUS
AB0410SA112 4-input Audio Bros Custom 50, Type LG, Model SA112,US
AB0414SA112 Audio Brothers 4-input, Partridge transformers, Fane speaker.US
AB0414SA112 Audio Brothers 4-input, Partridge transformers, Fane speaker.US
AB0432other Audio Brothers SA210 Custom 20, Type LGUK
AB0437SA210 Audio Brothers SA210 Custom 20, Type LG, Purchased second hand in the UK.US
AB0442SA210 Audio Bros SA210 comboDE
AB0461DR103 Audio Brothers 4-input, Partridge transformersUS
AB0484SA210 2-input AudioBros SA-210UK
AB0520SA210 Audio Bros SA210 comboUS
B1112DR103 Other 4-inputUS
B10866DR201 4-KT88 Other 4-input IT
B11127DR103 Other 4-inputBR
C5356CP103 Hiwatt Doncaster Pete Townshend Signature, 4 inputs, 4 volumesUS
C5357CP103 Hiwatt Doncaster Pete Townshend Signature, 4 inputs, 4 volumesUS
C5360DR103 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-inputIT
C5439other Hiwatt Doncaster Custom 20 Head Type AP - Model 20HNO
C5459SA112 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-input 1x12 comboUS
C5474ADR504S Hylight 2-input IT
C5478Aother Hiwatt Doncaster Custom 7 2-input, picked up second hand in Moscow, Russia.Very poor information in the web on this model. Looking for schematicRU
C5480ASA710 Hiwatt Doncaster Custom 7 2-input, bought used on eBay a few years ago.US
C5524DR103 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-inputUS
C5562ADR201 4-KT88 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-inputIT
C5594Aother other 2-inputUK
C5605ADR103 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-input White tolexUS
C5649CP103 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-input At guitar center gilroy nowUS
C5667ADR103 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-inputIT
C5689DR504 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-input, still has the made in England tag attached to the handleUK
C5689ASA112 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-input It is a 50watt head ,not combo. Music Ground UK.UK
C5698Aother Hiwatt Doncaster otherIT
C5727ADR504 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-input CR
C5728DR103 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-inputUS
C5743ASA112 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-inputIE
C5771ASA212 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-inputDE
C5809CP504 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-input, Model CP504 but has CP212 stamped on the plate by error.UK
C5821ADR103 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-inputUN
C5854other Hiwatt Doncaster 2-input HIWATT CUSTOM 7 COMBOUK
C5898ADR201 4-KT88 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-input From 2010NO
C5923ACP103 Hiwatt Doncaster Hiwatt Pete Townshend Signature, 4 inputs, 4 volumesUS
C55159200H Hiwatt Doncaster 4-input Hiwatt Custom 200IT
DO811SE4123 other 4x12 Fane speakers.UK
E0922DR502 Hiwatt Doncaster 6-input PA Hiwatt 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Replica 1967 DR502BR
E10986DR103 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-inputBE
F0956SA112 Hiwatt Doncaster Hiwatt Custom 100 special build Cap: S.Nr.F09568CH
F0959DR201 4-KT88 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-inputFR
F08165DR504 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-inputIT
F09488SA112 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-input, Speaker inspection date 09-07-09. Purchased new on July 25, 2011.US
F09557DR103 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-inputRU
F11029SSD212 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-input Model: Signature series SSD212 comboFR
G4265SA112 2-inputRU
H09662DR103 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-inputGB
I13812DR103 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-inputBR
F918F3DR103 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-input BE
F4714DR103 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-inputUK
F11034DR103 Hylight 4-inputFR
J4319DR405 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-input, new production from MGDE
J10048SSD504 Other 4-input Model SSD504IT
J15233DR504 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-inputIT
K4344DR103 Hylight 4-inputUS
K4354DG103 Hiwatt Doncaster linked-input signature series David GilmourIT
K10082DR103 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-input From 2010NO
K11422DR504 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-input UK
L4384SA212 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-inputUK
Mu1594Custom 20 Hiwatt Custom 20 solid state 1x10 combo made in China. 2 channels, really crunchy and round but a little stiffUS
N4470DR201 4xKT88 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-inputUS
N4476CP103 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-input Pete Townshend Signature w/ 4 volumes, bass, treble, master, 5 ECC83sUK
N4488DR504 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-inputUS
N4513DR504 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-inputCA
O3004CP103 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-inputUK
O54110HG50 Hiwatt Doncaster hi gain 50UK
05464ACP103 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-input Red signature Pete TCA
O11611DR201 4-KT88 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-input white tolexUS
013600DR103OL Hiwatt Doncaster OLUS
P4609SA212 Hiwatt Doncaster 2-inputIT
R5044DR504 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-inputIT
R4725DR504 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-inputIT
R11535DR103 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-inputFI
S0191DR103 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-inputHR
S778DR504 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-inputAU
S4787DR201 4-KT88 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-inputUK
S4810DR504 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-input FR
T009D100L D100L 2-input, made in U.S.A., 100W head. Blows 3A mains fuse immediately when switching from Standby to Run.US
T4873DR504 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-inputIT
U4924other Hiwatt Doncaster 4-input CA
W13684SA112 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-input, bulldog, red covering, "Designed by Partridge" transformersBE
Y3711DR201 4-KT88 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-inputUK
Z5189DR103 Hiwatt Doncaster 4-input, purchased used 2009-11-05US
097-07other hi-gain 50 comboPT
32HJ 50 HJ Custom 50 4-input, no EFX loop, rocker switches.US
0456SA112 MG Hiwatt Biacrown 4-input, serial plate labeled 'Hiwatt Biacrown UK, 51 Hallgate, Doncaster,' turrets, 'Partridge' labeled transformers, Alnico Fane speakerUK
0471SA212 MG Hiwatt Biacrown 4-input, vertical 2x12 speaker mountingUS
0496SA212 MG Hiwatt Biacrown 4-input, vertical 2x12 speaker mountingUS
0499210 Hiwatt Custom 20. Handbuilt in the Hiwatt Custom Shop, England, Model= 210, serial number= 0499. Combo amp with 2-10 Fanes. Single input. Parts date it to approx. 1996.US
0503SA210 SA210 MG Hiwatt Biacrown 2x10 combo, single input, 2xEL84, 10 Combo, Purple Fanes dated 17Oct1995, serial plate: Hiwatt Biacrown, Doncaster, England. Type:LG.Model:SA210.S/No:0503.UK
1003Lead 50 R Sterling Imports Lead 50 R ComboUK
1004C30R Sterling Imports Lead 30 Combo, 4 6BQ5s and 5 ECC83s. ID plate says TYPE - L.S., MODEL - C30RUS
1005C30 R Sterling Imports Model C30 R lead 30 combo with reverb. I purchased this new as a non reverb model, and had the factory install reverb for me.US
1008LEAD 50R Combo Plate says HIWATT Made in England , 2x EL34 valves, single input, two-channel foot switchable, 8 or 16 Ohms rocker switch, fx send-return loop, spring reverb, mains standby rocker switches and 11 control knobs on the front. Speaker has HIWATT Legend Series sticker marked 75W Serial # 1221881, and Fane Acoustics on the chassis, black, dense cloth, 28Kg, circa 1983?UK
1021L50L Sterling Imports L50L head 1 input switchable channelUK
1024CS-30 CS-30 112-R 1X12 Sterling Combo with reverb/effects loop. Versatile, but not really a traditional Hiwatt - Modesto, CA the home of British tone?US
1026L50L Lead 50w, Made in England on serial plate, single input, two channel, adjustable line-out on rear.US
1030L50R L50-R channel switching/reverb head nothing unusual, just not a really great overdrive sound clean channel sounds better and more like a Hiwatt, reverb is ok if you like that kind of thing. Made in England. Got for a good price had to try one.US
1032other Hiwatt Lead 50R, made in englandUK
1048CS-30 Stirling Imports combo Type 112-R, Model no. cs-30, serial no. 1048. The tube sockets have Cinch USA and TS103u02 on them, there is a round red sticker on the inside on the amp that has DAS had written on it, Ed-3, ED-4 appear on the transformers and the control knob pots are made in the UK. In addition the speaker is a Celestion G-12K 85.US
1064Lead 50 Hiwatt Lead 50 Reverb 1x12 Combo, PCB layout with 5 valves. Sounded terrible when I bought it, with Sovtek Marshall AX7s and EH Russian El34s. Sorted with some JJ PRe valves AT7 and AX7s and a pair of Tung Sol reissue 6CA7 output valves to clean it up and get the bottom end kicking through an external 4x12. NIce little amp, very portable and just as good as the DR504 stolen from me in the early 90s... but doesn't beat the DR103 stolen at the same time, for obvious reasons!UK
1066CS-30 HIWATT Amplification Sterling Imports, Type: 112-R, Model: CS-30US
1080SG-30 Hiwatt Lead 30, Sterling Imports LTD. label says type L.H., has single input on frontUS
1086SG-30 Lead 30 head, 4xEL84, no reverb, good condition.US
1092SG-30 Lead 30 head, 4xEL84, Sterling Imports, good condition.US
1094LC50R Lead Combo 50w w/ Reverb, Made in England on serial plate, Single input, two channel, 2 EL34s, 5 12ax7s, 50 watts, fane loudspeaker, black cloth front, red power and black stby rocker switches. Adjustable line-out on rear.US
1121SG-30 Lead 30 head.US
1117CS-30 Hylight Combo Lead 30.US
1185SG-30 Sterling Imports Lead 30 head. Purchased at least a decade after buying No. 1338. Missing some or all rubber feet, probably needs a new 12AX7 or two as of Dec. 2017.US
1186LC50R Biacrown LC50R Combo S/N 1186-43 HIWATT [Fane Acoustics] Legend Series loudspeaker @ 16 ohmsUS
1191SG-30 Made in U.K., 2-input.CA
1133SG-30 US
1204L30 SG-30 Combo Lead 30, Sterling imports amp. Love the sound!US
1205SG-30 SG-30 HEAD, Sterling Imports, effects loop, Line out. 8/16 Ohm - dual spkr. outputs, 4 x EL 84, 4 x 12AX7 tubes. High gain, cross between Marshall/VOX! 1984US
1213CS-30 Sterling Imports CS-30 combo, Type 112-R. 1 Input, Reverb, effects loop, Slave out. 8/16 Ohm - dual speaker outputs, 4 x EL 84, 5 x 12AX7 tubes. I was told it was made in 1984.US
1222L50 Lead 50 head, Made in EnglandUS
1224CS-30 Sterling CS-30, Lead 30 from Sterling Imports. Has 5 ECC83s and 4 EL84s. One input. Reverb, Master, presence, mid, treb, bass, VolumeUS
1233CS-30 Sterling CS-30 112R 30w 4xEL34 1-12 combo, Celestion G12K-85, effects loop, 5 preamp tubesUS
1266L30 Model SG-30 Lead 30. Sterling Imports. Head model.US
1275LEAD 50R Made in U.K., reverb, clipping diodes and switching removedUS
1283L100R L100R 2-input from the 80sUS
1294CS-30 CS-30 112-R 30w Sterling combo with reverb. Tubes are mounted to chassis on my two.US
1338SG-30 Sterling Imports Lead 30 head Type L.H./Model SG-30/Serial no. 1338. Purchased in Orlando, Fla., circa 1987-88. Single input, PCB, effects loop. No tube changes since Ive owned it. Superb gain but also woody clean and presence turns razor sharp when dimed.US
1349SG-30 LEAD 30 Model SG-30. I bought this amp new in 1986 and I have used it and loved it ever since. This is THE BEST head EVER and I get compliments and questions all the time.US
1357other Lead 30 TYPE: L.H, MODEL: SG 30, Sterling Imports LTD, HIWATT LEAD 30 Amp HeadUS
1372CS-30 CS-30-112R combo 30 watt 1x12 has send/return and slave out.US
1409other L50R 2-input, type 1100, black plate model, made in EnglandCR
1466other SG-30 does not have a the lead 30 decal on the face plate as SG-30s normally do. Made in ModestoUS
1469other L50 Type 100v, has 3 circuit boards insideUK
1703Maxwatt S100 Extremely rare BIACROWN MAXWATT S100, built 19/9/81. An outstanding good sounding amp, especially with bridged inputs dimed-pure Live at Leeds sound!DE
2000SB-200 Model SB - 200, 2 input model made in Modesto CA,American made no where near Hylight quality, all original power tubesockets have been replaced with ceramic, ohm selector replaced withMarshall type, fuse holders replaced with high quality units and biasadjustment added, lots of British pots and caps, buzzes like a swarm ofbees even after 20 hours of hum chasing, still on the project bench atmy friends shopUS
3615DR103 MG Hiwatt 4-input. I dont see Hylight or Biacrown listed, just HiwattUS
4476CP103 MG Hiwatt 4-input Pete Townshend Signature w/ 4 volumes, bass, treble, master, 5 ECC83sPT
04562DR103 MG Hiwatt 4-inputIT
4981DR201 4-KT88 MG Hiwatt 4-inputAT
5520ADR103 MG Hiwatt 4-inputUS
8769NGA108 Hiwatt 2-input solid-state ampUK
8774other Hiwatt 2-input Hiwatt Solid State amp head Model No. N0A108. Tested date: 16/2/76 Initials: D.F.NAU
9576NCA108 Hiwatt 2-input 200 watt solid-state ampUK
9749NGA108 Hylight 2-input solid state modelSR
10200D100L HD Series, single input, "modern" saturation soundUS
10391OL103 Hiwatt 2-input Lead 100, Left to Right, Bright Normal inputs,US
10529NGA108 Hylight 2-input 200 watt solid-state ampUK
10700DR103 Slave Hiwatt 2000, serial no.107003 hiwatt made usa,power amp.4/8/16 ohm selector on back for each channel,2 inputs,4 outputs,fast and slow fan switch.US
13091TS200 Rack-Amp, Tube State 200, 6 Tubes, 200 Watts, Type: PA, Model No:8TA250R, Made in England by HYLIGHT ELECTRONICS HIWATT AMPLIFICATION LIMITEDDE
16187DR103 Hiwatt 4-input Standard UnitUK
16528? Hiwatt 2-input Korean made 20 watt combo w/1-10\ red celestionUnited States
16673SA112 HIWATT SA112 HEAD, Front : Custom Hiwatt Lead 50, One input jack and one footswitch jack, Control: INPUT VOL GAIN BASS MID TRE PRESENCE MASTER VOL, Rear Sticker : Made in England by HIWATT AMPLIFICATION ENGLAND LTD.JP
16680SA112 Hiwatt SA112, front says Custom Hiwatt Lead 50. Has one input jack and one footswitch jack. Says Made in England by Hiwatt Amplification England LTD.US
16681SA112 Hiwatt SA112 2-inputUK
16702SG-50 2-input SG50 Hiwatt Lead 50, Sterling Imports made in Modesto CA, rocker switches, EL34s, blk tolex, white piping. effects loop, weird impedence selectorUS
16711CS-50 2-input Sterling Imports, type 112R Hiwatt lead 50. 1X12 combo. Celestion 12k-85 16 ohm, CB, exact same amp as 16847 listed here. Front:rockers,rev, master vol,pres,middle,treb,bass, bright vol, normal vol. Normal above bright inputs. Rear: rotating imp. select 8-16,2 speaker outs, slave, Fx ret/send, 2 fuses, removable power cable, rotating voltge select switch. solid, cranks, Not much clean headroom. sounds ferocious.US
16714SG-50 Lead 50 2-input Sterling Imports, Delta transformersUS
16722SG-50 2-input SG50 Hiwatt Lead 50, Sterling Imports, rocker switches, EL34s, blk tolex, white piping. effects loop, weird impedence selectorUS
16726SG-50 Sterling Imports Lead 50, front looks like a stock 2-input, rockers, rear has effects loop and odd impedance selector.US
16750SA112 Sterling Imports 2-input, 50W tube combo amp, black tolex/white piping, single 12" Celestion G12-85 speaker, removable power cord, fixed output impedance speaker jacks, line voltage selector switch, 2 EL-34 output tubes, 6 12AX7 tubes, bright and normal inputs, reverbUS
16847CS-50-112R CS-50-112R 2-input Sterling Imports Hiwatt Lead 50, black tolex/white piping, single 12\ Celestion G12K-85 speaker, removable power cord, impedance selector switch, bright and normal inputs, reverbUS
16883CS-20 Modesto made CS-20 110 lead 20w combo. Celestion G10L-35 10 inch speaker. Has hum issues that come and go. Thought I solved it once, but it came back. Have heard it is common in these. PC boards pretty messy wiring causes too much buzz. Rippin sound when working right. Maybe someday I'll really figure out whats up with it.US
16912SG-20 LEAD Sterling Imports Lead 20, one input, V,T,M,B,P,MV, effects loopUS
16918CS-20-110 Sterling Imports, 1 input, Master/Presence/Middle/Treble/Bass/Volume, Mfr: Hiwatt, Modesto, CACH
16953other other 2-inputCA
19387DR103 Newer 4-inputUS
29206other Lead 100 L100 Fredericton NB CanadaCA
29608L100 Model L100, Hiwatt Lead 100 head. Single input, two channels, 2 speaker outputs, 1 line output with level control on back panel, 10 other controls on front panel. Purchased in 1986 in Toronto, Canada.CA
296214 x 12 Hiwatt 4 x 12 cabinet Celestions, purchased in 1986 in Toronto, CanadaCA
29705L50 L50DK
29718LEAD 50R ID plate only has "Hiwatt Made in England" on it, output tubes mounted on PCB, Douglas transformers -- one is M2677, 1986 date codes, single input, two-channel footswitchable, fx send-return loop, spring reverb, rocker switches and 11 control knobs on the front. Speaker has HiWatt Legend Series sticker on it, and Fane Acoustics cast in on the chassis, black, dense cloth.DK
29901LEAD 50R Hiwatt LEAD 50R, 1 input/2 channels, loop, DI, output 16 or 8 ohms, pcb inside not point to point wiring, 5 ECC83, 2 EL34FR
30618DR103 other 2-inputUK
30619LC50R US
30682B100 Bass 100 head, It has one input on the front panel, two channels. On the back panel: line out, fx send und return, footswitch, line out, line level and 8/16 ohm switch.DE
31179DR103 other 4-inputUS
31503DR103 otherUS
31505LA412 HiWatt LA412 cab, 300watts, 16 ohm front loaded speakersUS
31613B100 B100 2-input, Late 80's?US
32390other other 2-inputUK
32397L50 L-50US
32547L100 Model L100, Hiwatt Lead 100 headUS
32625L100 L-100 single input, fx send/return, inside chassis says DM 28/11/1986 with pen, no plate on back just Hiwatt stamp MADE IN ENGLAND, Douglas tranformersUS
50049CP103 CP103 4-input, Reeves/Music Ground Pete Townshend Signature, made in England. Hiwatt logo plate and face plate. 4 input Y-adaptor, MV, 4 input volumes, Bass, Treble, spring-loaded power tube retainers, 5 preamp tubes.US
65689aSA112 other 4-inputUK
60600L100R Lead 100R - serial No: 606002 - Split channel reverb 100W guitar head. Currently in bits while I try to find a new mains transformer.UK
070332other Hiwatt Hi-GAIN 50 HEADGR
75555SA412 Hiwatt 4-inputFR
84463DR504 Hiwatt 4-input All original parts except CAPs and tubes. Spring Reverb has been added.Beautiful clean sound..CA
99800DR504 2-inputIT
08000143HGS100H Hiwatt HiGain HGX100H headAU
08000186HGS100H Hiwatt HiGain SE412 cabinetAU
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